How to open an account in Banesco? Worksheets, steps and requirements

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If you want to open a savings or checking account in a private bank Banesco Universal Bank CA It is surely within your options.

Being one of the largest banks nationwidewith multiple offices at your disposal and quality services for your clients who are progressing according to the technological advances of the world, in this opportunity we provide information on how to open a banesco account.

Keep reading to acquire this service and thus maintain control of your finances in a fast and safe way.

What is Banco?

Banesco Universal Bank CA is a Venezuelan financial institution created in 1992, which has approximately 340 service centers throughout the national territory.

More than 115,000 points of sale in different businesses and 1,377 ATMs to facilitate some banking transactions.

Since its union with Unibanca in 2002, it has been classified as the largest private bank nationwide and the second largest bank in the country, with more than 6 million customers.

What services do you offer?

Banesco Digital Banking:

  • Banesco Mobile Payment: With this service you can forget about cash or stand in line to pay with your credit or debit card. On this occasion, you only need an electronic device to make transfers to third parties immediately and even all those businesses associated with Banesco. How is it used? The identification number or RIF, the affiliated telephone number and the recipient bank are necessary. Download the app!
  • Mobile Banking: Get the application for any electronic equipment and keep track of the status of your bank account at all times and quickly and easily.
  • Bank Online: If you are one of the people who does not like to go to the bank and wait, we present the tool that may be of your greatest use because with Banesco Digital Banking you will be able to carry out any type of operation. Are you not affiliated? Enter the page and select «Internet banking» and then “BanescOnline”another tab will open where you must click on “Join Here”.

Banking for Companies: Through Banesco Online, you can now pay your suppliers and charge your customers

Bank for Clients: Managing your finances in a safe way, control of your bank account from electronic devices, ease and speed when making transfers to third parties, quality customer service.

Did you know that Banesco Internacional is present in 15 countries in South America, Central America, North America and Europe… this facilitates a greater global reach

How to open an account?

Considering the impact of new technologies, Banesco has developed the service of Online Account Opening Requests for those non-customers of private banking They can carry out this process from the comfort of their homes, and thereby save time, instead of going to offices.


  • Being Venezuelan or a foreigner residing in the country.
  • Be of legal age (over 18 years).
  • Original and copy of the valid identity card.
  • Two bank references, stamped by the issuing bank.
  • Receipt of services, RIF or proof of residence.
  • Original proof of work and copy: Wet seal, company letterhead, address, telephone numbers, position, job seniority and monthly or annual income. Issuance date before 90 days, the bank can try to contact to verify information (if the case applies).
  • Legible copy on the Income Tax Declaration (if the case applies).
  • Certification of income (if the case applies).

Don’t have an account at another bank? Is it your first account to open? Then you would not present the two bank references but two personal or business references, taking into account the following considerations:

  • They cannot be carried out by a family member or person in your home.
  • Issue date within 90 days.
  • It must include the full names of the issuers, address and telephone numbers.


Complete with the requested information. Below is the link where you can download the form by click here.

Steps to follow

  1. Enter the Banesco page.
  2. Select the option from the menu Online Account Opening Requests to make your request when opening accounts.
  3. In case of not be affiliatedclick on the option «Join Here» If you are already a member then log in with your username and password.
  4. Select option «Product Request»after «Account opening» and finally in “Create request”.
  5. Enter the requested information, verify the data and press the option «Continue».
  6. Finally, on the new page click on «To finalize».
  7. Print the form with the personal information provided.
  8. Take the folder with the necessary documents to the Banesco agency of your choice.

But, what should your folder have?

  • Collection sheet.
  • Customer registration.
  • Affidavit of not having an account in another bank (if applicable).
  • Politically exposed person form (if applicable).
  • Collections requested: remember that the documents must go in the order indicated in the collection form, avoid bad times.

If you are a Banesco customer

  1. Enter to BanescOnline with your password and username.
  2. Select the option from the menu Online Account Opening Requests to make your request when opening accounts.
  3. Enter the personal operations password that will arrive on your cell phone.
  4. Fill out the form «Request for Pre-Opening».
  5. When finished, the page shows the documents that you must print and take to the agency.

New client

  1. Enter to BanescOnline with your password and username.
  2. If it is your first time, you must join in New Users.
  3. After accepting, it appears in the new user group.
  4. Click on the button «Internet banking»at the option level Online Account Opening Requests.
  5. Complete the assigned data.
  6. Select the nearest agency.
  7. When finished, the page shows the documents that you must print and take to the agency.

Why have a bank account? Through these organizations you can ensure your income, since not only you will maintain control of the money but also your bank.

For this reason, the importance of choosing a totally reliable bank with years of experience that, taking into account the economic conditions of its clients (income and expenses), can implement consistent services.

How to open an account in Banesco It had been a problem until now where, with the information provided, we have clarified the procedures to follow.

Remember to comply with each of the requirements, taking into account the order in the folder and that not all of them are necessary, they apply according to specific cases, identify your case and bring the corresponding. However, if there are any doubts, you can attend their offices from Monday to Friday and clarify personally with their workers.

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