How to recover a suspended Bancaribe user: What is Bancaribe, what services does it offer and how to open an account

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How to recover a suspended Bancaribe user: What is Bancaribe, what services does it offer and how to open an accountIt is important to have our Bancaribe user active.

It is a financial instrument, which generates many advantages for us, for the safe and efficient management of our money, through our product contracted with such a robust financial institution.

In the following article, we will comment on the ways to recover it and we will also learn about the various products and services that Bancaribe offers.

How to recover a suspended Bancaribe user

The application of strategies by Bancaribe is dynamic and continuous, to support the satisfaction of the needs of its clients, especially those where it is impossible for us to access online banking services.

As clients, we appreciate the different alternatives that allow us to solve our setbacks with the products and services contracted with Bancaribe, in a safe, comfortable, simple and effective way.

One of the most common situations is when our user is suspended, it is an event that turns us upside down, since through it we can carry out different banking transactions.

Due to this, the banking entity offers us the section My Bancaribe Connection, through it we can manage the suspended user, the unlocking of the security profile for a natural person, the subscription to My Bancaribe Connection for a legal person and the modification in the means of delivery, such as email and the affiliated cell phone number.

It is very easy, the user unlocking self-management, only complying with the following steps:

  1. We enter the Banking web portal
  2. We locate and enter My Bancaribe / People Connection
  3. We select the option “Blocked User”
  4. We indicate our debit card number and PIN code. The latter being the one used for withdrawal at ATMs and payment at points of sale.
  5. We place the answer of our security profile
  6. And we answer the verification questions

It is appropriate to comment that another of the options to recover our suspended user, we can call My Contact Bancaribe, by dialing 0500-bancoibe or 0500-2262274 and select options 2-6-2, we suggest having our financial instruments at hand .

What is Bancaribe

To define Bancaribe, CA Banco Universal, is to refer to an excellent financial institution, with a presence throughout the national geography.

With its correct vision, its evolution is successful, which is why it is currently considered one of the largest and most robust banks in Venezuela.

Characterized as a modern institution and constantly innovating, it mainly focuses on generating satisfaction for all the needs of its millions of clients and users.

To make some history, we find that it is in the city of Puerto Cabello, in the state of Carabobo, where Bancaribe was born, specifically on February 12, 1954, and at the end of that same it began its operations.

Its first Board of Directors was made up of a great team of specialists in the area, who, integrating their skills, created a successful management that served as support to cross regional borders and reach the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, where they open their first office in the well-known and busy Urdaneta avenue, on July 3, 1958.

In its beginnings, the entity promoted regional growth, supporting small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as the agricultural and fishing sectors. Among its strategy, it directed credits for sugarcane, oilseed and cereal producers, generating the incorporation of modern technologies for the development of their crops. Similarly, it supports the shrimp and tuna sector, including the manufacturing sector.

With the passage of time and contributing to the intellectual development, education and the arts, as drivers of the country’s economy, it merges with affiliated institutions of the Investment Bank and the Caribbean Liquid Assets Fund. Expanding its scope to the services of Banco Universal, in addition to partnering with and having the prestige of the Canadian bank, known as Scotiabank.

What services does Bancaribe offer

Among the services offered by Bancaribe, we find that there are different types of account, both for individuals and legal entities, as well as lines of credit, trust administration.

It provides us with the use of financial instruments, led by debit and credit cards, as well as different channels to facilitate the comfortable realization of our bank transfers, payments, make balance inquiries and consult our financial movements. Even obtain information on the products and services offered.

By entering:

  1. The web portal Bancaribe .
  2. 24 hours a day, at the BANCARIBE Contact Center, by dialing 0500-2262274.
  3. Any of the Bancaribe offices and external ticket offices, located throughout the national territory.
  4. And by your email address

Requirements to open an account in Bancaribe

The precautions to open one of the Bancaribe accounts, depends on the personality of the future client, between a natural or legal person:

Natural persons

The basic requirements must be presented in original and legible copy, placed inside a legal-size manila folder, keeping the following order:

  1. The current laminated Identity Card, all Venezuelan or foreign natural persons residing in the nation.
  2. The Passport, for foreign natural persons who do not reside in Venezuela
  3. The receipt or proof of payment for a public or private service, such as electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable television, with an emission of less than three months. Or the RIF Single Registry of Tax Information, or the Residence Certificate.
  4. In the event that the opening of the account originates from the Venezuelan Courts, present the corresponding order.
  5. Present two personal or bank references, with issuance of less than thirty days. The personal ones, must necessarily show a fixed telephone number. In addition to the full name and address, and attach a copy of the CI.
  6. Proof of employment, when there is a formal work dependency relationship.
  7. Income report, for independent workers.
  8. Applicants with a disability condition, present the CONAPDIS Certificate.

Legal persons

For this type of applicants, the requirements depend on the nature of their operations, we show the links for each type of company:

  1. Associations and foundations
  2. Savings Banks
  3. Cooperatives
  4. Venezuelan Law Firm
  5. Foreigner who owns branches or farms in Venezuelan territory
  6. Foreigner who does not have branches or exploitation in the nation
  7. Foreign Legal Company (with exploitation of its main object in Venezuela)
  8. Company in formation
  9. Trade unions

How to open an account at Bancaribe

The procedure to be carried out to open accounts at Bancaribe consists of five very simple steps, namely:

  1. Depending on our status as a natural or legal person, we select the account we want to open. To consult them, go to Bancaribe.
  2. We gather the collections and specific documentation of the chosen account
  3. We proceed to comply with the pre-opening process through My Online Management
  4. We attend the scheduled appointment, on the date, time and selected office, with the requested documents
  5. We comply with the process for Customer Service and follow the instructions issued by the care specialist.

For the pre-opening, we will carry out the following steps:

  1. We enter Bancaribe and we locate the option My Online Management
  2. We confirm the registration through the link we receive in our email
  3. We select the type of account and fill in the application details
  4. We choose the Bancaribe branch of our liking and comfort for the delivery of the collections
  5. We choose the date of our date

Types of accounts offered by Bancaribe

Among the various accounts that Bancaribe offers us, we find the following, according to a natural or legal person:

Natural person

  1. Current
  2. Paid Checking Account
  3. Saving
  4. Child Savings
  5. Private account

Legal person

  1. Current
  2. Cta Cte Remunerated
  3. Master account

Reasons why a Bancaribe user can be suspended

The main reason why our Bancaribe user is suspended is when we exceed the number of attempts to access online banking and we have placed the credentials incorrectly.

The suspension corresponds to one of the security measures, applied by the bank, in order to protect and safeguard our personal data, as well as our assets.

Benefits offered by Bancaribe

When consulting the different accounts offered by Bancaribe, we can see that each of them has particular benefits, such as the allocation of interest on the balance, or the exemption in the collection of commissions, for maintenance.

Or the requirement of a minimum amount for the opening of any of the accounts and those that request it, are solidarity values.

However, there are general benefits, including the direct debit service, available for most accounts, saving us our time. By allowing us to affiliate our payments with allied companies, such as providers of basic public services.

Also, those that provide health insurance services, funeral insurance and very importantly, cable television services. Through this benefit, it offers us the management of our resources with greater security, avoiding the manipulation of large amounts of money.

We can even have greater control of our assets, since the charges for collections or payments are reflected in the movements of our accounts. To know and consult more about this benefit we will enter the following link Debits

Bancaribe has several means to maintain communication and information with its clients:

  1. Via telephone, dialing 0500-BANCARIBE (2262274)
  2. Social Networks and others: Twitter @Bancaribe, Bancaribe on Facebook, Instagram @Bancaribe, Contact space or the Bancaribe Chat.

And additionally, we enjoy the mobility or management of our money, through the use of the Bancaribe Maestro Debit Card, facilitating access to the network of its electronic channels. How is the Bancaribe Connection and the Contact Center, including the network of ATMs and Self-services.

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