How to recover OPSU password

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When you are already a high school graduate and want to continue your studies at the university level, you must necessarily be enrolled in the OPSU. In order to be a participant in the career selection process at a university. But you forgot your password to enter the platform and now you wonder Do youHow to recover OPSU password?

Do not worry, below we will provide you with the information of How to recover OPSU password, so that you can carry out your procedure without inconvenience, and we will also give you other interesting information on this subject.

How to recover OPSU password

The OPSU system was specifically designed to successfully assist high school graduate students who wish to continue their studies by achieving a place in one of the country’s universities.

This program is made up of specialized people who evaluate each data provided, such as high averages in grades and the economic conditions of the applicant, to provide a lasting income to the entity that presents among its options.

Therefore it is very important to know How to recover OPSU password, and then we give you the steps to follow:

  • Enter the official page Web of the OPSU.
  • Click on the “Recover Password” option.
  • When the new section opens, you must provide the same email that you used when you originated the registration of your account and security code.
  • Then check within your email to see the user information and the method to change the password.

How to recover OPSU password, As you can see, it is a very simple process to apply from the comfort of your computer or cell phone.

What is the OPSU System

The system OPSU or also recognized as the National Income System (SNI), it is linked to the Planning Office, it is in charge of keeping the record of the personal data of each high school, place where they live, information about their socioeconomic level, the grades they obtained in each high school year and vocational level.

To find out about the vocational level of the student, the OPSU performs a series of evaluations which determine the condition of the student in acquired knowledge together with the aforementioned indices.

The registered information is evaluated by means of a statistical system, which gives the chance to participate in the development of the request for careers. With this registry it is possible to have a total of forty percent of the careers arranged in the public universities of Venezuelan territory.

What is the OPSU System for

The process of OPSU It serves to be part of the selection procedure for Bachelors through state universities. Therefore the importance of registering on time to be a participant.

As well as it serves to obtain the Participation certificate, since this is strictly necessary to be able to enter any university, be it public or private.

This process can be of great help for the Bachelor, since they can discover or also compare their qualities and study demands.

Therefore, as we have already detailed previously, the National Income System makes its vocational evaluations, where the applicant or Bachelor will participate in the suitable careers for him or else of his choice. With this methodology, the Bachelor can have professional assistance to make the decision of his career to study.

What is the OPSU Certificate

It is a document that serves as constancy, and validation of the grades you have achieved as a student from the first year to the fifth year of high school.

Thus, the certificate is an evidence that the Bachelor has been added in the process that the OPSU does, to have the vacant places and in this way he can get to study a university career, but it can also be used to register the registration process of any university, regardless of whether it is public or private.

It is estimated that in a month you can get the aforementioned OPSU certificate, since the University Sector Planning entity has to examine and compute the results of the tests of each of the High School graduates who have carried out this process.

When we talk about entering the notes in the system, it usually takes a few minutes, as well as the personal data must be provided in the official system of the Planning Office of the University Sector, this only takes between 15 to 20 minutes.

What does the OPSU Certificate contain

OPSU test certification contains: the average achieved by the Bachelor from the 1st year of high school to the 4th year of high school. It is important to indicate that when you have a higher average, the student has a greater chance of staying in the profession you want to study or in the university you want to enter.

This certificate contains the suitable careers or convenient to study, selected through vocational evaluation, organized from the highest percentage to the lowest percentage.

The OPSU estimates the Bachelor’s choices while it considers it essential to select a career make it of your own choosing. It should be borne in mind that the professions proposed by the University Planning Office are first in the certificate.

How to perform the OPSU process

So you can enroll in the OPSU process you must perform the following steps in their respective order:

  • Originate and supply an email address in the educational institution where you study, so that they can supply it to the OPSU and in this way the grades for each year can be indicated in the system.
  • Then you will receive an email where you will be informed of the access password to be able to enter the SNI (National Entry System).
  • Enter the OPSU official website and also provide the previously indicated email and the access password set by it.
  • You must provide the personal data of the Bachelor requested by the system.
  • Explain the reason for requesting registration in the OPSU process, which may well be: Acquiring the certificate or opting for a career.
  • If you are inclined to choose a career, then you will have to choose six majors and the universities where you want to study them. Do not forget, keep in mind the careers suggested by the vocation test issued by the OPSU.
  • You give them to save the data provided and what follows is to be pending on the OPSU page, for when they publish the respective results of the registration you made.

How long the certification takes

The time it may take for the issuance of the certification of the OPSU is approximately one month, since the Office of Planning of the University Campus must inspect each and every one of the qualifications in the evaluations of each and every one of the High School graduates and subjects who carried out this process.

The vocational test that the OPSU it can last an estimated thirty minutes, as they ask a variety of questions. In order to discover the knowledge and abilities of the High School graduates.

If we talk about the entry of the points to the system, it does not last more than 10 minutes. And supplying personal data to the official website of the University Planning Office can take around fifteen to twenty minutes. It is a very simple easy and practical process for any student.

It should then be expected that the OPSU carry out the pertinent study, and indicate the results of the recommendations of the careers to study and culminate by indicating which university you stayed at.

Benefits of participating in the OPSU process

Carrying out the OPSU process gives you various BenefitsWe will describe them below:

  • You get knowledge, highlights your choices and preferences. Since the OPSU gives you suggestions of the careers that you can study; According to your profile and also motivation, it is very helpful for high school graduates. Since they advise you of according to your choices from the evaluations made.
  • Study a university degree. The certificate is a mandatory requirement to study at any national university, regardless of whether it is public or private. In the same way, this gives you the opportunity to enter a public university without having to do any internal evaluation. Remember that to have a better chance of being able to enter a public university; it is essential to have a good grade point average between 1st and 4th year.

Does this process have any cost?

The process of the Office of Planning of the University Field and the National Admission System is totally free and destined for each and every one of the students of Fifth year of Baccalaureate and also graduates. Any citizen can carry out this process, it is only necessary to comply with the requirements and guide you through the steps described in the previous sections.

To conclude, the system OPSU It offers you to have a relationship and the possibility of choosing the profession that motivates you the most and, in addition to this, it gives you a vocational evaluation, in which case you still do not know which one to choose from among so many university alternatives, or if none has your attention so you can realize your capabilities.

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