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The Salary certificate constitutes an instrument that an Independent Public Accountant prepares by means of which he declares the amount of income obtained by you, in a determined time. In this sense, said instrument is the product of the review of the information provided by you to the professional who prepares it.

Likewise, you can request if you are a natural or legal person, respectively. In addition, this document reflects the regularity with which you acquired each of the income. Next, we will tell you what the content is, the requirements that you must meet to obtain it, its use, the process that your request entails and more.

Requirements for a Certificate of Income

First, you must know what are the necessary requirements to obtain the Salary certificate. Thus, these will depend on the type of request you want to make. In the same way, we can tell you that these are very easy to collect and correspond to the following:

  • Regarding your personal information, that is, name and surname and identification number
  • Account statements in a certain period, depending on the period of time that you are going to take into account in the Income Certificate

  • The account statements must be from all the Banks in which you have your money deposited
  • Summary of all the expenses you made during that period of time that you established for the Income Certificate
  • In case you require the Certificate of Income together with your spouse, you must supply everything described above for both

What Information Does a Certificate of Income Contain?

In this sense, after detailing the requirements to get the Salary certificate, It is essential that you are aware of another aspect. Thus, this consists of the information contained in the referred Certificate of Income. With which, the most outstanding data we mention them below:

  • Name, surname, identity card and period or date on which the Salary certificate
  • Once the temporality of the Certificate has been determined, the income you have obtained during that time
  • The origin of the funds or income, that is, the activities you carried out to collect these resources, in order to determine if they are legal

  • The activities may or may not be recurring, that is, from your job or from the sale of a movable or immovable property, as well as the service provided
  • Relationship between your income and expenses, in order to determine liquidity or in simpler words your availability of resources to honor debts
  • The scope of the work carried out by the Independent Public Accountant, according to the regulation on income review for natural persons SECP-5
  • Opinion and signature of the Chartered Public Accountant

What is it for?

The Salary certificate It is a document that is intended to reflect the level of income and expenses that you present in a set period. Likewise, it allows you to determine your ability to pay your debts and honor your commitments to third parties, which are generally banking institutions.

Reason why, this document corresponds to being a requirement requested regularly to obtain a credit card or other type of loan. Likewise, it is generally required of those people who work independently, so they do not have a fixed income under a formal employment relationship.

Likewise, you will also need this certificate if you are going to act as guarantor for another natural person for a debt in a banking institution. With which, you must carry out all the steps indicated in a simple and detailed way in this article, in order to guarantee success in achieving it.

In the same way, it is of primary importance, which consists of guaranteeing to third parties that the income is generated from legally permitted activities. Thus, it constitutes a fundamental element that the national financial system has to counteract money laundering.

Finally, from the financial point of view, it is a piece of information that can play an interesting role, as an instrument for controlling and organizing income and expenses. Given that, from it, you can establish priorities to improve with financial education at a personal level, it is an alternative way of managing yourself.

Who Endorses the Income Certificate?

The Public Accountant is the professional in charge of endorsing the Salary certificate, the personnel being trained and authorized by the current legal regulations for this. In this sense, if at any time you need to obtain this Certificate, do not hesitate to go to these professionals with all the information detailed above.

Additionally, the accountant performs the work based on the evidence that you present and his opinion will refer only to the information you provide. Therefore, you must present proof of origin of your income of recent date, the last payment receipts Declaration of income, among others.

Likewise, the bank confirmations or account statements of the financial entities where you keep your money available. The aforementioned Certificate can be addressed to any financial institution or those interested in the level of net income and ability to pay of the natural person.

Now, in what corresponds to the Income Certificate, the public accountant must verify and certify the transparency of the document. It should be noted that the verification of transparency constitutes a meticulous process in order to rule out possible violations of current legal regulations.

Finally, when the Accountant determines that the earnings information is in conflict with legal limitations or prohibitions, they should not accept the job. And therefore, you will not carry out the aforementioned Income Certificate under any circumstances.

Possible Formats for the Income Certificate

On the other hand, there are different ways to perform the Salary certificate, with differences in form to present the information, but not in substance, since they contain the same thing. In summary, below we detail the most used suggested model, so that you can see that it is not difficult to know said document:

  • This format identifies the documentation reviewed by the Independent Public Accountant, that is, from where the information was obtained with its respective supporting documentation
  • Period of time that covers the Salary certificate

  • Activity carried out and from which the income comes, under a labor or independent relationship and identification of the interested party or interested parties in the case of a conjugal community
  • Specification of the special standard for this type of work, as well as its scope specifically, the rule on income review for natural persons SECP-5
  • The declaration of total income in Bolívares with the signature and stamp of the Independent Public Accountant

What is it?

The Salary certificate corresponds to the document prepared by an Independent Public Accountant, which endorses the information regarding your income as a natural person. Therefore, it is the result of the review of the information provided to this professional, which is subject to the verification of the supporting documentation.

Also, regarding its usefulness, it is normally required by banking institutions to determine your liquidity levels. As well as, the ability to honor your commitments that you acquire and the debt margins that you have. Being an endorsement before third parties to guarantee the payment of your debts.

In the same way, due to the existing diaspora in Venezuela, this document currently has a high demand for the procedures related to the embassies. In this sense, if this is your case, you must comply with what is described in this article, so that you can achieve the respective apostille.

It should be noted the importance of this guarantee before third parties where it is certified that the income obtained under an employment or independent relationship comes from legal activities. Likewise, the pre-named Salary certificate It can contain the documentation corresponding to the spouse and determine the income of the conjugal community.

To conclude, you must bear in mind that if you require this format to be approved, you must go to the College of Public Accountants to be able to do so. This procedure has a financial cost which you must know before going and thus avoid setbacks, since it is constantly updated.

Certify your income and update your financial statement!

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