How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code

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In this article on How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code, you will get all the accurate information you were looking for. Here you can read about Mobile Payment, how it works, learn about this Banco Bicentenario financial institution and much more.

How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code?

To recover the Bicentennial mobile payment code, it is necessary to follow the steps and unlock the bicentennial mobile payment without the debit card:

  • You must enter Bicentennial online with the username and password.
  • Then you can select other operations from the drop-down menu.
  • Then select “Your mobile payment”.
  • And finally, you must click on the option “To unlock”.
  • Then press “I agree” and “Continue”.

The mobile payment service allows immediate money transfers from one customer to another, regardless of the bank of origin of the funds and the bank of destination of the funds. All this without using a debit card, regardless of whether it is holidays or weekends.

This system is very useful to any client or user of Banco Bicentenario, especially it is really useful for those who do business and do not have access to a point of sale, therefore customers can pay for their products and merchandise in full. ease and safety.

Likewise, it happens in doctor’s offices, gyms, taxis, they can even receive their payments in a simple, practical, comfortable and safe way.

The operation can be carried out as follows:

  • Enter the official portal of Bicentennial.
  • You must select “Other Operations”.
  • Then, click on mobile payment, where there is the option to make the affiliation in cases of being the first time and modification or unlocking in case of problems with the user.

How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code ?: What is mobile payment?

Mobile Payment is the application available from the web and from any mobile device to carry out banking transactions from Banco Bicentenario to any user and any bank.

It can be for the payment of certain products and services or money transfers between people.

The characteristics and advantages will vary depending on the company that provides the service, whether it is a banking entity, or any other. All payments are made through a mobile device, it is a very practical and safe way to carry out transactions.

At least three different types of operations can be carried out, among which are:

  • Money transfer between people.
  • Acquisition of products and services in shops (electronic commerce).
  • Likewise, mobile payment at the point of sale (using the mobile device and taking it to a specific reader with NFC technology).

How does the Banco Bicentenario mobile payment work?

This innovative form of payment allows you to make transfers using a mobile device and make payments and / or transfers to another natural or legal person. The characteristics of this service are the following:

  • Operations can be done easily.
  • It allows you to stop using cash when making payments and transfers.
  • It is a secure system, the information is saved.
  • It is not required to have the cash, funds are available immediately.
  • Transactions are made through this online system in real time, regardless of the destination bank of the operation.
  • Offers speed to do any operation.
  • There is availability of funds 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as long as the client has a positive balance.
  • You can make payments and transfers to third parties only with the phone number and identification.

The operations that are made through mobile payment are in real time, this allows immediate liquidity. Of course, to enjoy this service, both the sender and receiver must be affiliated with the service.

Benefits of having mobile payment

  • It has an immediate availability of the funds you have in the accounts.
  • Also, interbank transfers instantly.
  • You can receive and make payments without internet service only by text message.
  • Allows the least use of cash

Requirements to use the Bicentennial Mobile Payment

  • Must be affiliated with Banco Bicentenario line.
  • The cell phone that has the capacity to send text messages.
  • Own a Smartphone version 4.2 or higher.

Also, have an internet connection when using the App.

What are the limits for mobile payment transfers?

To provide greater facilities to customers and attending to facilities for the use of Digital Banking, this financial entity makes available to the public new limits to make payments through transfers to other banks, either for individuals or legal entities.

The increase in the amounts allows transactions of a maximum of Bs. 700,000,000.00 for natural persons and up to a maximum of Bs. 3,000,000,000.00 for legal entities.

This is a way to promote the use of digital banking through all products and services, facilitating the way customers access their resources and operations.

What is Banco Bicentenario?

The Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo is a Venezuelan public banking entity, was created between the merger between the Los Andes Regional Development Bank and the nationalized banks Bolívar Banco, Central Banco Universal, Banco Confederado and BaNorte.

It began operations in December 2009, under the name of Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo de la trabajo class, mujer y comunas, Banco Universal CA

It began with 387 agencies, 132 external ticket offices and a network of ATMs that are distributed throughout the Venezuelan geography.

In the process of technological consolidation, Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo has a new domain for your website and will allow to provide a safer and more reliable service. To visit it go to this link.

What other services does Banco Bicentenario offer?

Services provided by Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo are the following:

  • Social financing, such as for transporters, taxi drivers, fishermen, women, among others
  • Likewise, individual and individual credits per client
  • Unique tasks of organizations unusual activities
  • Also, the so-called miniature credits
  • Likewise, the transport and cargo credit
  • Credits for home loans
  • The CrediYa Comercio
  • Likewise, credits to the tourism sector
  • Also, the Vehicle Credit
  • Manufacturer Credits
  • Likewise, the FAOV Mortgage Loan Advances
  • Credits to the manufacturing sector and
  • Rural credit.

How to recover the Bicentenario mobile payment code ?: Benefits of being clients of Banco Bicentenario

Being a client of Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo allows you to enjoy certain benefits such as:

  • Rotating credit of 60 months.
  • It is accepted worldwide.
  • Chip technology, with the highest technology of transactional security.
  • Fast payments and transactions.
  • Fraud and cloning protectionIn addition, all the information stored on the magnetic stripe is protected.
  • You can request a security pin or a key by contacting 0501-99-99-999 and you can have cash through the ATM network of Banco Bicentenario del Pueblo and affiliated with the Suiche 7B, Conexus and Cirrus networks .
  • Lets do the consultation of balances, payments, movements through online banking available 24 hours.
  • You can communicate with the Call Center 0-800-Banca-00 (0-800-22622-00) at any time and day of the year.
  • You can make direct debit of payments for public services and private (electricity, telephone, cell phone, cable TV, internet services and more).
  • In situations of loss or theft can do the unlocking immediately the card, only by contacting the call center 0501-99-99-999 and from abroad you can contact (+58) (212) 995-44-11.

Then, having finished reading How to recover the Bicentennial mobile payment password, we hope that the information has been of great use to you and we invite you to share the information.

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