How to recover the IVSS password

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Many of the Venezuelan citizens must be registered on this platform, therefore, we will explain How to recover the IVSS password in order for many users to understand if you are going through this case.

Social security it is important for the well-being of the Venezuelan population. The institute of social insurance (IVSS), was created thinking about the protection of its citizens affiliated to the system, in order to cover the protection in case of contingency due to aspects such as: maternity, old age, survival, death, retirement, among others.

How to recover the IVSS password

For the employers and employers of the country, it is important to keep your access codes up to date, to carry out your management and consultation operations to the system of IVSS quickly and easily.

For this reason, it is important to know the following steps to recover your access code.

  • Have equipment electronic, mobile, PC, Tablet
  • Login to web portal.
  • Locate section of “Management System and Self-assessment of companies”
  • Enter data from username and password.
  • In case of forgotten password, you must locate link: “Forgot your password”
  • Wait for screen display with Verification code in a picture, complete data In the data box, in case the data does not match, you must locate a button to refresh data.
  • Finally we complete data in the user field, where it is no longer necessary to mark the button: “Recover password”
  • Wait for message on your email registered, with the new one password access to IVSS company management and self-assessment system

How to recover the IVSS password: What is the Venezuelan Social Security Institute or IVSS

Social Security, according to its acronym reads as: the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security: It is a ministerial entity committed to protecting the social security of all Venezuelan workers.

Its system is created in order to offer care services in the aspects of: maternity, old age, survival, illness, accidents, disability, death, retirement and unemployment or forced unemployment.

This body is part of the policies state ministerial Venezuelan, which is responsible for covering the demands for basic needs of the low-income population, as well as providing timely security to each member of its associates.

Its job is to provide an efficient and fast service to workers who work in entities public and private. As well as assisting people who are in low economic conditions, such as: extreme poverty, disabled, elderly, among others.

It is also necessary to mention that the work carried out on IVSS, has undergone a change in its functions. Currently there are benefits that are no longer granted such as: medical care, the delivery of high cost drug, for patients with chronic diseases.

However, they have been created high-cost drug pharmacies, In order to attend to these cases, the pensions of old age, with remuneration, including a considerable number of inhabitants of the Venezuelan population.

How to retrieve the IVSS password: What services does the IVSS offer

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS), deals with social security, all registered taxpayers, which have the task of applying the Social Security policy throughout the national state, offering the following benefits:

  • Assistance in contingency cases: Maternity, old age, survival, illness, accident, disability, death, retirement, unemployment (according to the emergency, the insured and their qualified family members are covered)
  • Medical assistance: free comprehensive medicine that includes care in: hospitalization, delivery of medicines, dentistry, rehabilitation and special services, prenatal care, obstetric and postnatal care, pediatrics and others.

Cash benefit assistance:

  • Elderly retirement
  • Disability
  • Partial disability
  • Survivors
  • Daily allowances (rest)
  • Compensation for loss of employment
  • Socioeconomic Benefits: supply and delivery of prostheses, wheelchairs, surgical medical supplies, etc.

How to retrieve the IVSS password: How to enroll in the IVSS

In order to contribute to the well-being of the country’s workers, a series of steps are established to facilitate the registration of the employers, employers, workers and dependent workers and not dependent, in order to guarantee the right to Social Security.

To start the registration process you must consider the following steps:

  • Enter the web portal.
  • Locate at the top of the screen the option: “How to register your company”
  • Continue with the process requested by the system.

For register your company Before the IVSS, you must be up to date with your legal documents to register your company with the IVSS, you only have to gather the following precautions:

  • Present identity card of the legal representative of the company
  • Consign the Rif (Tax Information Registry)
  • Submit a document from the Mercantile Registry
  • Copy of the commercial register
  • Present a receipt for public service, stating the business address of the company.

Likewise, the IVSS Institute of social insurance maintains today, a system automated which is known as: Tiuna system.

Through this system whose access is used when entering the website, to carry out operations of: consultations, withdrawals, among other aspects that benefit company workers.

This system contributes to management process carried out by the workers of the IVSS, just by complying with the following steps:

  • Access the website Web page.
  • Locate option: “Application for Registration to the Self-Assessment System”
  • Wait for screen display, where you should place the option at the bottom of the page: “Create registration request”
  • Once the data requested by the system has been completed, the option must be located: “To accept”.
  • Wait for message from email with registration confirmation
  • Wait for screen display to update information.
  • Once the update process is finished, proceed to print spreadsheet whose name is indicated: “Proof of application for registration “

How to recover the IVSS password: What is the IVSS Registration Form

It is a document that is given to the employee public or private for access to the services offered by the institution, this in order to benefit its members in the security system within the economic and social structure of the country.

This form is described as a registration form that is known by the code number 02-14

We also indicate you according to the needs that are required with the IVSS, there are other forms such as:

  • Proof of Payment (Form 14-23)
  • Application for Optional and Non-dependent Continuation Enrollment (Form 14-196)
  • Money loan application (form 14-08)
  • Employer registration of the insured (form 13-12)
  • Constance of I work for the IVSS (form 14-100)
  • Payment agreement request (form 14-134

How to get it

Both public and private individuals affiliated with the IVSS, have the facility automatically without cost, access via internet to manage any document, or the affiliation of a personal account, according to the following steps:

  • You must go to any of the offices available at your home, to make your request for “IVSS registration form”
  • Have a photocopy of the national identity card (2 copies)
  • Request at the office that goes to manage your documents the registration form 14-196
  • Submit two copies of the Tax information record (RIF) or card
  • In case of reaching the number of quotes, you must present two copies of the individual account (print on website)
  • Once your collection is completed you must go to the office of your choice.
  • You must submit collections in 2 folders yellow, legal size, from the first day of any month of the year.

How payments are made in the IVSS

For many Venezuelans there are impediments to carry out the cancellation of monthly payments , for the fulfillment of the quotes for the benefit of the request of the elderly retirement. To make cancellations to social security, it is required to present the following to the bank:

  • Have the affiliation number (Employer number) document received for your registration process.
  • Go to bank of your affiliation , to effect the cancellation of your first quote
  • Once your deposit slip is received, you must save support copy
  • Each installment or payment made in the name of the institution will remain registered immediately in your affiliate account, followed by this process you can consult in the IVSS web portal, the record of your cancellations.

Benefits of being enrolled in the IVSS

All the benefits granted by the Venezuelan Social Security Institute are extensive, in order to cover primarily the nation’s employees and employers.

In order to give support to employees, who go through an incident during their work activity, receive the comprehensive medical care, as well as access to pension system once your working life is over.

Its performance stands out in the safeguarding through saving system of quotes , which are carried out throughout the transcendence and work career.

The tools available from the IVSS allow access to public and private employees or freelance or independent employees.

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