How to recover Movilnet PUK Code

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For Movilnet customers it is important to know How to retrieve Movilnet PUK Code, since it allows them to obtain the necessary information to activate their code from your SIM card.

In the following text, you will be able to know some of the characteristics that may be of great importance for data recovery and continue using the telephone service of the company movilnet.

How to recover Puk Movilnet Code

For mobile teams the SIM card, It is of utmost importance since your phone number is stored safely in it, as well as access codes.

All cards SIM have a security code known as PIN, that in case of forgetfulness you can proceed to its unlocking With the code PUK, according to the following steps:

  • Locate SIM card, corresponds to the plastic purchased at the time of purchase of your Movilnet line.
  • Check on the back of your card the information of the SIM of the card and the section of your code “PUK”
  • East PUK code It consists of a series of numerical digits, which you must enter for the corresponding unlock.
  • Once the PUK number has been entered correctly, you can configure a new PIN.
  • For greater security it is recommended restart your cell phone to check that the SIM has performed its unlocking process correctly.
  • In case of not locating the SIM card, you can go to any authorized Movilnet agent, and request information about it.

How to recover Movilnet PUK Code: What is the Puk Code

Corresponds to a code of 8 digits used to unlock a SIM card, which is blocked by entering your PIN code three times, incorrectly.

The Pin code is the first security measure, consisting of four digits that can be changed.

How to recover Movilnet PUK Code: What is the Puk Code for

It is used as a master key to reset the SIM card, being used only when it is blocked.

Likewise, your SIM card will be permanently blocked, if you enter your PUK code several times incorrectly, several times incorrectly.

How to recover Movilnet PUK Code: What is Movilnet

It is a Venezuelan company subsidiary of the company of CANTV landline, which is part of the public sector, constituted in the May 19, 1992, being one of the first companies to offer modern mobile services, for all users who are in the national territory.

Its connectivity today makes it a leader for its technology CDMA, as well as their networks GSM, UMTS / HSPA, covering its communication to more than 17 million users in the Venezuelan market.

Currently this company is one of the most used telephone companies for its different services such as: mobile telephony, fixed telephony, satellite television, wireless telecommunications.

What services does Movilnet offer

Depending on your needs, the Movilnet company offers its clients a wide variety of services, such as:

Mobile phone data plans:

  • Postpaid /: This option offers users to choose between plans of seconds, minutes or data plan, whose payment of services is made after their enjoyment, aimed at business clients and natural persons.
  • Prepaid: It is made up of prepaid packages, which includes calls and text messages, which must be paid before the enjoyment.

Roaming Plan: offers the opportunity to keep users in touch outside your country, thanks to the global or roaming service, which includes access to calls and text messages from abroad.

Neo Applications: offers users to purchase entertainment game downloads, which are charged with strong bolivares (national currency)

Internet service plan: is Movilnet’s public service, which offers its customers access to the internet search engine, from your mobile phone, to carry out download operations, such as: images, themes, among others.

Recharge and Payment Plans: offers wide alternatives to pre-charge and pay your consumption by telephone rent, such as:

  • Unica Movilnet recharge cards (offers plans with different amounts)
  • Refills in ZOOM stores,
  • Bank Terminals,
  • Movilnet commercial offices
  • Mobile wallet.

Mobile plan for companies: It includes special plans for companies and businesses to be connected at all times, through service plans aimed at both public entities and private companies.

Online invoice: It consists of an application available 24 hours a day, to easily access to carry out your operations, to consult and print your payment invoice Movilnet, Cantv.

Technical support: offers different means of customer service by: emergency service, balance inquiry and customer service. Also entering your web portal, you can enjoy guides, solutions and tips, for the proper use of your line.

How to retrieve Movilnet PUK Code: How to acquire a Movilnet line

If you are interested in acquiring your Movilnet telephone line, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Login to web portal for the location of your commercial offices
  • Go to any of the agencies and / or offices commercial that arrange the sale of Movilnet telephone lines.
  • Request your service agent the type of line (CDMA or GSM)
  • Record the requirements required for the purchase of your line such as: copy of laminated identity card or passport of the current holder.
  • The service agent will request your mobile device to assign the chip or Sim Card.
  • Must wait for data register for the issuance of the corresponding invoice.
  • Have your payment instruments like debit card or credit, for payment through the point of sale available.
  • Once the process is finished, the service agent will deliver your mobile equipment, with its respective Sim Card activated.

Once the aforementioned steps have been completed, you can now enter the electronic web portal, to carry out your consultation process in the operator’s line services.

You can also access the consultation by: data update, available balance, plans in seconds or minutes, billing, payment systems, among others.

How to retrieve Movilnet PUK Code: How to check and recharge my Movilnet balance

For Movilnet users it is important to be up to date with the information regarding the consumption of their balance and the expiration date of their plan, therefore, there are a series of alternatives for consulting their balance and mobile recharge such as:

Balance inquiry via Internet:

  • Access web portal
  • Choose option: “Mobile balance inquiry”
  • Pay in phone number
  • Wait for the screen to be displayed, where you can view all the data of your account and balance, megabytes, of your purchased line: prepaid or postpaid.

Likewise, through this tool you can carry out other transactions such as: recharge balance, invoice inquiries, loans and balance, among others.

Consultation of Prepaid Movilnet Line Balance:

  • Have your mobile device
  • Check the option: *5
  • Once you hear the tone, interrupt the call and you will immediately receive a reply by text message with your balance at the date.

Balance inquiry Movilnet Postpaid line:

  • Access from your cell phone to send a text message.
  • Proceed to send free text message to number 611 with the keyword: “balance”
  • Wait for a text message, where it will show all the details of your available balance on your Movilnet line.

If you require other necessary information, you can change your keyword to the following terms:

  • SERVICES: affiliate plans
  • TIME: consists of the availability of minutes or seconds.
  • BS: amount available, destined to additional calls to your free minutes or seconds.
  • POSTS: the one available in your text message.
  • DATA: KB / MB: available to browse

Movilnet credit recharge:

The Movilnet company offers several alternatives to recharge your Movilnet balance, according to the following:

  • Balance recharge with a single card: It consists of the purchase of a disposable plastic card, with a serial number, where you activate your balance by phone with only dial: * 21, following the instructions indicated by the system operator
  • Movilnet balance recharge online: it consists of entering the data of your unique card over the internet.

Currently, the Movilnet company has replaced its balance recharge system for access to the different internet platforms , offered by the most important banks in the country such as: Banco de Venezuela, Banesco, Banco Bicentenarios, among others.

To enter you only have to comply with the following steps:

  • Enter with your username and password to the internet platform of authorized banks to recharge.
  • Locate option: “payment service”
  • To select “telephonic recharge” followed by the operator Movilnet
  • Register the phone number to recharge
  • Finally enter your payment from your bank account balance.

You can also access from other charging points that are found throughout the country, such as:

  • Offices and business partners
  • Warehouse kiosks among others.

Benefits of being a Movilnet customer

Due to the great scope offered by the coverage of its network, the Movilnet company offers a series of benefits thanks to its alliance with the CANTV company.

  • Because it is a state-owned company, users receive a subsidy directly in the plans they contract for up to 50% less than the national market.
  • They offer alternatives in their plans and telephone services designed on the demand for fluent communication.
  • The best and most extensive signal within the entire national territory.

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