How to process the death certificate in Venezuela?

A death certificate It is a document that must be processed to record the detailed information of the death of a person, such as the time, date, place and thus, prove a death. Let’s see what the transaction of this certificate involves, and what includes the certification itself.

Requirements for the death certificate

This certificate must be declared with obligatory character in front of civil registrationeither in the offices or in the units of the same entity, within 48 consecutive hours of death.

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How is the processing process carried out?

Following the same order of ideas with the aim of simplifying the processing process to make the procedure that must be carried out in the offices attached to the Registry Service and Notaries (SAREN) a new method was created to make this type of request in the Main Registry of Caracas:

Through the email, with which in less than 48 hours you should have access to the response to the request.

Ironú Mora, head of that office, made it clear that whoever makes the request must detail in the email to be sent, their data, such as the name and surname, address, date on which it is submitted, number and page of the record in issue and thus, ensure that the request for the certificate is carried out more expeditiously.

If any of the aforementioned requirements are not met, there is also the possibility of attaching an image of the previous game or entering the identity card number and thus, being able to place the filiation data with the help of the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (SAIME).

Said head of the office, cleared up doubts that this request is exclusively made at the facilities of the Main Registry of Caracas. «The benefited states are Vargas, Delta Amacuro, Amazonas and the Capital District, since the files of these entities rest in this registry,» he pointed out.

In addition to this, he declared that after the shipment, in a approximately 48 hoursthere should be a response with the information required for the transaction, alleging that in the same way, its cost can be canceled through transfers and make a request for home delivery, saving the time and money that the applicant’s assistance entails to the office.

What body issues it?

The National Electoral Council, known by its acronym CNE using the National Civil Registry Office (ONRC).

In fact, it recently issued, under resolution number 161219-274, modifications in the well-known death procedure by leaving without effect the requirement to present marriage certificates or stable de facto union and birth certificates related to the deceased persons.

Resolution 161219-274 published in the Official Gazette number 41,094, indicates that the Organic Law of Civil Registry (LORG) specifies that the death certificate or form EV-14″ is the indispensable instrument sine qua non for the declaration of death, by the persons obliged to declare the fact.

In this way, when carrying out the process that implies the declaration of deaths, before the aforementioned civil registry institution, those applicants must present as a primary requirement the identity card of the deceased and the death certificate and thus be able to receive the death certificate, which is nothing more than a demonstrative document in itself.

Once the approval of the application is ready, governed by what is declared in the Official Gazette, the bodies, entities and institutions of the public or private administration are invited to take into account said death certificates solely and exclusively as documents demonstrating the death of a person, since the Civil Registry has the presence of records for filiation by consanguinity or affinity with the deceased person.

Does it have any associated cost?

Regarding the fees corresponding to the doctor who issues the certificate, the Statute of the Collegiate Medical Organization makes it clear that such issuance must always be free character.

However, it is made very clear that said doctor can assign a cost for the work carried out when exploring the body of the deceased, medical verification of the fact of death and its cause.

Where should the procedure be carried out?

There are three different ways to carry out this process;

In person:

This certificate can be requested by personally attending the Civil Registry where the death is registered, attaching the DNI of the applicant for the certificate in question. The full name of the deceased must be specified, first and last names, as well as the details of the death, such as the place and date.
After this, the type of death certificate required must be detailed: Literal, Extract or Negative.

Through correspondence:

In the event that you want to request a certificate by common means, such as mail, you can send a request letter to the Civil Registry, making clear the reason, contact information, name, postal address to which requires receiving the certificate, attaching the following information:

  • Name, surnames, and ID of the applicant for the certificate.
  • Name and surname of the deceased and place and date of death.

Next, the type of certificate required must be specified:

  • Literal.
  • Extract.
  • Ordinary.
  • Bilingual

As already mentioned, it is important to include contact information such as the telephone number if it is necessary to establish communication to clear up any doubts, clarify data, among other issues.

Via Internet:

The death certificate can be obtained via the Internet, as long as the Civil Registry is computerized, which is not yet generally the case. The data must be sent via correspondence to the address specified in the request. The withdrawal can be made without problems in person at the time previously agreed in the application.

For what procedures is the death certificate necessary?

Because the death certificate is the document that supports the data related to the death of an individual, where the date, time and place of the event are specified in writing, and in this way prove said death.

As previously mentioned, it is issued through the corresponding Civil Registry, where all events involving the civil status of people are registered.

Already obtained, it is practically mandatory, at the first change in order to start the preparation management process funeral, burial and then, attending the notary’s office that issues the will, requesting a copy of it or having an inheritance available, it is also necessary to request the corresponding pension from the spouse.

This document can be requested by any person or relative who has a justified interest in this document.

There are different kinds of death certificates, among them may be;

On the one hand, there is the positive death certificate, which contains information pertinent to the registration of the death of an individual in that Civil Registry. Which is subdivided into two;

  • The extractthat it is a synthesis of the information related to the event of death that is endorsed in the civil registry.
  • the literalwhich appears as a reliable copy of the death registration, with details of the identity of the deceased person and the reason for death.

A second death certificate is the negative, which guarantees that there is no record of the death of a subject in that Civil Registry.

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