How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card

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How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card? This card is really important as soon as you need it to be able to make the transactions you want. There are 81 codes to use and after having used them all you will have to issue a new one. In this sense, you should know the alternatives you have to get your card back.

We will tell you how you can do this. We will tell you how to recover your card, what this tool is and what it is for. Likewise, we will tell you about Banco Sofitasa, what services it offers, what are the requirements to open an account, how you can do it and many other things that will surely be of interest to you. Keep reading!

How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card

Let’s start by answering the main question of this article: How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card? We will tell you how you can reestablish your coordinate card if you lose it, since that is what you can do to solve this case and redo the transactions you want. Let’s see the steps you must follow for this:

  • First, you must go to the web portal of the Sofitasa bench.
  • There you must enter SofiNet Personas. You can enter your account with your username and ID number, and of course with the password.
  • In the Edit Settings section, you will have to click on Reset Coordinate Card.
  • When you are on the next page that will appear, enter the code of your Sofimatic debit card and then proceed to answer the security questions correctly.
  • Correctly answer the Positive Validation and click OK.
  • Generate your Coordinate card. You can download or print it. You can mail it to yourself to find it there if you ever need it.

If you cannot restore your card, you have to call 0500 7634835, option 4 to contact the Assistance Service and then option 1 if you are a natural person. Especially if it is found blocked up. They work 24 hours. If they do not answer you, you will have to write to a Sofitasa account, such as Twitter.

Lastly, you can try calling + 58-276-3422187 or 0276-3421622 for instructions. This is how we finish answering your question about How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card.

What is the Coordinate Card

The Coordinate card It is a card or kind of bingo that Banco Sofitasa issues so that users can carry out various procedures on SofiNet, such as transfers, affiliation to services, among other things.

It consists of 81 codes. Every time you use a code, it is immediately deprecated. When you run out of 81 codes, then you will have to generate a new one as the card will somehow expire. You do this from the Edit settings menu, as we told you before.

In this sense, the platform will ask you for a code (coordinate D-8), for example, and there you must enter the corresponding one. Is that how it works. If you generate a new card, either because you lost the other one or because you blocked it, then the old one will immediately become invalid.

What is the Coordinate Card for?

As to What is the Coordinate Card for, this is used to confirm that the account holder wishes to carry out a certain action. It is a kind of validation tool and the reality is that it is used by several banks, not just Sofitasa.

For example, another that makes use of this is the National Credit Bank (BNC), although it recently established a pattern instead of the so-called BINGO. The important thing is that it serves to validate a movement within Online Banking, in the case of Sofinet.

What is Banco Sofitasa

The Sofitasa bench is a small bank of Venezuelan origin, member of the Banking Association of Venezuela. Its main headquarters are located in San Cristóbal and it has more than 100 branches in almost the entire national territory. Exactly, in 18 states. Being a bank, it operates in the financial sector, having products of this same type on the market.

This bank was founded in 1990, precisely in San Cristóbal. It was founded by Dr. Juan Galeazzi with the support of a number of entrepreneurs. This was created as a kind of substitute for the limited company of the same name, created by this same doctor.

Shortly after its foundation it became a solid bank in Táchira, Barinas and Mérida. For the year 2000-2001, it managed to expand its services by uniting all its divisions. This is how the bank does commercial banking, offering leasing, investment, and real estate services, among others. This is how it stopped moving in the area of ​​commercial banking to be in investment banking, for example.

What services does Banco Sofitasa offer?

Regarding the Services offered by Banco Sofitasa, We already indicated that it offers financial products and services. However, this is not specific at all, so we will proceed to tell you what you have at your disposal when it comes to this bank. Next, we will talk about both the services and the products of this company.

  • Products: you have the most usual for a bench. We are talking about accounts (savings and checking), credits (personal, mortgage, loans), programs (corporate solutions and business program), investments, credit cards and purchase fees (purchase of additional credit line).
  • As for the SservicesYou will find those of mobile banking, mobile payment, the Customer Ombudsman service, the specialized Customer Service and of course electronic banking.

These are the ones offered by common banking and that you will find in this bank. You can enter the bank’s web portal and see everything it has to offer you in terms of products. These are intended for the natural person, but the legal person also has access to similar products and services.

Requirements to open an account at Banco Sofitasa

The Requirements to Open an Account They are the first thing you should take into account when it comes to doing this procedure, not only at Banco Sofitasa but at any other bank. In this sense, you have several accounts at your disposal: classic account, progressive account, virtual account, account in foreign currency (dollars or euros) or a savings account.

Next, we will tell you the general requirements to open your account. However, these can change depending on the applicant and the account, so keep that in mind. We will also give you all the tools so that you can open your account correctly.

  • Identity document (identity card or passport if you are a foreigner). The original and two copies are requested. At the same time, if you are married, the original and a copy of the spouse’s identity document and the marriage certificate are required.
  • RIF (02 copies).
  • Receipt of any service, lease or proof of residence. All must contain the name of the owner.
  • Proof of work or income certificate.
  • Two (02) personal references. These must be issued within 30 days prior to opening the account and contain full names and surnames, identification number, full address, profession or occupation, telephone number (landline and cell phone). Also, you will have to include a photocopy of the identity card.
  • Commercial or bank reference. If this is the first time you open an account: Affidavit, format OYM 310-232 (02-2020) V-00.
  • Finally, ten white letter-size sheets.

You can view the Guide to Assembling the Folder that you must present when opening your account. You will find absolutely all the documents that you have to present and the way in which you should present it.

How to open an account at Banco Sofitasa

Now we will tell you the Steps to Follow to Open an Account in Sofitasa. The truth is that the process is very simple and we will tell you below. Do not go beyond the instructions, but you must follow these instructions to the letter:

  • First, you must assemble your folder with all the pertinent precautions. This must be presented as is and as indicated in the guide that we provide you in the previous section.
  • With all this, you will have to approach a branch of the Sofitasa bench.
  • There, indicate that you want to open an account and deliver the corresponding folder.
  • Then you will have to fill out a form and sign the corresponding contract, in addition to giving your fingerprints.
  • They will give you your identity card, your checkbook and your notebook when they are ready.
  • That is all! You will now have access to your account.

Then you can proceed to register in Sofinet to carry out all the transactions you want, online. You simply have to click on Sofinet> People and there select Enter in the New User box. Follow the instructions and sign up. You will have to create a coordinate card for the first time.

Benefits of being a client of Banco Sofitasa

Between the Benefits of being a customer there is the fact that you can open your account in the easiest way and access credits. You can also invest your money and see how returns are generated on it. There is also the fact that you can make electronic transactions and consult your doubts in multiple ways.

This is how we finish answering your question How to recover Sofitasa Coordinate Card.

Until next time!

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