How to know my Movistar number: Read us and you will find what you need to know

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Forgot your Movistar number? You have come to the right place. In How to know my Movistar number: Read us and you will find what you need to know, You will have information that will help you solve the concern with your telephone line successfully.

What is Movistar

The Spanish brand with multinational reach under the ownership of the Company telephone, is known as Movistar.

This trade mark provides telecommunications equipment and services as well as fixed and mobile telephony, internet and television both in Spain and in Latin America.

In Venezuela, Movistar has a presence under the legal signature of Venezuelan Telephone CAfounded since 2005, due to the purchase that Movistar Mobile will be carried out on Telcel, which was owned by another large company known as Bell South.

Its growth has been constant, with a little more than 300 customer service points.

It is identified by its codes 0414 and 0424 to access its operations in Venezuela.

To make some history, we have to the brand was born in 1995, when Telefónica de España divided its mobile phone business. Independently creating Telefónica Móviles and initially offering analog mobile telephony services.

One year after its creation, in 1996the brand launches prepaid lines in an innovative way.

In 1999continuing with its growth, begins operations in the 1800MHz band, based on the dual technology that arrived in Spain.

the third generation, 3G, mobile telephony, applied in March 2000activating its first license for operations in UMTS and the following year he launched the service GPRS (2.5G).

The commercialization of text messages , mms, where the image and sound files are attached to the messages, is achieved by the end of the 2002.

In the 2004they innovate services with the launch of the video callwith the support of the network of UMTS.

Already ten years after its creation, on April 5, 2005 and for the celebration of its anniversary, the brand is identified worldwide with the image of an M with movement as the logo of the brand.

already since 1990, the international expansion of the brand was evidentacquiring in Hispanic America to three major national private telephone companies in the Peruin Argentina and in Chili. Initially these companies develop and expand the telecommunications business together.

Due to the privatization of TelebrásIn the year of 1998the Telefónica company, which was part of a consortium, took control of the fixed telephone operator of Sao Paulo TelESP and from other mobile phone operators, such as TelERJ and CRT, from Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul.

Operating from Telefónica Móviles, in 2000, it is located in Mexico, through the purchase of four operators that belonged to Motorola, which covered the northern part of the country. They locate their headquarters in Monterrey.

In 2002, strengthening in Mexico, they include the operator Pegaso, which generates coverage at the national level and they establish their headquarters in Mexico DF.

For him 2004, Mobile Phones acquires the Latin American operators that were owned by Bell SouthAmerican company. Positioning the brand in Central America and opening operations in Venezuela, Colombia, Uruguay and Ecuador.

These actions consolidate it as the telephone company with the greatest leadership in the Ibero-American zone.​

What services does Movistar offer?

The Movistar brand has available to its users varied services in the area of ​​telecommunications. These encompass the landline, mobile or cell phone.

We also find service Satellite TV and internet.

All the services and products have excellent quality and are accessed through its multiple plans, created with the purpose of approaching more users, maintaining the quality of its services.

In addition to the services for the connection in the different communication platforms. Movistar offers its customers service points to listen to their needs and resolve any situation related to the services offered.

Has a high-end cell phones with the latest technologywhich can be purchased at its authorized agents, throughout the country.

and a varied menu of solutions to manage services, as different Means for recharging plans with prepaid modality, payment of the postpaid bill.


The term prepaid generally refers to the payment that is made before using the services offered by the operator, by recharging or transferring balances.

There are different services that can be enabled under this modality such as fixed and mobile telephony.

The company offers benefits when the customer has selected the prepaid modality, obtaining the following:

  1. A bonus for early payment according to the chosen plan.
  2. A number of monthly minutes for time as a customer or seniority as well as a large number of promotional services that are linked to your recharge for the month.
  3. Gift of points in each recharge made, can be exchanged for balances.
  4. Availability of 65,000 and a little more points of sale to recharge Movistar services.

In addition to these advantages, it is possible to change the telephone equipment while keeping the same number.


This postpaid modality corresponds to the payment made after using the service linked to a service plan. It becomes official with a service contract, where they are stipulated and the monthly amount to be paid for their enjoyment.

Being a postpaid customer also presents a series of advantages, such as:

  1. A large number of plans and services, so that they can be chosen according to the convenience of each client.
  2. You can decide the maximum amount to pay monthly, generating control over expenses. In addition to being able to recharge the balance when the service offered in the plan has been consumed.
  3. Enjoy discounts for the renewal of equipment, keeping the telephone number and for the time as a customer you will receive additional minutes annually.
  4. Quality and savings in time to be attended, in any of the service centers nationwide.
  5. By dialing 811, you access attention by specialized personnel, where you can consult information, modify or change plans, enable services, among others.
  6. In cases of equipment repair, telephone equipment for temporary use will be provided to prevent the client from being incommunicado.
  7. The same telephone number is maintained in more than 200 countries, by making use of GSM Roaming with international coverage, enabling all services.


This service allows connection to the web, browsing without limitations, paying the megabytes consumed.

The Movistar brand gives the willingness to be connected and with great speed through its plans for mobile internet and tablets.

To complete the internet connection service it is possible to enable others that extend the coverage of megabytes to navigate, when the quota linked to the plan has been consumed.

The payment of the invoice or the recharge of the balance for the mobile internet connection, is done from different platforms, among them:

  1. The banking entities affiliated with Movistar
  2. through the *144#.
  3. Via internet, entering or My Movistar
  4. Through Telpago cards
  5. Calling 811
  6. At identified points of sale and Pay Here ticket offices.
  7. And also from the Service Centers.

It has the advantages of the 3G and 4G Network, which increases coverage and connection range.

fixed telephony

Through the fixed telephone service, There are several alternatives to communicate from home or the workplace, that is, residential communication.

They currently offer the Fixed telephony plan Hogar con Todos, where you can choose between prepaid and postpaid mode. being able call any land line and Movistar cell phones up to a maximum of 300 minutes and 30 messages.

How to buy a Movistar line

To own a Movistar line, you must follow a series of simple steps:

  1. Attend an authorized Movistar agent
  2. Request attention to acquire the line
  3. Deliver personal data to service personnel
  4. Pay the SIM CARD by means of payment enabled for this purpose
  5. Place the card in the telephone equipment

If you do not have telephone equipment, you can choose among those offered by the authorized agent, from which you will enjoy a guarantee period, technical service and other advantages.

How to know my Movistar number

If for some reason you have forgotten your Movistar number and want to know it, in Venezuela it is very simple. From a telephone equipment with Movistar configuration or enabled for any operator, place your SIM CARD:

  1. dial the code #62# and then press the call key
  2. Immediately you will receive the number of the line on your cell phone.

Another method available is by contacting customer service, through their Movistar contact numbers, 811 and 0212-2001111, where an operator will guide you to resolve the concern you need to satisfy.

With the constant and dynamic development in digital technology, there are intelligent equipment that allow the consultation of the numbers linked to the chip or SIM CARD that has been entered into it.

You can make a call or send a message to someone you know so that the number of the person being called appears. Keep in mind that you must have a balance.

By using the platform WhatsApp, it is also possible to identify the number de telephone, although prior registration in the application is necessary and that requires knowing the telephone number to be linked.

And finally, we suggest visiting the website of Movistar Venezuelait is possible that via messaging, or live chat, you can find out the phone number.

What are the benefits of having a Movistar line

Being Movistar a company with a presence in many countries around the world, you can count on keep your same phone number through the different mechanisms that the operator offers.

Among the benefits that it details on its website, we find that being a Movistar customer, you obtain continuous benefits such as extension of connection time or extra megabytes, when you have consumed the corresponding to the plan. Whether it is for mobile telephony, landline, internet, television.

You may reactivate the line in a short time, when recharging or transferring balance for access to different services.

The operator offers the 3G and 4G technology, cLaro is, the telephone equipment must have the configuration and development for it.


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