How to recover BNC user key

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Banks are very important in any country, because you can save your savings and have great benefits. When choosing a financial institution, you can opt for the National Credit Bank. This is a Venezuelan private equity company that is dedicated to universal banking.

In the event that you have access to this important bank, here we will explain everything related to How to Recover BNC User Password.

How to recover BNC user key

It is normal for some people to lose or forget their password to access the BNC, for this we have the solution so that you can recover it, you only have to comply with the following steps:

  • You must first enter the Official website of the National Credit Bank.
  • Then you will go to “Access to BNC Net”.
  • Two options will appear, either in companies or people. In this case, it will click on people.
  • Then you will have to click on the option “Did you forget your password”.
  • Then you must enter the number of your card, the identity card, validate the captcha and you will click on continue.
  • When you have entered the information the system will send you a security code either by phone or by email.
  • You will have to follow the instructions in the next step, and then set your new password that you have never set.
  • you will have to do what the system requests so that you can change its BNC key.
  • When he tells you that his password change has been successful, you can again enter the BNC portal without any problem.

What is the National Credit Bank or BNC

The National Credit Bank or BNC, starting in 2002 a group of Venezuelan citizens organized to acquire the branch of a foreign bank, where they formed a new financial entity called “National Credit Bank”. This company offers great services to both individuals and companies to meet the needs of customers’ trade.

What services does BNC offer

The National Credit Bank offers a wide variety of services to clients, below we will explain most of them:

Recover BNC user password: Savings and Checking Accounts

Citizens can choose to open a traditional savings account, orange savings account, checking account, paid checking account, term deposits and especially an account in foreign currency.

If we talk about the traditional savings account, it is a financial product where you can mobilize all your savings in cash, through a savings book or thanks to a BNC debit card. The orange savings account fulfills the same function as the previous one.

In the event that you have a checking account, you must bear in mind that it is a financial product where you can mobilize your money whenever you want, as well as your demand deposit funds, thanks to the BNC Debit card.

Recover BNC User Password: Credits

If you are a BNC client, you can request any credit you want. If they are commercial credits you can find for the Auto, Microcredits, Promissory Notes and Loans, Agricultural Credit, Discount of Money Orders and Tourism Credits. They also have mortgage loans such as: FAOV loans, Mortgage Credit, LDPH Self-Construction Credit and FAOV Self-Construction Credit.

Whichever you choose you will get the best benefits.

Recover BNC User Password: Cards

In a bank, the most attractive thing is to apply for a card, either debit or credit. At the BNC you can request any of them, you just have to meet the requirements.

The Master Debit card, It is a payment instrument that you can have associated with a checking account or, in the case of savings. Having one of them, you can mobilize your funds from your bank account through various electronic and telephone means.

On the other hand, if you want to opt for a credit card, you can opt for a Visa credit, already Classic Gold, Platinum and Infinite. Cards MasterCard credit you can get the Classic, Gold, Platinum and Black.

You can choose the one that suits your needs, there are for all audiences.

Recover BNC User Password: Mobile BNCNET System

Clients have access to BNCNET Mobile System, this type of service adapts to any device you have, such as: phones or tablets. In them you can carry out your banking operations as many times as necessary, with your debit or credit card.

To use it, you just have to search for the official BNC page or you can also access the URL of BNCNET Móvil by scanning the QR code.

Recover BNC User Password: BNC Bingo

This service is a mechanism of keys that are designed by the same company. This is based on a random request for coordinates. Its purpose is to increase security so that customers feel confident in conducting electronic transactions.

Another super beneficial service for all clients, both individuals and companies, is the Mobile Payment service, where you carry out transactions to interbank accounts with the advantage that that money will reach the recipient immediately.

How to create user in BNC

If you want to create your BNC username, you should keep in mind that the process is usually simple and fast. You just have to have your credit card, your identity card, and do the following:

  • If you already have your debit card and want to have access to BNC NET, you must first enter the bank’s page.
  • Then you will click on access to BNCNET and then to “persons”.
  • In the Debit / Credit section you must put your card number, your identification number, your ATM or card code when you make a purchase (it is the same) and you will click on “to accept”.
  • A notification message will appear and you will proceed to click on “To accept”.
  • Again enter the ATM or card password, then in the field below you will have to enter your new password so that you can enter BNCNET.
  • This key must have letters, number and a special character, then you will have to repeat that new key again.
  • You will have to select a question of your preference with its proper answer, so that when you forget your password you can resort to that question.
  • Then you must add your email, contact telephone number and your cell phone number.
  • Once you have completed your information, it will appear that the change has been made successfully where you can enter BNCNET.

Requirements to open an account at BNC

In the case that you want to open a traditional savings account, you must meet the following requirements and requirements:

  • You can open your account with a minimum opening of Bs. 0.
  • You must attach the Savings account funds checklist worksheet (Two copies, bank and client).
  • Bring a copy and the original of your identity card, in the case of Venezuelan natural persons, foreigners residing in the country.
  • For citizens who are foreigners who do not reside in the country, they must deliver the copy and the original of the passport.
  • A copy and the original of the Single registry of tax information.
  • Attach a bank reference with the issuing bank which must have: stamp, letterhead, address, and landline phone number of the issuing bank.
  • If you do not have an account in another bank, you must have the Format of the Affidavit.
  • Append two originals of two business or personal references It must contain: names, surnames, identity document number of the applicant, name of the business, address, mobile phone number, Unique Registry Number of Tax Information (RIF) and wet stamp of the business.
  • You must attach a copy of any receipt in the applicant’s name with your proper residence address.
  • A proof of income according to the workers who are dependent and independent.

All the collections must be delivered by the owner and in black and white.


For current accounts, the citizen must be of legal age and the collections that you must carry must be in black and white. People who wish to opt for this type of account must meet the same requirements as a traditional savings account, the difference is that you must attach the current account form for a natural person.

How to open an account at BNC

In order for you to open an account at BNC, it is necessary for the client to register in the system of Pre-registration of the BNC. This system allows you to register a series of information so that you can later record the collections in person at the branch of your choice. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Enter the page of BNC pre-registration.
  • Then you must put your identification number and an email address.
  • You will have to open your email and you will click on the link they sent you for you to start your registration.
  • You will add all your information, be it personal, work, personal reference, etc.
  • Choose the object of your request and finally all the requirements that you must carry will appear.

Types of accounts offered by BNC

As we have indicated, the BNC has savings and checking accounts. In the savings you can find: the traditional and the orange. On the other hand, you can request the current account: current, remunerated, time deposits and and foreign currency account.

Benefits offered by BNC

This financial company has great benefits for clients and they are:

  • The client can choose between different accounts, he can even open an account in foreign currency.
  • You will feel safe to have all your savings in said institution. Since you can make transactions and see the balance as many times as you want.
  • You can make transactions through mobile payment. By doing so, the money will reach you immediately.
  • You can request the type of card according to your need.
  • They have several agencies so that you can attend when you need it.
  • You can request various types of credit.

As you could see, this financial entity is important for Venezuelans. We hope that everything related to How to recover BNC user password has worked for you.

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