How to recover a Criminal Record Certificate

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If a person has been registered with a criminal record, and needs to know how to recover a Criminal Record Certificate, we can find it easily and simply.

Next, some of the tips that can be very useful when requesting this type of document will be explained.

How to recover a Criminal Record Certificate

There are situations that lead to the forgetting or loss of the data of our username and password to enter the web system, for our process of processing the criminal record.

This process is not complicated at all, you just have to have on hand the necessary information to proceed to recover the access data.

In this process there are three causes that lead to the blocking of data from entering the system, such as: forgot password, forgot email or email or passwordFor this reason, we indicate the following steps to recover the accesses:

Recovery of password:

  • Access criminal record system.
  • Choose option: “I forgot my password”.
  • Place the login email.
  • Verify in your registered mail, the sending of a message with an automatically generated password, for your entry into the system.
  • With this new password, enter the system to change the password for a new one.

User Recovery:

  • Access criminal record system.
  • Choose the option: “Forget my email.”
  • Record data number of identification card.
  • Answer the security questions, initially recorded.

Likewise, in cases of user and password blocking due to forgetting or simply the system throws a block, you can send an email to the web portal, providing your ID number and email (must not be Hotmail) stating your case.

Then you must wait for a response from those requested in the Next 3 days working, otherwise if you do not have the answer you can call the phones available 212-5061111, if you are outside the country you must add the code from Venezuela +58.

What is a Criminal Record

The criminal records correspond to data and records for final convictions and guilt, that a citizen over 18 years of age has for committing a crime.

This document is completed with the precise review that the person is not accused of committing any illegal action, such as: imputations, pardons or any kind of judicial procedure initiated.

It is common that there is a great demand for the request of this report, to carry out different processes, such as:

  • Migration procedures
  • Entrance to educational institutes.
  • Job application
  • Driver’s license
  • Permits to carry weapons
  • Procedures for the process of adopting a child.
  • Application for admission to police centers, military service, among others.

Likewise, this certificate of criminal record is required in foreign countries, for the renewal application of some residence authorizations or visas.

What is the Criminal Record Certificate

It is an electronic document whose issuance is in charge of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace, in charge of verifying that the applicant citizen does not present a criminal and criminal charge.

Currently this certificate is necessary to carry out procedures for procedures of:

  • Study abroad
  • Visa to undertake in another country
  • Investor Visa
  • Visa application for special jobs that require a residence permit
  • Application for residence authorization and work permit

Requirements to process the Criminal Record Certificate

The Venezuelan criminal record certificate has a series of requirements that you must record for the start of your procedures, such as:

Formalities by minors:

  • For the cases of boys, girls and adolescents: Marriage certificate, identity card of the father, mother, or representative.
  • If the request for the procedure is made by a third party, you must present a notarized power of attorney document with the identity card of the applicant.

Procedure by adults:

  • Possess an identity card.
  • In case of carrying out the procedure by a third party, you must record: applicant’s identity card, and the authorized person, letter of authorization issued by the applicant.


The aforementioned documents must be filed on your computer on Pdf format, to start your registration process.

How to process the Criminal Record Certificate

For being a process purely electronic, the initial requirements to apply for a criminal record are as follows:

  • Should have coming of age
  • Have your identity card
  • Have registered Gmail email
  • Have a viewer PDF as Adobe Reader
  • Check the available browsers on your PC such as: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox,

Once the aforementioned requirements have been confirmed, you proceed with the following steps:

  • Enter your data record in the web portal of the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace.
  • They must digitize papers indicated in the requirements of the Criminal Record certificate.
  • Enter the system, click on “application” then mark: “document type”
  • Complete the form and attach digitized files, mentioned in the criminal record certificate application requirements.
  • Locate section and select which country and which government institution requests it (check the institution since, if it is found wrong, said certificate will not be issued)
  • Choose if the reasons that can be: criminal process, for studies, residence, tourism, work, business, visa.
  • Verify all registered data.
  • Proceed to print the spreadsheet two (2) times. Keep the form and then proceed with the withdrawal of the certificate.
  • Wait for the sending of an email from the ministry by which it will inform you of the approval of your respective criminal record certificate.

Where to do the procedure

It can be done anywhere with internet access, you only need to check the browsers available on your PC, of ​​which should not use: (Firefox version 11 or any other higher).

Likewise, check for the time of the procedure, that the Abobe Reader program or any other program that makes reading easier of the files in PDF.

How to know if someone has a criminal record

To find out if a person has a criminal record, you only need to enter with your username and password to the web portal:

Benefits of the Criminal Record Certificate

This type of document seeks a way to leave a proof of criminal life of the people and to be able to apply them to this certificate mentioned all the necessary cases. The idea is also to prevent this type of person from can enter spaces where they do not allow this type of document.

The criminal record does not specify a benefit as such, since, it is something imposed by law That allows you to have a distance and try to comply with regulations that are important when carrying out this type of action.

In this certificate when completing the sentence and what would be the decision for this person, such as: deprivation of liberty, probation, etc.. It serves as a record for verify the status where the person is.

It works in order to demonstrate that no criminal act has been committed, proving a criminal certificate “flat“, That is, the registration of a crime.


We mention some of the characteristics that can help you to understand a little about a criminal certificate:

  • The registries are under public administration, but it is private. It could be logical that the same person asks for the certificate, but this is not the case, because the judicial or police authorities. In some laws, even some companies can be done.
  • The certificate only records crimes, known as infractions of the criminal order. The registry is sentenced against the injured party civil or labor jurisdiction. Although, the imposition of a fine has been taken as a resolution.
  • Between states you can ask third states to evaluate the case of a foreigner that is involved in the cause of a requesting country.
  • The record of final judgments, no writ of inadmissibility or pending procedure of the appeals.
  • Most certificates you can find a crime committed, the sentence imposed, the degree of compliance, the court that convicted him and the data of the persons.
  • They have a temporary nature, thus pursuing the ultimate goal of penalties.

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