How to recover SAIME user

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Most of many Venezuelans must go through this system that are important in our life in the country, that is why we explain How to recover SAIME user for the ease of many users who need it.

In the following article, you will be able to know some details that are impossible to realize and that we have mentioned here.

How to recover SAIME user

It is important to keep your registration data to access any online procedure on the SAIME page, where the infrequent use of these services causes users to forget their username and password.

Carrying out this process is easy and simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Login to web portal.
  • Locate in section “Recover User” and proceed to mark.
  • Wait on the screen display for the tab password or user recovery.
  • Register identification data or recovery method by means of email, code sent by SMS or security questions, check button “Send”
  • Wait for text message or email from system generated code.
  • Confirm new password, check button: “To accept”
  • Proceed to enter the system security code

What is SAIME

It is a public body, whose acronyms are defined as: Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration, whose function is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace.

The SAIME, is the entity responsible and in charge of the identification and registration of the people native to or naturalized in Venezuela. Likewise, such as the processing of passports and the requirements of foreign citizens.

Citizens who need to register for the first time on the SAIME web portal page must comply with the following points:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Own identity card
  • Have a registered account of email Gmail or Yahoo!
  • Dispose of phone number allowed in Venezuela (can register phone number of close family member)

How to retrieve SAIME user: What services does SAIME offer

As a public institution, the SAIME, makes the service of requesting identification procedures available to Venezuelans and naturalized foreigners, where users can manage the issuance of certificates of Venezuelan identity and passport, as well as the management of the border card.

Likewise, the SAIME establish your customers other services, available on their official website, such as:

  • The request of the appointment for diligence.
  • The culmination of identification procedures.
  • Attend to users in the application for the issuance and renewal of the Identity Card.
  • Manage the payments necessary for the execution of the procedures
  • Manage procedures for resignation or recovery of Venezuelan nationality.
  • Migratory traffic controls for Venezuelan and foreign citizens.
  • Respond to requests for measures to prohibit leaving the country required by a court.
  • Immigration services: application for visas and authorizations, obtaining Venezuelan nationality
  • Control and operations of registration of foreigners.

What procedures should I carry out at SAIME?

The SAIME is in charge of identification and registration of citizens who are in Venezuela, the issuance of the Venezuelan passport, the requests made by foreign citizens and other important documents, such as:


The services offered when carrying out this type of procedure are the following:

  • Delivery and renewal of the identity card.
  • The delivery and renewal biometric passport.
  • Request for the recovery of the Venezuelan nationality.


For migration services, there are the following aspects:

  • Control of migratory movements for citizens Venezuelans and foreigners.
  • Suspension of measures to leave the country imposed by the court.


The immigration services that must be carried out in the institution, the following stand out:

  • Visas and authorizations
  • Applications to acquire Venezuelan nationality
  • Registration of foreigners.

Another procedure that can be obtained by this means is: The border mobility card.

How to know if I am registered in SAIME

Often, there may be on the part of the users, the questions if we are really registered in the system SAIMEFor this reason, it is important to verify your data in the system, correctly according to the following steps:

  • Enter the website of the SAIME
  • Check box “Services” for more information
  • Locate and mark “User register”
  • Record data of: Identity card and email address, telephone number already registered.
  • In case of selecting the option “send code” you must wait for the system process in the sending confirmation code.

In conclusion, if you have successfully registered on the page of the SAIME, you will get a pop-up message pointing out that the user is already registered. If not, the device will will automatically join if you are not registered.

Likewise, if there is a registration error on the page or on the website, you can personally go to the headquarters of the SAIME, available in your locality, to advise you on the correct registration of data.

How to recover SAIME user: How to register in SAIME

To enjoy the services that SAIME offers on its web portal, prior registration is necessary. It is important to enter the data requested to check the validity of the information, then the access code will be sent to you.

When the validity of all the information is verified, the access code to the site will be sent to be able to use the entire service.

The most important thing for registration is that the person must be a certified citizen and have an email address. If the person does not have the email address, they can access the email service they like the most and create one.

Also, you will be asked for a phone number so that you can verify your identification and be in constant communication about any difficulties.

For minors under 18 years of age, registration is not necessary, the application must be made by the father, mother or a legal representative who can carry out the passport.

The steps that must be fulfilled are the following:

  • Enter the web portal: New Users Registration
  • Fill in the Registration Form with the data
  • It is important to record the security questions and keep them in a place where we will remember them, as they will be needed later.
  • The system will immediately verify the email or cell phone sending a code to continue with the registration.
  • At the end, click on “to register

How to recover SAIME user: Video

SAIME always looks for the way to provide the best service to users, thanks to the Administrative Service for identification, Migration and Immigration, carried out according to the citizens.

The web portal can be accessed in a simple and practical way when it comes to use the services offered by SAIME. It is important to mention that all the procedures to be carried out are of a personal nature, it is not shared or sold.

The SAIME over time has passed by the faith of users and working in strict compliance with the law. The terms and Conditions in order to enjoy this service.

We know that it can be a bit complicated to understand this type of platform, but it is necessary to be able to understand it, here we share some of the videos that can be of great help.

If you want to know How to apply for the Venezuelan passport in its renovation and new aspect, you can visualize it through this link. This type of platform is usually very complicated, due to the amount of demand that can be made to carry out a procedure of this type. Therefore, the invitation is to read a lot about the innovations that this platform brings.

We share you in this link a video that can help you know the platform thoroughly and avoid carry out a procedure that you do not want to do.

There are also tricks, different experiences and even ways of being able to carry out the simplest procedure depending on the user’s preference, it can be done in effectively and without any problem.

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