How to know my OPSU Academic Index: Consultation, Worksheet and MORE

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Many students aspire to continue studying at the universities that are in Venezuela. For this there is the option of entering directly having a good accumulated average that they have from high school. But you might be wondering How do I know my OPSU academic index?

Students who aspire to the top must fulfill their dream of being in one of the best universities in the country and in the career they like.

Below we will explain every detail about this important topic for all high school graduates.

How do I know my OPSU Academic Index?

High school graduates who aspire to continue with their studies and continue with the university level. They can choose the university they want, having a good academic average.

This process is carried out thanks to the University Sector Planning Office (OPSU). That is why to know your OPSU academic index, you must comply with the following:

First, the academic index of each student, is calculated according to the marks obtained during their studies of secondary education.

Once the student has stayed at OPSU for a place in a university. The system will take into account the notes loaded, to determine the academic index and compare it with the index that is needed to enter the race.

However, in the procedure of the allocation of quotas. The student will have the opportunity to verify his academic index in the results sheet. In addition, in said participation form, the index with which you have participated will appear.


But to know more about the process to verify the OPSU academic index, the following will be explained:

  • The student registers to the system, along with his notes from the first to fourth year, with information from the personto.
  • Next comes the preliminary phase of the process, in which the student can verify the possible results. Also in this part of the procedure, there is the option of changing universities or a career that you had chosen.
  • You will now be able to obtain the final result of the academic index that the student has, which must be equal to or greater than the one requested by the university for the chosen career.
  • In the second phase, the student will be able to verify if with the academic index they have an assured place in the chosen university.
  • It is important to note that the student has the possibility to see his academic index, according to the marks he has had up to 4 years of education.

How to know my OPSU Academic Index: Test Worksheet

The test or OPSU worksheet, it is important for the students because there they put all the information so that it can be entered in the system. That is, it is a document so that the student can enroll in a university in the country, by which the person can obtain a place in a university.

When the citizen has completed their information in the system, they will be informed online. Through your email, the place, time and date where the registration of the form to perform the OPSU test.

To obtain the OPSU test form, the following cases must be taken into account:

Student of the last year of the baccalaureate, intermediate technician or of the Ribas Mission

If this is your case, first in the institution where you study, you have to give your email address that you use the most. Next, they will upload the academic grades to the system in the OPSU system.

When the grades have been uploaded, the student will send them an email from the National Income System. In case you can’t, you should check the spam tab. You must enter the web portal of the office of University Sector planning and you will have to place the corresponding data that appear in the National Income System.

When you have logged in, you will need to explain why you are on the page. You may notice that the only options that are enabled is to choose a quota or in that case get certified in the SNI system.

High school graduates from previous years

In this case, citizens should not give you an email address. You only have to access the OPSU portal, then you have to press the button on the National Income System of the previous years.

You will have to enter your identification number and password, then you must click on the enter button. The student must follow the instruments when they have already accessed.

How to know my OPSU Academic Index: Benefits of Being Part of the Process

Students should bear in mind that there are advantages to participating in the procedure to apply to the OPSU and obtain a place to continue studying at a university.

  • The student will be able to study a career that he likes, and choose the university of his dreams, without having to take an admission test.
  • If you have an excellent average, you will be able to obtain a safe place, in any university that accepts what you have obtained.
  • They should take into account that the OPSU system was created for the integration of each of students who wish to apply for education.
  • With this system, they offer various careers in different university institutions in that country.
  • Register it has no cost.
  • This system provides numbers that identified each student, to give academic follow-up.

OPSU functions

The Office of Planning of the University Sector (OPSU) fulfills the following functions:

  • Be the headquarters according to the National University Council so that they can carry out the activities.
  • Analyze what type of professionals they need to carry out evaluations in the short, medium and long term.
  • Recommend ideas according to specialization for universities and planning models for all students.
  • Advise and assist national universities in the construction or renovation of program budgets. That is, these institutions must be communicated to create instructions and forms.
  • Highlight the excellence of the level found in higher education.
  • Dispose according to what is established in the University Education Law, the distortions that may exist in the different universities of the country.
  • It is important to note that the functions that have just been explained, we conclude that the OPSU, provides assistance to the Ministry of Popular Power for University Education, for the organization of this sector in Venezuela.

How to find out my OPSU Academic Index: Frequently Asked Questions

Students who wish to apply to the OPSU may have doubts and concerns. Then we will explain with questions and answers, regarding this important topic for what they want to aspire to continue studying at a university.

Question 1: How many phases are there according to the National System of Entrance to University Education?

Students should keep in mind that there are three phases and they are as follows:

  • Registration and validation according to the notes.
  • Next, it highlights the delivery of the preliminary results and the modification of the options.
  • Finally, the assignment.

Question 2 What does the preliminary results and option modifications phase mean?

This phase helps the student to have information according to the Institutions of University Education and the Academic Programs that have been chosen in the registration phase.

Question 3: What must the student do to recover his username and password?

The student must enter the OPSU official website, then you must click on the option «Candidate» . On the upper left side is the option to «Record». When displaying the tab, you must select «Recover password», then you will have to add your email address that you used in the registration and the code of security.

User information and the process will be sent to you via email so that you can change your secret password.

Question 4: If the student continues to have problems with his email to recover the username and password?

The student must send an email to with the following information: your identity card, your surnames and names. Through this route, you will be able to follow up on the case.

Question 5: When has the Preliminary Results and Modification phase finished, then what do you have to do?

The citizen must wait for the third phase, where he can aspire to Certificate of Participation in the SNI or verify the final result of the application if you obtain a quota from a University Education Institution in the Country.

What is the OPSU?

The Office of Planning of the University Sector (OPSU) is an office of the national council of universities, which is in charge of helping in the best way so that the higher education procedure is effective and immediate.

But they must bear in mind that the Autonomous Service of the National Council of Universities (CNU) is the entity that aims to advise in the instances according to the university education system. This is why the OPSU was created in 1974 to serve as the office of the CNU.

How to know my Academic Index OPSU: National Admission Program

The National Program for Entrance to University Education (PNI) aims to monitor, execute and review through project management, the assignment of citizens who are going to enter various university institutions in the country.

Procedure to enter the system directed to the student

The procedure to enter the system, must first pass the first phase which is the registration and must comply with the following steps:

  • You must first enter the OPSU official website.
  • Then, you will look in the upper tab and you must click on Registration.
  • Next, you will click on the new user tab.
  • Account information will appear, which must complete the entire information requested to create such an account.

Finally, they must take advantage of the opportunities that OPSU offers them, so that they can directly enter the university of their dream.

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