How to know my RIF: Obtain the necessary information

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As an insurance worker, you have been asked for your R.I.F., and even if you want to form a company you must have heard of this document. If you have lost it, or have not issued Here you will know how to do it. Keep reading!

What is the Fiscal Information Registry or RIF

The R.I.F. Its initials identify it as Tax Information RegistryThis is one of the documents that may be requested in various procedures. They can request it for people natural and the legal ones also for this reason it is necessary to possess it.

Through this registry, government entities keep up-to-date tax control. This is also applicable to the various entities, communities or groups that do not have legal personality.

These may find themselves subject to what is involved in the tax about rent.

Among this may be included residents who are abroad, who are receiving Profits with the activities of Venezuela.

What is SENIAT?

The Integrated National Service of Customs Administration and known by its acronym as the SENIAT.

This is a body that was created with the objective of making collections and controlling the tributes prosecutors in the territory of the nation.

All the Tax administration of the country is under the charge of the National Service that is integrated with the customs and tax administration.

The services of the SENIAT are part of an autonomous service that does not have legal personality,

However, in turn, this has a correct autonomy functional that is technical and financial.

It is up to her to apply the customs and tax legislation of all Venezuela, as well as all the positive ones established by the executive of the nation

How to register on the SENIAT portal and get the RIF

The R.I.F. known mostly as the tax information record, it is as we told you one of the most important documents

East document it allows the activity that provides economic gains to be totally legal in the country.

In this Registration All persons who are qualified to do so must be registered, regardless of whether they are a independent worker or dependent.

In order to carry out this process, it is mainly necessary that you have registered in the SENIAT known by its acronym as the National Integrated Service of the Customs and Tax Administration

Which is the government entity that is totally in charge of carrying out the collection of tributes in the country.

The functions that are included are the autonomy customs and tax laws.

Its purpose is SENIAT It is the power to increase its collection in a non-tax manner, this while the tax legal system has been modernized.

This to develop and promote the culture of tributes.

At the same time, it is seeking to ensure the adequate availability of the means through which the country will count for its general development

How to obtain the RIF Form

  • Must enter in person natural or legal as the case may be
  • You have to select the register option
  • You must put the type of document and in turn place the number of this document
  • Then just complete the rest of the form and you will receive a username and password.

For Natural Person

Yes, it’s first Once you are carrying out this procedure, you must comply with the step that we detail here:

  • Click on the registration R.I.F.

  • Then fill in the information that is requested, such as the type of person if it is natural or legal, your identity card or passport and your date of birth
  • Then click on the option Search
  • Then you can click on the name
  • You must finish filling out the form and take care not to make a mistake in the placement of any of the data.
  • You have to print the file and also save it, the file that will be by default will be the version of the PDF

After you have done the previous step you have to formalize your registrationthis is in the office that corresponds to you according to your location carrying a series of documents

For Legal Person

If this is the first time you are doing this process You must comply with the steps that we detail here:

  • You must enter the web page that owns the SENIAT
  • Now you have to locate the option that indicates online systems
  • There you must click on the option register the RIF
  • Then you have to put all the data as the type of the natural person or legal, the company identification number and the date of incorporation of the company
  • Click on the option Search
  • Now click on register the taxpayer
  • Click on the name of the business
  • Finish filling in the form taking particular care in make no mistake in any of the data presented there.
  • You can then choose to print the file and also save itby default this file will be presented in its PDF version

Once you have finished with the last stepyou have to formalize your registration.

But to be able to do it, you have to go to the office that corresponds to you according to the area of ​​residence and there you must consign certain documents

What are the requirements to register with the RIF?

When formalizing the RIF registration they will request different documents depending on whether it is a natural or legal person

If you do not know what these documents are here we will place them:

For Natural Person

  • Original and copy of Identification card of identity.
  • Original and copy of the Identity Card From applicant. In case of being a foreigner not domiciled in the country, present the original and a copy of the Passport.
  • Original and copy of the certificate of study or incapacity for work in the cases of descendants of legal age and those under 25 years of age.
  • form inscription issued by the system.
  • Original and copy of the Act of Marriage o Proof of Cohabitation.
  • Evidence documents of the Family Dependencies as the case may be:
  • Original and copy of the document probative of the fiscal domicile (Receipt or invoice of Basic Services, Rental Agreement or any other document that supports the domicile).
  • Original and copy of the Certificate of Birth where parentage is proven.

For Legal Person

  • Original and copy of identity card Y R.I.F. of the legal representative of the company, partners and managers.
  • Original and copy of the last minutes of assembly.
  • The form you printed earlier.
  • Original and copy of SUDEBAN if the company is a bank or other financial institution
  • Original and copy of some proof of your residence or address. The most common: Receipts for basic services or titles of
  • Original and copies of the document constitutive published and registered.

In this case, we also invite you to consult them on the web portal that owns the SENIAT

This is because these requirements could be modified and so you can avoid any mistake in these documents.

On the page of SENIAT they will be able to find it in the section on procedures before the administration.

How much is the cost to get the RIF

This is a Procedure totally free, the expenses can be derived from the requested documents only.

How to consult the RIF

Carrying out this query is quite simple, you just have to enter the website of the SENIAT

In this you will find the option to consult your R.I.F.

There you will simply have to fill in the data only if it is a natural person with V and legal entities with J

If this number is less than 9 digits, it is placed at the beginning a 0, and thus you will be able to carry out your consultation without inconvenience.


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