How to know my CANTV Contract Number: Services, Payments and MORE

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It may happen that you forget the CANTV contract number, but in this article we bring you the simple and fast solution so that you do not forget more.

CANTV is a Venezuelan telecommunications company, which citizens can request and obtain telephone, television and Internet services.

Below we will explain every detail about this important topic.

How do I know my CANTV Contract Number?

CANTV is a Venezuelan telecommunications company. It offers citizens services of telephony, television and internet.

Sometimes people can forget what their CANTV contract number, to obtain it you only need to perform simple steps.

First from any mobile device, you can send a message to 584273 with the access card code. You will then have to wait for a response. It is important that you be patient because it may take a few minutes.

You can also digest any CANTV office and ask the person in charge to provide you with their contract number quickly.

How to know my CANTV Contract Number: Request Services

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, CANTV has several services, but if you want to hire it, you must meet the following requirements:


CANTV cares for citizens to keep communicated at any time, by means of a landline. If you want to request this service for your home, you can go to any office and record the following requirements:

  • The application form.
  • Your identity document, both the original and the copy.

If you want to obtain this service for the public sector, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a copy of the Gazette of the creation of the institution.
  • A copy of the institution’s RIF is updated and understood.
  • Copy of the appointment of the legal representative of the institution according to the Official Gazette.
  • The powers of the representative of the institution.
  • Attach a copy of the identity document of the legal representative.
  • Order of services.

It is important to note that these requirements are required for all clients who begin their contracting relationship with CANTV. Therefore, you can take these collections to any of the offices and pay the amount determined for the installation.


CANTV offers people access to Broadband (ABA), as well as fiber and internet LAN. Both for households, the public sector and companies, to acquire this service you must meet the following requirements:

  • To configure and activate the service, you must collect all the complete administrative documents through the service channel.
  • Be up to date with your billing through the customer service channel.
  • Your line must remain at a central station found enabled by the ABA.
  • It is important to note that the requested speed may be provided according to feasibility, according to the time of installation.
  • You cannot have the following features active on the phone line: piped music, an alarm with timers, exchangers, etc.
  • In the event that the citizen has a caller ID, it is recommended that they install a microfilter between the device and the telephone line.
  • ABA only works by means of copper pairs.
  • To enjoy this service, they must have a modem equipment depending on the specifications. For more information you can enter CANTV portal.

Telecommunications operators must meet the following requirements to opt for this service:

  • The general authorization that is granted according to the regulatory body of the country of origin.
  • Attach a certified copy or, where appropriate, an original publication of the constitutive document of the bylaws.
  • If applicable, you must attach a certified copy or publication of the modifications made in accordance with the bylaws.
  • A copy of the registration tax identification of the country of origin.
  • Have a document that proves the appointment of the representative of the company.
  • Attach your identity card or, if applicable, your representative’s passport.
  • Financial statements, such as a balance sheet, movement, profit and loss statement.
  • Bank references of the company, which are from at least the last three months.


People can access a subscription satellite television service, it will have both national and international channels, with a wide range of channels.

To acquire this service we recommend the following:

  • You can enjoy a great service by having a free trial period (no need to recharge).
  • You will first need to identify the deco.
  • Then you will have to configure the equipment, reading the instructions according to the model you have.
  • Orient your antenna according to where you will place it.
  • The signal and quality values ​​must be greater than + 50%. If not, you will not be able to view any channel.

How to find out my CANTV Contract Number: Services offered by the Company

This telecommunications company offers citizens, companies, among other various services. Each will be explained below.


For homes they offer wired lines (landline) which will be able to enjoy local, national, international calls as well as for mobile devices. They have additional services such as:

  • It will have caller ID, which will be able to verify the log of incoming calls.
  • You have access to Telefriend consisting of conference calls and on hold. As it also has speed dial and number blocking.
  • Presubscription, you will have international calls through an external operator.
  • Message box, you can configure your message, which you can store up to 20 messages.
  • You will have at your disposal that you can restrict outgoing calls that are long distance, both national and international.

With this service you can enjoy the postpaid plans (local plans). For example: if it is the classic plan, you have 50 local minutes, talk more for less, you have 60 free local minutes, talk by calls, you have 100 local calls without duration limits, limited plan is 50 minutes to Movilnet and More minutes for everyone, 10 minutes to Movilnet.

This service for companies has wireline and wireless lines, which can receive local, national, international and mobile calls. They have the following available:

  • Local Dialing,
  • National.
  • Caller ID.
  • National Plan 3000 companies.
  • Inbox.
  • Fixed mobile.
  • Telefriend.
  • Automatic Private Central.

Finally, it also has a service for the public sector.


At home, citizens can enjoy ABA, it is a broadband internet service. You can connect multiple computers.

They have several speed plans according to what the citizen wants, the following can be mentioned:

  • The super productive Aba that is 3.0 Mbps unlimited.
  • Aba Mega productive, which is 4.0 Mbps unlimited.
  • And the Aba 6.0 Mbps unlimited.

This company also has broader plans available that need to verify the line and are the following:

  • The Aba of 8 megabytes (8.0 Mbps unlimited).
  • 10 megabytes (Unlimited 10.0 Mbps).
  • The Aba of 14 megabytes (14.0 Mbps unlimited).
  • Aba of 18 megabytes (18.0 Mbps unlimited).
  • Lastly, the 22 megabyte Aba (22.0 Mbps unlimited).

also can find the Aba Plus that is a combination of fiber optic and copper and has speed from 10Mbps connecting it with an ADSL modem. They have available speeds from 10 / 2Mbps, 20 / 10Mbps, 30 / 15Mbps and 50 / 25Mbps.

In addition, there is the Aba Ultra that is 100% Fiber that helps you connect at high speed.

Companies can enjoy Aba, Internet Lan and Internet Total service. That is, they can access the Aba Plus, Aba Ultra and Fibra de CANTV Empresarial. In addition, they help the public sector as well as telecommunications operators.


All Venezuelan families can access a subscription satellite television service that can be viewed anywhere in the country.

They should take into account that the Basic Plan, consists of at least 28 standard channels, both national and international, in addition to an informative channel CANTV.

New Data

This service is for everyone to stay connected in real time, where optical technologies are evident with speed. They can get standard data and convergent data.

How to know my CANTV Contract Number: Payments

People who have to cancel a CANTV service can do so through Online Banking. You can do it from anywhere, from the comfort of your home, office, at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You just have to affiliate your CANTV phone number with the bank of your choice. You can check balance to check how much you should pay.

If you have no idea of ​​your bill balance, you can get it by joining online, as well as by calling 0800 CANTV (0800-2268800), you must select option 1 and then dial the balance of the telephone line (1).

You can cancel from the following banks:

  • 100% Bank.
  • Bancaribe.
  • Banesco.
  • Provincial Bank.
  • BFC.
  • Bicentenary Bank.
  • BOD.
  • BNC.
  • The Exterior Bank.
  • Mercantile Bank.
  • Treasure bank.

CANTV Customer Service

The telecommunications company CANTV makes several telephones and means available to communicate with them, in case of any questions or concerns.

If you are going to purchase services from your homes, citizens can contact the 0800 CANTV (0-800-2268800) for the support of Telephony and Internet Products. If it is for Satellite Television services, you must call 0-800 CANTV (0-800-2268888).

In the event that they are private companies, they must notify the 0-800 company (0-800-3677372) or by email

For the public sector, they can contact the 0-800- Public (0-800-7825422) or via email

What is CANTV?

The National Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela (CANTV) It is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology (MPPCT). The purpose of this telecommunications company is to promote so that all Venezuelans have access to telecommunications services.

To conclude, this company is important in the Venezuelan territory, for this reason to request these services you must enter its website where you can view all kinds of information.

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