How to recover the Border Card

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These types of documents are very important when it comes to facilitating the transit of citizens and they should ask themselves How to recover the Border Card.

In the following text, you will be able to know some alternatives if it has been lost, canceled or expired, it must be read carefully so as not to forget any step.

How to recover the Border Card

It is important to know the steps for the recovery of your border card since without it you are not authorized to free transit through the areas that are Colombian-Venezuelan borders, therefore, you must know the following aspects:

  • Access the website
  • Choose the type of consultation, border mobility card
  • The system will request the TMF number, there he writes the “number 0 “
  • Pay in “ID number”, In the identity document box, mark: “continue”
  • Wait for the spreadsheet to be displayed, to verify the data recorded at the beginning of the application process. In this step, it is time to modify any data.
  • The validity time of the card already no understand the time of 6 months otherwise 2 years
  • Once the modification has been made, you must mark: “to accept”
  • Wait shows on message screen: “Successfully completed the Pre-Registration with a code”
  • Wait for the confirmation email from the Pre-registration successfully.
  • Verify in mail received the annex of the card by which you must print, thus ending your process recovery.
  • Once the process is finished, you proceed to download the card reflected on the screen.

What is the Border Card

It is a card or card for personal use known as a credential Border Mobility (TMF), or border card, whose function is to allow the free movement of people located between the Colombian-Venezuelan borders.

The request for this card or identity card It is highly demanded by citizens who frequently cross the Colombian-Venezuelan border, for reasons economic, family or commercial.

The border card or mobility card only applies to people whose stay in that country is for short periods of time. time (maximum 8 days), for this reason it is of character temporary, non-transferable and personal.

Its primary objective is to offer citizens the free transit and mobility borderline, in addition to keeping the control and the laws that exist on the border.

Citizens can travel between Colombia and Venezuela, in order to solve their economic problems such as: acquisition of medicines, basic necessities, medical attention, surgical treatments, as well as education for children and adolescents.

Likewise, once you obtain it, it is not necessary to present your passport, as long as the authorized limits are respected.

Its validity takes effect for transit through the Simon Bolivar Bridge in San Antonio de Táchira. It can also be presented in sectors from Ureña and some checkpoints like Peracal Trailer.

From the suspension of diplomatic relations between the two countries that began in 2017, the closure of the border came into force, from there the presentation of the border card is maintained.

The Colombian authorities initiated this regulation to control the transit of Venezuelans to their country.

Likewise, the Venezuelan government begins with the application of the same measure towards Colombians, who pass through the border municipalities of the state of Táchira.

How to recover the Border Card: For what is the Border Card

For citizens it is Mandatory character the use of the border mobility card or border card, to be able to move with mobility through the passage established between Colombia and Venezuela.

Its use, like neighboring countries, allows to facilitate the transit of its citizens, in an orderly manner. Likewise, this mechanism is used by Migration from Venezuela and Colombia, to establish a record of the passage of its citizens between both countries.

East document or card can occur at all borders that are found between the two countries, for this reason we indicate the established sites to present your card:

  • Táchira State: Ureña and San Antonio del Táchira, Norte de Santander, San Cayetano, Puerto Santander and Los Patios.
  • Zulia: through the borders of La Guajira, near Maicao, Uribia, Manaure, Riohacha and Albania.
  • Hurry: by the border of Arauca, Arauquita and Puerto Contreras.

Requirements to process the Border Card

These steps to process the Border Mobility Card We recommend having the following documents scanned at hand:

  • A copy of your identity card is needed, in the case of minors, the birth certificate must be presented.
  • The Electoral register It can be obtained from the CNE website.

Beyond that, you must present some support, with a validity of no more than two months, that is shown to live in the border area, among those documents you can present:

  • Proof of border residence approved by the authority or legal entity.
  • The receipt of the public service as: light, water, electricity, television or mobile telephony, or a rental agreement.
  • The proof of the work certificate in Colombia, identifying the location data and the company name.
  • If you are a student, you must present the certificate of study in Colombia, indicating the location and the name of the institution.

How to get the Border Card

By the time of acquire the border card, the Venezuelan citizen could access to register in the web portal of Colombian Migration, by which does not generate any cost, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Register all the data that they request, while you complete the registration process.
  • Place the identity card number
  • Enter first and last names, place and date of birth
  • Locate option: “Document expiration date”, this corresponds to the application date of the border mobility card, from there it is taken as reference and counts the set time.
  • Record data from home address In Venezuela.
  • Place data that confirm the reason of your stay in Colombia, if it is from vacation marketing among others.
  • Register email address, through which they will send you the information about the application.

How to recover the Border Card: Border Card Restrictions

This identification is known as a Border Mobility Card, it is personal and non-transferable, it must be presented at the immigration control posts between Venezuela and Colombia.

The limitations of this type of card are the following points to mention:

  • It is not equivalent to a business, temporary or residency visa permanent in the Colombian territory.
  • The replacement of the National identity document, does not exist.
  • It does not have a faculty or constitutes a work permit for users.
  • Depending on the ministry, the support can be used to enter the education system in the territory.
  • The card is not an authorization for the user and temporary transit in the border area.
  • Some type of alteration or information contained in the document causes its invalidity.
  • Inappropriate use of this card may cause the cancellation of the border transit authorization and the retention of the physical document.
  • The income for the Colombian territory is limitedYou can only enter certain provinces authorized by the Colombian government.

What is the cost of the Border Card

This border crossing control document, implemented by the authorities of Colombia and Venezuela, it has no cost.

Validity of the Border Card

By the time they request it, this border card must be shown by citizens before the authorities in charge of Colombian and Venezuelan Migration. Likewise, you must present the identity card, in order to confirm the data of both documents.

Knowing the established validity of the border Canet is of utmost importance since it allows you to be up to date with border mobility, allowing you to have free transit and additionally comply with the ordinance and border control.

The validity of the border card is established for both Venezuelans and Colombians who cross the border, below, we indicate the established deadlines:

If you are Venezuelan: The validity of the Colombia border card is 6 months, from the date of application, once the term is over, you can request its renewal, just by entering the Migración Colombia web portal.

It is important to highlight that today, the system generates the document with an issue date of (2 years, from the moment of the application date.

If you are Colombian: Its validity is one year (12 months), once expired you can request it again for a validity equal to or greater than 12 months, its validity begins from the date of request.

How to recover the Border Card: Border Card Benefits

The statements by the Director General of Migration of the Republic of Colombia, has been expressed in this way: “this Pre-Registration is an instrument that will facilitate entry, mobility and above all, it allows to continue with the work of building a orderly, controlled and safe migration is the most 2 thousand 200 kilometers of border that separates several countries ”.

Many people choose to move elsewhere thanks to this card, be it to visit a relative, conduct business or simply move from one country to another.

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