How to recover CANTV username and password

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The question How to recover CANTV username and password? It is more frequent than you think. If you do not know your username or password, then you will not be able to enter the CANTV platform and do the procedures you want. As a result, you need to know if there is any way you can find out what your login details are.

Today we will help you with this issue. We will tell you how you can recover both your username and your password. Not only that, but we will talk to you about what CANTV is, what services it offers, how to create your user, how to know the amount of your debt and how you can pay it. If you are interested in knowing all this, We invite you to continue reading.

How to recover CANTV username and password

Let’s start by answering the following question: How to recover CANTV username and password? The user is the one that they ask you when entering your CANTV account and if you do not remember it, you will not be able to manage your invoice. We will tell you how you can recover your data and change your password. Let’s see!

  • To do this, the first thing you should do is enter the Invoice Self-Management Portal.
  • Once there you simply have to click on Forgot your details?
  • You will be redirected to a new page intended to confirm your identity. It consists of three parts, in which you must enter your email associated with your CANTV account, answer four security questions and select if you want your temporary password to be sent via SMS or email. Whenever you finish a section, click Continue.
  • Locate the message or email that contains your username and the named temporary password.
  • Copy this password and enter the portal with it and with your username.
  • In the Data Update section, enter your new password and confirm it. If this section does not appear automatically, you will find it and User Information> Personal Profile.
  • Click Continue and now if you can enter the Online invoice.
  • Answer the two security questions that will appear, and voila!

This way you will have regained access to CANTV. You have back both access to your username and a new password of your choice. You will now be able to view your invoices online. So we answer the question How to recover CANTV username and password.

How to change CANTV user information

With respect to How to change CANTV user information, we will indicate the steps you must follow if you want to modify or review your user information on the invoice self-management platform. Follow them to the letter and you should have no problem when you want to modify your profile.

  • First, go to Invoice Self-Management Portal. The link that will take you directly to the page is in the previous section.
  • Login to your account with your username and password.
  • Please answer the security question below.
  • Then click User information > Modify.
  • Tap the field (or fields) you want to update and change the information.
  • When you’re done with everything, click Save and confirm that you want to save the changes made.
  • Click OK when you get the information change successful message.

That is all! As you can see, an extremely fast and easy process to carry out. It will only take a few minutes and then you can solve what you wanted. You can update your phone number, security questions, among other things that you consider pertinent.

What is CANTV

The National Anonymous Telephone Company of Venezuela (CANTV) is a company that operates in the telecommunications sector, specifically at the state level. It was founded in 1930, almost a century ago, and its main headquarters are in Caracas (Capital District). It is of a public nature because it is managed by the State and has as a subsidiary the well-known Movilnet.

This company began by acquiring telephone companies nationwide until it became a monopoly, especially because at that time this figure was not prohibited. It ceased to be so in 1946, when the Ministry of Communications began to operate in the area of ​​telephony and then CANTV came in second place as the company providing these services.

In 1953 was nationalized, just when the State acquires the total shares of the company. This lasts until 1991, when it is handed over to the VenWorld consortium. The company already had a large deficit and management problems, and the private sector managed to invest billions in it. In fact, it is when Movilnet was born.

It was nationalized again in 2007 under the mandate of Hugo Chavez and by 2008 it was completely nationalized. Satellite television service is enabled in 2012.

What services does it offer

With respect to Services offeredWe already told you that it operates in the telecommunications sector. In this sense, it offers telephony services (fixed and mobile), satellite television, ABA broadband internet connection and dial-up, and even sells computers. Its main subsidiary is Movilnet, a well-known company in the country.

CANTV offers internet services to a large part of the population and is the only one with which you can have access to landlines. However, in the area of ​​mobile telephony, there are companies such as Movistar and Digitel that compete with Movilnet. Likewise, in the area of ​​satellite television, there is Cable TV, Simple TV and others.

How to create my username

Now we will answer another frequently asked question: How to create my CANTV user? We will indicate the steps you must follow in order to create your account in the Online Invoice portal and thus be able to view your invoice. As before, it is a very easy procedure to carry out. Let’s see!

  • First, enter the Invoice Self-Management Portal. We leave the link in the first section.
  • Once there, click New user registration.
  • Select the type of user (personal or business) and fill out the form that will appear below. They request your basic information, contact information and secret questions to be able to access and regain access to the platform in the future. You will also need to create a username and password.
  • Your email will receive a message with a security code.
  • Select an image from those that appear on the screen and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • You must log in with your username and password. Then enter the security code on the Self-Service or Online Invoice page.
  • Ready! You will now have access to your account.

From now on, whenever you want to enter, you will do so with your username and password. There you can view your invoices.

How to know my CANTV debt

If what you want is Know my Debt with CANTV, then you have several ways par excellence to know this amount. We will talk about these ways so that you know them and be able to know what you can do to know what you owe. Next, we will explain what corresponds:

  • You can dial 155 from your landline phone and press the corresponding numbers to be able to make your balance inquiry.
  • You can still call 0800-226-88-00 from the landline or mobile phone. Follow the instructions given by the operator.
  • Before you had the option to send an SMS. You must send to 22688 a message with the word balance + phone number. For example: balance 02121234567. It only works with Movilnet lines and it does not seem to continue working.
  • By CANTV page, in the section of Balance inquiry. Enter the area code, the phone number and the captcha result, to finish by clicking on Send request. The Current Balance would be the amount you have pending.
  • Homeland System: you can enter the platform with your data and go to Wallet> Services and Contracts. There you will see your debt. If you want to add a number, click Add, and you’re done!
  • Finally, you can know your debt through the Bank System. You simply have to log into your Virtual Bank (BDV, Bicentenario, Tesoro, BFC, Banesco, BVC, Exterior, Mercantil, Provincial, BOD, BNC, 100% Banco and Banco del Caribe) and locate you in the section of Payments or Service Payments> CANTV.

How to pay my CANTV debt

Just as you had multiple ways to check your balance owed, you have multiple ways to Pay CANTV debt. We will tell you about all these so that you can be up to date with the payment of the services that you have contracted with this company, whether it is internet, telephony or television. Let’s see what these routes are:

  • The first and easiest is that you pay for your Bank. Just when you go to check your CANTV balance in the Payments> Services section, you can take advantage and cancel the amount owed.
  • Additionally, you can pay in a customer service module. You can pay by card and with cash. In fact, they can tell you the amount of debt you have to pay right there. In other words, you don’t even need to make a prior consultation. You just have to give your phone number.

So we finish answering the question How to recover CANTV username and password and all the other questions we answered. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!

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