How to recover Provinet password

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For users it is important to know How to recover Provinet password to be able to carry out your banking operations smoothly, in accordance with the points that we will indicate below.

This institution, like another major bank in the country, offers a reliable and complete digital banking system, along with products and services in the financial sector, which we will show below.

How to recover Provinet password

The loss and / or forgetfulness password is still a headache for users, since it makes it impossible for them to enter the Provinet application to carry out password operations. fund inquiries, requirements, contractions, among others.

The system Provinet banking offers the steps for your key recoveries, according to:

  • Have mobile and electronic devices, such as: PC, Tablet, Android
  • Login to web portal
  • Locate at the top of the screen the option: “Provinet people”
  • Register details of your identification number, then dial: “Next”
  • Locate section: “I forgot my password”
  • Enter your Digital password received via SMS and / or email
  • Wait for the screen display with the data required to enter and confirm the new special password. (must contain 8 alphanumeric characters)
  • Create the new Provinet access key and then dial: “continue”

How to recover Provinet key: What is Provinet

It’s a Service on line bank, which facilitates users access to their financial products by simply downloading the Provinet application, in their electronics devices.

This digital application allows users to carry out their operations easily and safely, through internet banking. You should only have your electronic accessories such as: mobile phone, tablet, pc, among others.

The tools available in Provinet allow its affiliates to carry out interbank operations such as: Transfers, payment of services, credit cards, telephone recharges, management of operations keys.

Users affiliated with the provinet system can count on the main services such as:

  • Provinet Online Bank
  • Mobile
  • Persons
  • Companies
  • Provinet Key

How to recover Provinet key: What is the Provincial Bank

Is a financial organization , whose main headquarters are in the city of Caracas, directed by the group Spanish BBVA. Likewise, in accordance with the SUDEBAN, corresponds to be the third largest bank in the country, together with the Banco de Venezuela, Banesco and Banco Mercantil.

The history of BBVA Provincial Bank dates back as a private banking entity from year 1953, in order to provide financial services to the Venezuelan country with the aim of helping in the economic growth of the nation.

Its focus over the years has remained in achieving the position as an agile, modern, efficient, and safe institution, making it different from its competition, in order to offer a better future.

Her presence places her in more than 32 countries more than 50 million customers and 110,000 employees, leading continents such as: Spain, Portugal, México, Latin America, it also maintains operations in the United States, Turkey, China, United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium, France, among others.

How to recover Provinet key: What services does Banco Provincial offer?

It is important for members to know the variety of services offered by Banco Provincial, they only have to access the application PROVINET, from your electronic and mobile equipment and enter to request the following services:

  • Access to the payment of the cancellation of your public services: CANTV and Corpoelec.
  • Cancellation of your mobile phone service, affiliated with the Provincial Banking system.
  • Access to the web portal, to consult your account statement of your operations with credit cards, bank account, payments, among others.
  • Customer service and bank user, in any of its agencies available in the national territory, in order to expedite any requirement or claims.
  • Access to the application for Loans of Goods and services, Instant payroll credit.
  • Financing request to acquire working capital for the start of commercial, manufacturing or service activities (Microcredits)
  • Provision of the online service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Installation, sale, and technical support of selling points, for the management of paid operations in your business.
  • Access to credit benefits: Mortgages, Banking
  • It offers its services at 315 branches, with a network of 1,060 ATMs.

Requirements to open an account at Banco Provincial

To start your account registration process before the Provincial Bank , you must consign a series of precautions, such as:

  • Provide in Original and Copy of the Identity card. (Current), must be presented on a sheet with a 120% enlargement
  • Tax information document (RIF) (Valid)
  • Copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company(Legal person)
  • Last Income Tax Declaration Form (ISLR) (Legal person) or, if applicable, the balance sheet of the last closing of the financial year of the company
  • Prepare two (2) proof of personal references, commercial or bank, in case of having both they can present both-
  • Have proof of payment of public services, in the name of the applicant, in case of not have of said document, you can submit Resident card.
  • According to your economic activity, you must submit Proof of Work or Certification of Income.
  • You must draw up a Evidence of sworn statement, where it states the justification of income.


How to open an account at Banco Provincial

In accordance with the requirement of the users, the Provincial Bank offers the opening of its savings account and checking account, they are defined as follows:

Current account: It is an unpaid account system, whose contracting is carried out initially through the web portal, where you can make your direct debit of payments, services and credit and debit cards.

Savings account: corresponds to an account designed to offer interest on the member’s available balance, paid at the end of each month.

To open the account of your choice, you must comply with the following:

Request to open a checking account:

  • Enter the web portal for initial opening checking account.
  • Locate option: “current account”
  • Mark: “Request your account with us”
  • Complete the form with data registration: personal, home address, work.
  • Wait for a message to your email by data confirmation.
  • Once the process is completed, proceed with the download in the payroll to open a checking account.

Savings Account Application:

This type of account can be requested in two ways:

  • Directing to any of the available offices of the Provincial Bank. (BBVA)
  • Entering the web portal, requesting an appointment to attend the entity the type of account you want.

Types of accounts offered by the Provincial Bank

The provincial bank offers its members the following types of accounts:

  • Unpaid checking account
  • VIP paid stream
  • Saving
  • VIP savings
  • Premium account
  • Foreign currency

Benefits of having an account at Banco Provincial

Banco Provincial offers a series of benefits in order to satisfy the demands of both natural and legal persons who wish to open a bank account with the institution.

Next, we indicate the benefits obtained, when you become a customer of the banking institution:

  • Access to the different applications of the digital banking Provinet, to carry out operations such as: transfers, payments for basic services, credit cards, consultation and balance movements, among others.
  • Opening of savings and checking accounts: By only presenting the required collections, you can acquire your account with a minimum amount, which will allow you to view the balance and movement of your operations.
  • Credit card application: It corresponds to the assignment of a card with a minimum amount established, to make your payments in shops and / or establishments of your choice.

Provincial Fast Money Advance (Mobile Payment):

This service offers immediately, the process of payments to provincial third parties and / or other national banks.

  • Make the payment of Basic Services: Just by entering the contract number for your service, you can make your online payment for your affiliated public services.
  • Payroll service plans for businesses: offers payment instruments for your company’s payroll service, in order to facilitate the mobilization of your accounts (debit card and contracts).
  • Access to credit plans: According to your ability to pay, you can obtain your bank credit for the purchase of goods and services, as well as instant free destination credit.
  • Credit application for Mortgage loans: fulfilling a series of precautions you can request your credit for the purchase of your home.
  • Loans in National or Foreign currency: Aimed at both natural and legal persons who require financing in foreign currency, by means of a letter of credit (STAN BY) or (PAGARE) in order to expand its resources outside the country.

Likewise, the bank offers its clients the advice and attention through its national landline at (0500) 508.74.32, and international line to + 58-212-503-91-11.

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