How to request the credit card form at Banco Mercantil?

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Haven’t had a chance to get your credit card? Below we present the options that Banco Mercantil offers you, so you can choose the product that benefits you the most.

What products and services does Mercantile banking offer?

Banco Mercantil, through its multiple entities, offers its clients both in Venezuela and abroad many products such as: Banking, insurance and wealth management services. It is governed by the Organic Law of the National Financial System and the Securities Market Law, and is subject to the supervision of the National Securities Superintendence (SUNAVAL) in Venezuela.


  • Cashier’s Checks in Bolivares: If you need to issue checks for large sums of money, this is an option for your security.
  • Direct Debit of Checkbooks: Through the direct debit service you can receive the company’s checkbooks at your office or at the place where you indicate.
  • Tax collection: Thanks to all the commercial offices, you can cancel your national taxes such as: Withholding, Self-assessment and Payment of Income Tax of Natural and Legal Persons, Real Estate Registration Law, Customs Service, Value Added Tax, Import Tax , Land Transit Law, Inheritance and Donation Tax and others.


  • Custodian Bank: Mercantil provides a comprehensive service offered to Issuers of Securities, which consists of exercising the function of Issuing Agent, Custodian, Transfer and Payment at Maturity.
  • Petro: When entering mercantile online, you can view the amounts in Petro by placing the cursor on the consolidated balance, consolidated balance by group and Trust balance figures.


  • Mercantile Office Network: In them you can find advice to obtain products and services such as Current Account, Maximum Mercantile Account, Savings Account, Debit Cards (Llave Mercantil), Credit Cards, Vehicle and Mortgage Credits, Insurance Policies, among others.
  • Fast track includes: Multifunctional ATMs: Deposits and automatic transactions either with or without your merchant key and ATMs: allows you to make cash withdrawals, transfers between your own merchant accounts, recharge your cell phone and credit cards, among other benefits.
  • Mercantile Key: Also called a merchant key, it is the main product that allows you to make payments in businesses with which you can manage your finances in a practical way.
  • Mercantile Service Center: This service is by telephone, you can make inquiries about all your commercial products or carry out operations from anywhere you are.
  • ATMs: There are hundreds of ATMs that you can have throughout Venezuela, where you can make cash withdrawals, check the balance of debit and credit cards. Currently there are so-called smart ATMs, they are those that receive the cards with «chip» and retain it while you carry out the operation and then tell you when you can withdraw it.

Types of credit cards

CARDS OF CREDIT VISA: This card is for consumption nationwide only in establishments affiliated with Visa.

  • Classic Visa Card
  • Gold Visa Card
  • Platinum Visa Card
  • Visa Signature Card
  • Visa DIRECTV Platinum: This card comes from an agreement between a merchant bank and DIRECTV This card has benefits and special attributes for DIRECTV Clients and can be used at any establishment affiliated with the Visa network.
  • Golden DIRECTV Visa: This card comes from an agreement between a merchant bank and DIRECTV and can be used at any establishment affiliated with the Visa network.

MASTERCARD CREDIT CARDS: With this card you will be able to purchase goods, products and services in establishments affiliated with the Mundial MasterCard system.

DINNES CLUB CREDIT CARD: It is a credit card to make national consumptions in affiliated establishments of the Platco network.

How to apply for the credit card?

The main thing to apply for your Mercantil credit card is to have an active account with the bank and also present the credit card application form.


  • Application form (It must be without amendments and with a black or blue pen). To download the form here is the link: RETURN

If the personal balance is not completed as requested by the return, you must present an Original personal balance of no more than six months.

  • Letter of Authorizations. Click here to download it.
  • Copy of the valid identity document.

If the marital status is not updated, you must take a document that proves your marital status such as Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or Death Certificate.

  • Legible photocopy of the Fiscal Information Registry (RIF)
  • Legible photocopy of the Income Tax Declaration form corresponding to the last fiscal year ended, in its absence, personal income declaration letter.

TO CONSIDER: If you have net annual income greater than 1,000 UT or gross annual income greater than 1,500, you must pay income taxes, if that is the case, attach the last tax declaration to the receipts. If you do not have the aforementioned annual income, you must attach a personal income declaration letter. Click here

  • Proof of income certification.
  • Legible photocopy of the last three (3) bank movements and/or statements of deposit and/or investments from other banks.


  • Additional card application form with all the required data. Data of the main Cardholder and data of the additional applicant and signatures. Click hereif you want to download the spreadsheet.
  • Legible photocopy of the valid identity document (laminated Identity Card) of the Holder and the Additional.

In the event that the marital status is not updated in the Identity Card, a document proving the marital status must be presented (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree or Death Certificate). If this document is issued outside the country, it must be apostilled.

How to download or print the form online?

Download the spreadsheet from website.

Click on «How to apply for a credit card» and then click on the option «Download the form».

You can see on the screen all the information to start the process. The form will quickly begin to be downloaded in a «Word» document on your computer.

How to fill out the form?

You must be clear that one of the data that you must enter in the form is your personal information such as names, surnames, ID number, sex, marital status, whether or not you have property capitulation, RIF number, place and date of birth, age, educational level, email, family responsibilities and current occupation in addition to your financial information.

Then you have to provide the data related to your home, such as: type of dwelling, name of the tenant (if rented), years living there, address, parish, municipality, city, state, zip code, residential and personal telephone number.

They will ask you for employment information, You must place if you are an employee, an independent worker, if you own a company or are retired. Indicates the name of the company, position held there, seniority, type of business, exact address, parish, municipality, city, state, zip code, local telephone number of the business.

later you must provide data from your previous job, as company name, position held, salary, seniority and company telephone number. In addition to the contact number.

if you have a spouse It is mandatory to provide your data, such as names, surnames, identity card, date of birth, profession, name of the company where you work, position you hold, salary, telephone number and signature.

If you own a vehicle You must provide the information such as: brand, model, year, plate and if it has a reservation of title. Then you put the information about the personal insurance you have, either vehicle or HCM.

In the part of financial data You must include income such as salary, free professional exercise, bonuses, real estate rentals and others. In the expenses indicates payment commitments such as housing expenses, rent payments, credit cards, other credits, and education.

Then you must add the information of your personal balance: assets (cash in banks, accounts receivable, furniture, vehicles and real estate) and liabilities (loans, accounts payable, mortgages payable, others.

Then they will ask you too references from other banks as well as two personal references of two relatives who do not live with you. Indicating: name, surname, ID, relationship, local telephone number, mobile and email.

NOTE: In the event that you want an extension of your credit card for a member of your family, you will have to provide their personal information: names, surnames, identity card, sex, marital status, place and date of birth, relationship, cell phone and signature .

Later you must indicate if you want to affiliate your account so that the payment of your card is made from there.

Finally, you must decide in which Mercantile bank in the country you want your card to arrive and indicate the email where you will receive the notification.

Place the completed form in a yellow manila envelope and take it to the appropriate entity.

Steps to follow

STEP 1: enter the page by clicking on “How to apply for the credit card

STEP 2: Download the form. You must click on the «Download form» option

STEP 3: Fill out the form.

STEP 4: Verify the information.

STEP 5: Make sure you have all the precautions mentioned above

STEP 6: Take the collections to the Banco Mercantil branch of your choice.


  • Revolving credit to 36 months.
  • Monthly payment.
  • You can withdraw cash from ATMs by placing a secret password on your credit card.
  • Increase in the limit of your credit if you have complied with the payments.
  • Facilitates access to the parallel credit products CrediFácil – CrediPlan and Préstame, which allow them to make purchases without affecting the limit of the Mercantile Credit Card
  • If it is of your interest, you can make payments such as Internet, electricity (only available for Greater Caracas), cell phone, cable television, social and sports clubs and resorts, among others.

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