How to recover the RIF

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All Venezuelans must go through a procedure that must be carried out constantly, a lot happens and we do not know How to recover the RIF, since, it is granted to carry out any of the Income Tax.

In this article, you will learn about this entity, what the RIF is and other information that will be of great help in order to recover all our information.

How to recover the RIF

If it is impossible to access the SENIAT portal, it is important to follow these steps that can solve your problem when entering and obtaining the RIF:

  • Login to SENIAT
  • Click on the option SENIAT online Natural Person, select the option “forgot all your information“.
  • Then enter the ID number.
  • Answer the four security questions that the system has, related randomly and select “continue
  • You must register a new password, security question and answer.
  • Copy the validation code and press “to accept”To finalize the process.

What is the Tax Information Registry or RIF

According to its acronym (RIF)It corresponds to Tax Information Registry, which is part of one of the main services of the SENIAT.

Through this system, the tax administration assigns a tax identification number or unique code to the taxpayers made up of each natural person, legal entity, government agencies and inheritance.

Your goal is to control and organize the contributions that citizens make to the Integrated National Service or SENIAT, for solvency of taxes, rates and other taxes.

How to recover the RIF: What is the RIF for

The Rif represents being a mandatory document to be processed by those who wish to carry out economic activities in Venezuela or who have assets that may be taxed.

Requirements to obtain the RIF

This process for requesting your RIF can be done in two ways, in person or by entering your official web portal, you only have to meet the following requirements:

  • Join the website. SENIAT RIF, to read the requirements requested to obtain the RIF.
  • Locate on screen “Online systems”, mark in: “Rif Inscription”
  • Record requested data on the screen, such as:

Kind of person

If it corresponds to a natural person, legal entity, government body, among others.

  • Identification Document: ID / Passport
  • Date of birth / Constitution.
  • Business name

Number Registry / Providence: you must indicate the registration number of the company charter in the case of a legal entity.

Number from volume / Gazette: here you must register the registration number of the articles of incorporation. Here you must place the volume number of the articles of incorporation that the company owns. If you are a legal person, you must indicate the order number of the creation document.

And for the cases of “government agency” you must put the registration number in case of “Communal council or commune”

Mail address: this requirement is essential to issue the Rif.

  • Once the previous steps have been completed, the screen should display the data of the person that must be completed in parts: “Basic data” / Addresses / family responsibilities / validate
  • Mark click on the left part of the screen in the box of “See worksheet”
  • Once the information has been verified by the system, you must mark: “to print”
  • Once the printer is chosen, you must configure the data required for printing, then mark in “OKAY” for document printing.

It is also important to highlight that the RIF request must be formalized before the competent unit of the Tax administration

Natural person:

The necessary requirements for the SENIAT RIF application for natural persons are:

  • Submit registration form, which you have previously requested online.
  • Identity document in Original and Copy. (If you are a foreign citizen, you must present a copy of your passport)
  • Consign the original and a copy of the probative document of the tax domicile, such as: supports of utility bills basic, rental agreementro any other available document that justifies the address.
  • Present the original and a copy of the supporting documents that confirm the family responsibilities, depending on the case, such as:
  • Attach a copy of the identity card.
  • Attach original and copy of birth certificate.
  • Attach original and copy of marriage certificate or concubinage certificate.
  • Deliver document original and copy proof of study or incapacity for work, in the case of descendants older and younger than 25 years.

Legal person

Legal persons must present the documents containing the commercial companies and civil companies, such as:

  • Record registration form
  • Present in original and copy:
  • Constitutive document duly registered and published, where the cases of civil companies that do not need publication are excluded.
  • Last minutes of the general assembly and power of attorney of the representative legal(It must be presented only when its character was not accredited in the bylaws)
  • Authorization of SUDEBAN (includes in the case of Banks or Financial Institutions)
  • Probationary document of the tax address, which includes: receipts, invoices for payment of Basic Services, rental agreement or any support that justifies the new address.
  • Copy of identity card belonging to the legal representative, partners and managers, registered in the single registry of tax information RIF, consigned in advance of the registration process of legal persons (Commercial Companies and Civil Companies)

Likewise, for cases that represent another type of taxpayer such as: personal signature, inheritance, diplomats, ambassadors, foreign companies, among others, they must locate on the page the option: “procedures before the administration”, and take notes of the collections to present to SENIAT.

How to recover the RIF: How to process the RIF

The process to process the RIF is the same as the process to get your identity card, since it represents being an identification document before tax procedures.

If it is for the first time, you must do it virtually and in person just by accessing the SENIAT page, and creating username and password, completing the following steps:

  • Login to web portal
  • Locate the Declarations section.
  • Choose Natural or Legal Person (for cases of business procedures)
  • Mark click “Check in”
  • Register document type data: Identity card.
  • Complete required fields: email
  • Be attentive in the mail, since the system will send you a password and SENIAT username

Once the previous process is finished, you must log in again to confirm your data now as a registered user, where you can start the registration to obtain your electronic rif.

How to recover the RIF: Where to process the RIF

The process for the RIF process is very simple, you do not need to consign so much documentation. Its process consists mainly of completing electronic forms, so it does not represent a major difficulty in its process.

To start this process of procedures, you must enter the website of the SENIAT, locate the section of “Rif Inscription” and complete form.

Once your registration process for RIF, and have at your disposal all the documents required in the aforementioned requirements, you only have to go directly to the agency of the SENIAT to finish the whole process.

In this way you have already met the registration of your RIF, before the body of the SENIATYou only have to register on the entity’s website to verify or update your data.

What is the cost of the RIF

The Rif process is a process without costYou only have to enter the SENIAT fiscal portal, for your consultation and data update procedures.

In the case of being a legal person, the information must be brought to SENIAT with the respective modifications that are made.

Importance of processing the RIF

These processes are long to carry out but it is important to take into account, some factors that may work for any Venezuelan citizen.

  • It is important to stay calm, since, there are penalties for non-compliance that tenga related to RIF, a serious action must be measured before SENIAT.
  • Review the account statements of the SENIAT portal. It may be a pending tax payable (payment commitment), a system will not let you update the RIF. How the portal has had failures, it is possible that debts that you do not have are reflected, in this case, you should contact SENIAT with the payment receipt to change the status of the forms and that debt is no longer reflected.
  • Review the data of the RIF on the SENIAT portal. With the login of the user and the password in said portal, a review of all the data, modify, update any information that is not there.
  • This procedure is completely free, it is important to remember, because there may be scams and charge for this. The steps are very simple, as mentioned before and anyone can do it.

RIF update

The RIF is valid for three years counting from the date of issuance and the renewal must be carried out within a period not greater than thirty (30) business days after expiration.

At the end of that time, the COT can establish a penalty for not updating that data in the registry. There are two penalties that are linked to the data in the Tax Information Registry:

  • Do not update the RIF during the established periods: A penalty of 100 times the official exchange rate of the Currency of Highest Value published by the BCV and 5 days of closure of the commercial establishment.
  • By providing data with errors, insufficient, it has a sanction of the RIF: Sanction of 50 times the official exchange rate of the Highest Value Currency published by the BCV and 5 days of closure of the commercial establishment.

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