How to know my OPSU academic index: Know the options we offer you

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Many high school graduates want to continue their studies at the university level. For this, there is the option of entering the university through the student average. For this reason it will be explained How to know my OPSU academic index? Keep reading!

What is OPSU?

The OPSU wave University Sector Planning Office as its initials are identified, is linked to the National University Council (CNU). It is responsible for planning and developing policies at the university level. At the same time, it is in charge of plans for the admission of students to universities..

On the other hand, the OPSU It is also in charge of studying which professionals are needed in Venezuela. So that the same Venezuelans have a useful profession in the country. Which causes universities to suggest to them at the national level the chairs that may be in better demand.

In itself, it is an entity that is in charge of studying and developing ideas for a good development in the country’s university sector, but of all that this entity must do, it is essential that it guarantee university education in Venezuela.

Its duties?

When I explain what is University Sector Planning Office (OPSU)Some of the things that this entity has to do for the country’s university sector had been mentioned, but that was not all. To be more clear about what the functions are, they are these that are going to be mentioned below:

  • To be the headquarters where the National University Council can carry out its activities.
  • Study what type of professionals Venezuela needs in the short, medium and long term.
  • Suggest to the country’s universities ideas about the careers that can be offered to students, the type of research they can carry out according to what the surrounding community needs.
  • In addition, they can also indicate the higher level institutions, which is the best way to use the budget that corresponds annually.
  • Provoke the existence of excellence at the level of higher education.
  • Fix according to what is established by the University Education Law, the distortions and deviations that may exist in any university in the country.

With the functions that have just been mentioned, it can be concluded that the OPSUis an assistant Ministry of Popular Power for University Education for the management of the university sector in Venezuela.

What is the OPSU form and what is it for?

the pan of the OPSU is a document used by prospective students to enroll in a higher level educational institutionIn addition, the answer to the question appears in it How to know my OPSU academic index? since to enroll in the new income system, the same must be charged through the grades in secondary and diversified education.

The one that the OPSU panel is a document makes it an instrument to enroll in a university in the country, by which a person uses it to obtain a place in a higher education institution or because it is a requirement to enroll in one of this house of studywhich forces anyone who is going to start this new level of education to process this type of document.

How to obtain the OPSU test form?

The answer is simple, you have to register in the OPSU income and the same must be done according to the following cases:

Student of the last year of Baccalaureate, Medium Technician or from Misión Ribas

  • You have to give your active email address to the head of the institution where you study.
  • This responsible person has to upload academic grades into the OPSU system.
  • After the process to upload the grades, the student will receive an email from the National Income System. Check the spam folder of your email in case it is not in the inbox.
  • Then enter the entrance portal of the University Sector Planning Office.

  • Place the complete data that appears in the email National Income System.

  • Once inside the system, indicate the reason why you are on the page. The only options available are opt for a quota either get certified in SN systemYo.

What you have to do when you are going to opt for a quota, and when you only have to certify, you do not have to follow many steps:

  1. You have to choose 6 universities with the respective career or National Training Plan that you want to study, three of these options are required.
  2. Save the request.

After these steps you have to wait for the OPSUtake the relevant tests to find out which is the university that corresponds to the student.

Participants and graduates of previous years

  • For these participants they do not have to give any email address to anyone, they only have to enter directly to the portal of the OPSU. Press the button National Income System of Previous Years.
  • Enter your ID number and your password, followed by pressing the button get into.

  • Continuing with the process, you have to verify the grades from 1st to 4th year and see what:
    • If the notes are correct press the option YES and then the button to accept.
    • If there is an error, select the option NO and the button to accept. The bachelor has to go to the OPSU validation center closest to his home, with the original transcript.

After correcting the notes in the system of the OPSU:

  1. Enter the OPSU page again, after receiving the email from National Income Systemdo not forget that it can be in Spam.
  2. Select the corresponding option which can opt for a quota either get certified in SNI systemdepending on what the case is.
  3. Follow the same instructions mentioned above, in the steps of what to do when you have to opt for a quota.

People who are already high school graduates and have never registered in the OPSU system

  • These future students must also enter the page of OPSU Income, press the button that says National Income System of Previous Years.
  • Once you are in the National Income System of Previous Years Press the button to register.
  • Begin the registration process by selecting the type of studies you obtained.

  • Once the registration is completed, you have to validate the certified notes in OPSU validation center that is closest to the area where you live.
  • wait for the mail National Income Systemwhich can also arrive via Spam.
  • When you already have the mail, you have to enter the portal of OPSU income and fill in the data in the corresponding boxes.
  • Once you are inside you have to select one of these options:
    • opt for a quota either get certified in SNI system.
  • For those people who have get a quota You have to select at least three universities, with the respective career or National Training Plan you want to study.
  • Finally, save the information and wait for the results of the test to know where you are going to study.

How to know my OPSU academic index?

To better understand the answer to this question, we will explain how is the selection process to be carried out by the OPSUto know in which part of the process you can see your academic index. This is the process:

  1. The participant is registered along with their grades from the 1st year to the 4th year, along with the participant’s data.
  2. Then comes the preliminary sentence of the process, where you can see the possible results, also in this part there is the option to change the universities or careers that had been previously chosen or change some data. In this part, the result of the academic index that the participant haswhich must be equal to or greater than that required by the university for the chosen career.
  3. After the second phase, the final result is already shown, where according to the academic index of the student has a place in the university of his choice.

As can be seen in the phases, the OPSU participant You have two opportunities to see the academic indexaccording to the grades he was able to accumulate in the 4 years of his secondary education.

What are the benefits of being part of the OPSU process?

Certainly after knowing the answer of How to know my OPSU academic index? It is good to know the advantages of participating in this university selection process, so participants can enjoy:

  • Study the career that a person likes at the university they want, without having to take a complicated admission test.
  • Have a secure quota and expiration time at any university that accepts your academic index.

This type of system was created so that a person can enter the university, without the need for a test to measure their level of knowledge of the student.

How much does the OPSU process cost?

It is totally free the process, the only thing that has to be invested in it is time and the money that the Internet service is worth.

From what has just been read, it is important that Venezuelan adolescents study to obtain the best grades in their secondary education, since participating in the OPSU is not a guarantee of entering the university, but in having the best academic index possible.


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