How to recover the Mercantile Telephone Code

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How to recover the Telefónica Mercantil Code? This question is undoubtedly a very frequent one, especially for people who make transfers infrequently, so they are more likely to forget what their password is. In this sense, you need to know what your options are when it comes to recovering your phone code.

Today we will be answering precisely this question and how you can create your key for the first time. Actually, we will also tell you what this key is, what Banco Mercantil is, what services it offers, what are the basic requirements to open an account at the bank and what the process is like. If you are interested in knowing all this, we invite you to continue reading.

How to recover the Mercantile Telephone Code

Let’s start by answering the main question of this article: How to recover the Telefónica Mercantil Code? The truth is that this is very simple and you can do it by changing your password. That is, you recover your password by creating a new one. Next we will tell you the steps you must follow to be able to do this.

  • First, go to the web portal of the Mercantile Bank.
  • Once there, click on Mercantil en Línea Personas and enter your details to access your account, which are the corresponding username and password.
  • When you log in, then locate the Additional Services section and click on Manage Passwords.
  • Press the option Telephone Code > Change.
  • Answer the security questions, select a new key, and voila! The same system will tell you what to do to change your phone code.
  • If this is too complicated for you, you can always make the change by phone, by calling (0212) 503.24.24 and dialing the corresponding numbers when prompted. The order would be 1, 8, 1.

If you want to unlock your card, you simply have to click on the corresponding option. Instead of clicking Change, click Unlock and follow the instructions.

How to create a Telephone Code for the First Time

Another very frequent question is that of How to create a Telephone Code, especially the first time. The procedure is the same as before but we will explain it again so that you can move forward with confidence. Follow the steps to the letter and you will be able to create your phone code in a few minutes, and then make your electronic transactions. Let’s see!

  • First, go to the web portal of the Mercantile Bank.
  • Once on the page, click on Mercantil en Línea Personas and enter your data to access your account, which are the corresponding username and password.
  • When you log in, then locate the Additional Services section and click on Manage Passwords.
  • Press the option Telephone Code > Create.
  • Follow the instructions that the system throws at you, which are very specific and easy to follow. So you can finally have your password.
  • Of course, you can also do the process of creating the phone code by means of a ATM. You simply have to insert your Mercantile Key card into the slot and enter your current key. Once in your account, choose Key Management> Telephone Key Generation.

Select a password that you can easily remember. Avoid birthday dates of very close people, but if you choose numbers that have meaning and that you can associate in your mind and thus not forget your password.

What is the Telephone Code

You may know which one is your Telephone Code, but not what is this exactly. It is important that you know what it is about and how it is formed. This way, you may even have a hard time forgetting it.

To begin with, this is made up of 4 digits, which are selected by the same owner and which are unique to their account. It is an automated service that works as an authentication tool that allows the user to carry out online transactions (e-Payment) with greater security, as well as operations in the Mercantile Attention Center, with their debit card.

What is Banco Mercantil

The Mercatil Bank is a subsidiary of Mercantil Servicios Financieros. That is, it is a company that is controlled by a larger one, which has more subsidiaries or affiliates in other parts of the world. It has been active in Venezuela for almost a century, since it was founded in 1925, 96 years ago.

As you can imagine, it operates in the financial services sector. In this sense, it offers all the characteristic services of companies of this type, which we will talk about more fully in the next section. For now, you just have to know which sector it is in. Its headquarters are located in Caracas, Capital District.

What services does Banco Mercantil offer?

With respect to Services offered by Banco Mercantil, you will find that all the products are financial. In this sense, it provides its clients with savings and checking accounts, which can be used with debit and credit cards. Let’s see a little of each of the services and products that you have available:

  • Cards. First of all, you have at your disposal numerous cards such as Mercantile Key, Diners Club Cards, Visa Cards, Amway Mastercard, Mastercard, CrediPlan and CrediFácil and Cash Card. They all have different characteristics and one could work for you more than others.
  • Credits. On the other hand, you can also apply for loans, both for microenterprises such as agricultural loans, automotive loans and mortgage loans.
  • Accounts and investments. In this area is the electronic account, the current account, the maximum account, the account in foreign currency, My First Account that is for young minors, Simple Savings Account and the Leader and Plus Savings Account, and the MIA En account. Regarding investments, there are fixed-term deposits, sight certificates, securities account, among others.
  • Points of attention and service. We refer to the branch network, the fast track, the commercial key, the ATMs and the Customer Service Center.
  • Tips and safety information. In the web portal you will find information and tips to secure your transactions. He talks about face-to-face fraud and virtual fraud (pharming, keylogger, phishing) but also about secure access and password management, as well as security tips.
  • Of course, there is the Virtual and Mobile Banking. In this section we find that customers can have access to Tpago, Mercantil Móvil, Móvil Internet and updating of data and digital file.
  • There are trusts.
  • Other services, such as the exchange regime and payment services or tools (points of sale, payment portal, transfers between accounts, payments to the government, card payments, direct debits, balance recharge, among others).

You can get to know all these services in depth by entering the Mercatil web portal and locating yourself in the People section. All the options that you have for you will be displayed.

Requirements to open an account at Banco Mercantil

And almost to finish, let’s talk about the Requirements to Open a Mercantile Account. In this case we will explain what the requirements are to open your account, although in a general way. We will only tell you how to do it in the case of the savings account and the checking account. For the rest you must enter the bank’s page, People section> Accounts and investments.

  • Confirmation of the appointment request.
  • Identification document. It must be current and present the original and the copy. If the person is married, they must also present the original and a copy of the spouse’s identity document and the marriage certificate.
  • Proof of RIF. Digital and current.
  • Proof of Residence (original) or a receipt for the last month of some service in the name of the applicant (original and copy).
  • 02 bank references, 02 personal references or a bank and a personal one. If this is the first time you open an account, only personal references. Personal references can be from friends and family, as long as they do not live with the applicant and are valid for 30 days. You need the Declaration of not having another account.
  • Proof of work if you are a dependent worker, Certification of income if you are self-employed.
  • Proof of studies if you are a student or identity card of the person who will support the funds if you are a housewife. You can also present the proof of work or the income certificate of the person who will support the account.
  • Statutory Constitutive Document of the Company and its subsequent current modifications (original and copy) if you have your own business.
  • In the case of retired, retirement certificate issued in the last three months and electronic certificate of the pensioner from the IVSS page.

How to open an account at Banco Mercantil

Finally, we will tell you what the Account Opening Process in this bank. Pay close attention and you will see how easy it will be.

  • The first thing you should do is make an appointment. You can do it from HERE.
  • Next, it is up to you to gather all the necessary documentation and that we exposed in the previous section.
  • On the day of the appointment, go to the selected location to open the account. Do not forget to carry the ordered documents in a folder.
  • Tell an executive that you want to open an account, hand over the documents, fill out the form with your data, and that’s it! You will get your card and, of course, your account. With the Mercantile Key card you will have to get your Telephone Code.

We hope we have helped you with the question. How to recover the Mercantile Telephone Code and that the rest of the information provided is useful to you.

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