How to obtain the IVSS form 14-100?

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The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security is a public body that seeks the social protection of workers at the national level. One of the mechanisms that this institution applies to achieve its objectives is the request for payrolls that guarantee benefits and job security.

For example, the Form 14-100which is nothing more than a Evidence of Work, where the position and working years are reflected, as well as the respective remuneration. Don’t you know its usefulness? Don’t know how to get it? Keep reading for more information and clarify all your doubts!

What is the Social Security form 14-100?

Is a Proof of Work directly into the system Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS) that the employer fills out to certify that the described worker maintained or maintains a labor relationship with the company or organization, being specific in the time of work, institutional position and salary obtained, all with the purpose of reflecting the wages quoted in six years and certifying such information by Social Security.

All companies are obliged to deliver when it is requested by the IVSS.

How to get it?

To obtain the updated return, go to the official Social Security page or enter the following link: Form 14-100

Steps to fill it out

To facilitate the reader’s understanding, we are going to divide the spreadsheet into four parts:


  • Company Name or Employer Name.
  • Employer number: number that is assigned to the employer by the IVSS.
  • Employer Address: it must be exact.
  • Surnames and Names of the Legal Representative: complete data and in the requested order.
  • Identity Card Number of the Legal Representative.
  • Telephone of the Legal Representative.
  • Company Email Address: highest authority or the Department of Human Resources.
  • Fiscal Information Registry (RIF)


  • Surnames and Names: complete data and in the requested order.
  • Identity card number: Mark with an X (X) if you are Venezuelan, foreigner, accredited or resident.
  • Date of employment.
  • Retirement date.


  • Years of services: last six.
  • Months: Indicate the salary received in each of the months with exact figures.
  • Totals: indicate the total salary earned for each year of service with exact figures.
  • Observations: write any additional information that you consider important and necessary to mention.


  • Surnames and Names of the Signatory: complete data and in the requested order.
  • Position held.
  • Place: Geographical area where work activities are carried out.
  • Date: day, month and year of preparation of the form.
  • Signature and stamp: Space destined for the person who makes the record, with respective wet seal.
  • Identity Card number of the person who fills out the form.

Here are some Additional considerations so that you avoid making some frequent mistakes when filling out the form:

  • Business name and employer number must match what is shown in the individual account.
  • Legal representative refers to the owner of the company or the highest authority.
  • Every company maintains an email to communicate with Social Security.
  • It is not necessary to fill out several 14-100 forms if the person has worked for the company for more than six years.
  • Indicate the remuneration on a monthly basis and with specific figures (include decimals).
  • Indicate the starting salary for each year.
  • You should not use the quotation marks (“) in case of repeated salaries.
  • Fill in all the spaces, each information is necessary.
  • Disable whitespace with horizontal lines.
  • The person who signs the certificate is the delegate by highest authority.

Next a example on how the form should be after including the personal information:

Who can request this form?

Any worker is in a position to request the form 14-100 either Proof of Work to the employer, specifically through Human Resources.

According to him Article 84 of the Organic Labor Law for Workers (LOTTT): “At the end of the services, when the worker demands it, the employer must issue a work certificate, where it is expressed: a) The duration of the employment relationship; b) The last salary earned; and c) The trade performed.”

Which are the requirements?

  • Original and copy of the valid identity card.
  • Copy of the individual social security account updated for the delivery date, available on the Social Security page.
  • Copy of the payment vouchers for the month of August of the last seven years working.
  • Active workers: Original proof of work updated for the delivery date, available on the Social Security page
  • Workers in national establishments: Copy of the first relationship in charge, time of service in the institution and appointment
  • Retirees and pensioners: Copy of the resolution.

What benefits do you get?

  • Serves as a mechanism to verify a worker’s enrollment in the Social Securitytaking into consideration that in some situations, despite including said registration in the employment contract, companies do not seem to comply.
  • Certification requested by some companies to analyze the work experience of an individual.
  • Allows you to apply for a pension Social Securitysince it constitutes one of the requirements.
  • Facilitates the completion of procedures for the IVSS Regional Fund.

Once I have the form, what do I do?

When you get the form online, proceed to print it. You do not know how? You just have to press the printer-shaped button located in the upper right region of your screen. Subsequently, proceed to complete the form with all the required information and do not forget to follow the steps indicated above since it should not present errors.

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security promotes labor protection through measures such as the application for the Form 14-100However, it is important that the same workers are those with knowledge about it, as well as the importance of its application.

The acquisition of a Proof of Work It is an easy document to acquire and a right that every worker has to demand that it be delivered to him by his company.

Remember to complete by following the steps and recommendations described, documents with errors will not be accepted. If you have been fired or, on the contrary, you decide to terminate your labor services, you also have the right to demand this document.

We hope we have clarified all your doubts!

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