How to process the Social Security form in Venezuela?

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A citizen is a living being that belongs to and interacts in a political community, and that belonging to it entails a series of duties and rights. Knowing them, knowing what they are and what they work for are part of the diet to build better Venezuelans.

Institutions play an important role in the respect and construction of citizenship, which is why it is necessary to be correctly informed about how they are built and what their most important functions are.

The Venezuelan Social Security Instituteknown by the acronym of IVSS It is one of those institutions that we need to know how it works and what its most and least important services are, so in this article we will be answering your most important questions.

whatWhat is social security?

Recognized as the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security, the IVSS It is an institution of public activity that is especially in charge of the protection of the Social Security that makes up the body of Venezuelan workers.

This institution founded around 1936 under the promulgation of the labor law and with a long history analyzes a series of events on issues such as maternity and old age, disability and illness, death, loss of a job, among others.

What services do you offer??

Contingency sheltered by social security.

  • Maternity
  • old age
  • survival
  • illness and accidents
  • death and retirement

Social Security recipients.

  • Comprehensive medical care for all citizens.
  • Cash benefits, according to the contingency agreement, the insured will be entitled or not with their relatives.

Social security benefits and services.

  • Systematic Medical Assistance.
  • Cash benefits for: old age pension, disability, partial motor disability, due to involuntary loss of employment

Contributions to the Venezuelan social security are paid weekly and are determined based on the salary earned by the insured during a given period, an applied regime and the risk assigned to the company or groups of employees.

  • General regime: minimum, medium and maximum risks.
  • Partial regime.

If you have any purpose access and consult the statements of your personal account in Social Security, through these simple steps you can learn how to handle yourself on the web page. To do this you need to have available the CI, or identification document plus the date of birth of the person to consult.

  • Our first step is to access the home page of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security.
  • Once we are there, we must enter our personal information, date of birth and identity card.
  • Then, in the next tab our individual account will be exposed, this document, in case you need a copy for a procedure or some diligence, you can print it without any inconvenience.

The Pensions are monetary or cash benefits that are granted by virtue of a legal provision with the objective of being able to guarantee Venezuelan citizens collective well-being and social security, also depending on the economic situation of the citizen, this could be classified in the following ways (some previously mentioned)

  • old age pensionwhich consists of and is applied from the age of 60 in the case of men, and 55 in the case of women. Citizens will have the right to this benefit as long as they have obtained a minimum of 750 accredited contributions per week .
  • disability pensionfor this pension it is necessary to have accumulated a minimum of 100 contributions a week during the last 3 years when this disability occurred.
  • Survivor pension¸ this is applied because of the death of an insured, who was a beneficiary of the old-age pension or the disability pension adding the death of an insured (always having obtained a minimum of 750 weekly contributions)
  • In the event that you know someone or are one of the people who appear on the list, you can check the status of your process by visiting the website of the Official site. Once entering the web page you must write the type of identity card, the number of the document, also attaching the date of birth. Yes, obviously you appear on the list.
  • Your next step will be to go to the branch closest to the Banco de Venezuela that has been matched to you to advance the procedures corresponding to your individual account.

The IVSS TIUNA system is another service created especially to facilitate the nation’s employers in publishing information regarding employees and their activities. Through the system and prior registration, employers will have the opportunity to make entry and exit movements and even salary changes, all without spending time going to the central office.

The mission Greater Loveis specially designed to value the effort and work of citizens who are already part of the third age and who worked for most of their adult lives, but who nevertheless could not contribute to the Venezuelan Social Security.

Why do I need the payroll? inscription?

The registration form of the Venezuelan Social Security Institute allows you as a public or private employee to access important services offered by the institution and that you as a citizen can have a full role within the economic and social structure of Venezuela.

How to get it?

It should also be noted that all persons affiliated with the IVSS They have the availability of a personal account automatically and free of charge, so that in the face of deception and scams you can be aware when processing any document, you can do it at no cost from the main website of IVSS.

  1. In order to obtain our IVSS registration form, we first locate the office closest to your room. exist 44 offices around the country.
  2. Photocopy of the national identity card, 2 copies.
  3. Registration form 14-196 (This form must be delivered to the office where you are going to process your document, request it and fill it out)
  4. 2 copies of the Fiscal Information Registry (RIF), if you have the card, 2 copies of the Card.
  5. If you have quotes made, you must present 2 copies of the individual account (Available on the website, print option).
  6. Take the requirements to the office you chose with 2 legal yellow folders on the first day of any month of the year and proceed to make your first payment.

Now you are already quoting your weeks in the IVSS, so you have the social guarantee of protection in health and old age.

Filling in the form

Form 14-04 is a service provided by the Venezuelan Social Security Institute (IVSS) intended for the application of the loan of money, for all those citizens who meet a series of requirements issued by the IVSS, with this form we can access different services. The form is easy to fill out.

When you have managed to have the document printed, you should examine the worksheet Instructive that will show you where to check the boxes that correspond to the application you want.

whaté other templates are used?

Annex to the following links You can check and download the other forms that the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security has.

  • Form 14-08, which is the form addressed in case you want to process money loans.
  • Form 14-23, the Proof of payment order.
  • Form 13-12, the insured employer record.
  • Form 14-205, the request for a defunct company affidavit.
  • Form 14-134, payment agreement request.
  • Proof of work for the IVSS in the form of 14-100
  • Application for optional and non-dependent continuation enrollment under form 14-196.
  • employer register of insured under form 13-12. Among others.

Benefits of being enrolled in Social Security

As we mentioned before, the services offered by the Venezuelan Social Security Institute are very broad. Directed mainly to the employees and employers of the nation.

It works as a safeguard through savings through contributions that are made throughout your projection and working career, support for employees who suffer an incident during their work and social health insurance.

For public employees, employees of private companies or freelance or independent employees, the IVSS is one of the tools that we have as citizens and we need to use it.

Success! We hope this information will help you.

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