How to know my BOD account balance: Steps to follow

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Do you want to know what is your BOD account balance? Do you need to know how to enter the BOD bank through its website? Do you have doubts with regarding the bank BOD?

ohThink no more! Today you will know absolutely everything about the BOD account balance.

First of all, we want to ask you if know that means BOD… Do you know? Well, if the answer is “yes”… Congratulations! If the answer is “no”… No problem! You are here to learn. BOD means “Western Discount Bank”.

Next, we will give you a series of information that you surely did not know about the Western Discount Bank. It is important that you know who you entrust your money to.

The BOD It is headquartered in Maracaibo, in the country of Venezuela. You should know that according to SUDEBAN it is the fourth largest bank in the country… oh of course, from the private sector of course.

The history of this bank starts in 1956, and since then it has grown to position itself in the ranking of the 250 best banks in America.

It is very important that the bank to which you are affiliated has international recognition. Well this one has it!

The president of this successful faction is Victor Vargas… But read very calmly what we will tell you next because we know that it will surely impact you:

Víctor Vargas has been the president since 1998. Nothing more and nothing less than 21 years of service.

Currently, Banco Occidental del Descuento has more than four million customersIn fact, we say the word «clients» and not «Venezuelan» because many foreigners residing in Venezuela choose to choose this bank as their main option.

Once we have told you all this information that will surely contribute something to your ideals regarding this bank, it is time to talk about your BOD account.

Follow us!

How to know my BOD account balance

If you want to know your BOD account balance, you should know that there is a extremely simple way and it is vital that you know how to do it.

To check your BOD account balance, in addition to entering directly online, You can do it through your cell phone.

Cell phone? YES! Cell phone, you read that right. How is it done? Well, we’ll show you.

In addition to being practical, it is extremely simple… Literally all you have to do is dial the following number: 0501-9200000/0261-7402600/0501-2630000/0261-4001700and then you must enter the number: *263.

Once you do this, your BOD account balance will be indicated. And all this done through your cell phone. What happiness!

Take advantage of this option, because if you don’t know… Not all banks have this advantage to check the BOD account balance through the cell phone.

You should know that through the number we gave you you can also make transactions.

In addition, it is also important that you know that the Customer Service will be absolutely available every day of the year at any time of the day.

Of course, you only have to have a balance and a mobile web signal. We tell you this because many times the Customer Service call does not drop, and the only reason this can happen is because you do not have a sufficient signal or simply do not have a balance.

How to check my account statement

In order to check your account statement, you should know that, as we told you before… You have many options.

First, you can check your BOD account balance by making a call as explained above.

In addition to this, you have two equally wonderful options and they both have something in common.: Internet.

You can check your account statement by going to the Banco Occidental del Descuento website, but you also have a much faster and easier option…

Check your account statement through an application. What app is this?

This up-to-date and fabulous application that we are talking about is “BOD Digital Account Statements”.

You can download this application from any mobile phone that has the option to download apps.

To be able to enter it, you only have to enter with a user that you can create, you must also enter a password to maintain privacy.

But, the interesting thing is that this user and this password will be closely linked to your bank account of the Western Discount Bank.

Now, if you are wondering what happened to the other way to consult your BOD account, the answer is that we will explain it to you with very carefully this point.

Online: Steps to follow

To be able to see your BOD account statement online, you just have to do a very simple step.

You only have to enter the web page that we will place below CLICK HERE

There you just have to put your username, password and done! Then it will open the page with your account statement.

In case you are not affiliatedand for that reason you have no idea which username and password to put… You just have to enter the following page CLICK HERE

Do you see how easy it is to check your account balance at Banco Occidental del Descuento online? you can Calmly know your BOD account balance.

mobile BOD

Have you ever heard the term mobile BOD? Well we have to tell you that It’s one of the best things this bank can have.

The mobile BOD allows you to carry out bank transactions, that is, transfers… Butwhat’s new in this?

Well, the novelty of mobile BOD is that you can carry out these transactions with any bank simply through a text message.

That is, you do not need to have an internet connection or anything like that. All you have to do is have a balance to send text messages.

Also, the things you can do for the mobile bod are innumerable. Not only will you be able to make transfers, but you can also see your account statement with a simple message and many other things.

To see your account statement you must send a message dand text to number 263this text message must contain the word «Balance» followed by the last four digits of your Banco Occidental del Descuento card.

your welcome, We know we have made your day.


The requirements to be able to use the mobile BOD are very simple. extremely simplewe would say.

First, you must own a mobile phone to be able to send the text message with the transaction you want to make. It is not necessary that this mobile phone is yours, the important thing is to simply send the text message.

Besides this, You must of course have an account at the Western Discount Bank. Without this account it is impossible for you to carry out any transaction.

And finally, in order to complete the process and finally be affiliated with the mobile BOD, what you must do is subscribe through BOD internet.


The advantages of using mobile BOD there are many. In fact, these advantages carry much more weight when compared to the other ways of transacting on the BOD.

The biggest advantage of the mobile BOD is that you don’t need any type of connection Internet to carry out transactions. This is a great benefit since the internet in Venezuela is classified as the worst connection in all of Latin America.

Another advantage of the mobile BOD is that gives you the results you are looking forthat is, to complete the transactions in an extremely short period of time.

Services offered by BOD

The BOD offers a host of benefits. You know for what?

Remember what we told you at the beginning! The BOD is one of the largest private banks in the Americas and not only that, but also in Venezuela.

That the BOD has this advantage makes it a well-known bankTherefore, you can be sure that the movements that the bank makes will be under the public eye.

Another of the services offered by the BOD is that it has many cash considerations. That is, you can make deposits and withdrawals in cash, even with all the problems that exist in Venezuela with this.

Remember to find out who you are going to be able to trust your money with. Each bank has a history and a follow-up.

Ideally, you should find the one you feel safest with.. Good luck on this path!


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