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Do you know what he is? Income Certificate? Do you know what it works for? Do you know who provides it? All questions and more will be answered throughout the article with excellent detail for a good understanding of it. It is important to always keep up to date financially, and the certificate of income It is one of the best mechanisms to do it.

The Income Certificate It is a document that aims to legitimize a person’s incoming money. Therefore, the veracity of the amount of income in a period of time (one month for example) is evaluated. In this certificate, a third person validates and verifies the amount entered and its origin.


For all types of certificates, various types of documents are necessary, depending on the type of certificate. In this way, perform the same and thus have the information that this should have. In this case, the necessary requirements for the Income Certificate are those present below:

Personal information

The personal information of the person requesting this document is essential, identification number, name and surname.

Identify the source of funds

It is very important to know where the income comes from since this will be reflected in the certificate in order to validate it.

Statement of account in a certain period

Depending on the period of time to be considered for your certificate, a summary of the income and expenses in the period considered must be made. This account statement is requested from the bank or banks where the income is being handled.


There are many ways to make a Certificate of Income. At this time we will show you the most common and effective ones to be able to make an income certification. It is easier than you think!

  • suggested model. This format explains the scope of the certification, detail of the income to legitimize, specific scope of the task performed, statement of the public accountant. In addition to the explanation of each of the points mentioned, it must be sealed and signed by the public accountant.
  • Model Explained. On the other hand, this model is simple but concise, it addresses all the information that an Income Certificate must have. In addition, it has a detailed explanation of how to review the income of the person who is requesting it. The model is at the end of the document.

Who endorses it?

The Income Certificate is endorsed by a Certified Public Accountant, accountants are the most qualified professionals to carry out this type of certification . For this reason, the public accountant is the professional most requested by individuals who need to obtain an Income Certificate. And they make the certification through a letter addressed to financial entities or those interested in the Certificate of Income of the natural person.

What is it for?

The Income Certificate serves, as mentioned above, to validate the origin of an amount of money at a given time. In the same order of ideas, they are generally requested by financial or credit institutions, they request it as a requirement to obtain a credit card, to process a loan.

Also, they are requested by embassies when applying for a visa, to manage remittance shipments abroad. Most of all, they are required of those people who work independently. That is, there is no fixed income provided by a company or institution.

What information must the Certificate of Income contain?

The information contained in the Certificate of Income are:

  • The income of the determined period of time already defined by the natural person.
  • The source of the inputs. It is extremely important to determine this, as you need to know if the funds are legal.
  • Relationship between the applicant’s assets and liabilities. From this, the liquidity of the person is calculated, if the assets are greater than the liabilities it is considered to be positive.

It is understood as active to the resources that a natural person, company or institution owns. Some examples can be real estate, vehicles, constructions, available money (liquid).

While the Passives They are the debts that the natural person, company or institution possesses. Obviously, liabilities lower the monetary power of the person who owns them.

What is a personal balance sheet?

Now, a personal balance sheet is the financial status of a natural or legal individual in a given period. Where the accounting assets and liabilities of said person are reflected. The personal balance, as previously mentioned, is a requirement for the application for an Income Certificate

Importance of the files

Files such as the Certificate of Income are of great importance at the administrative level. For this reason, reference can be made to the following sections:

  • Information transparency. The veracity of a document is what is worth the most, since it certifies its veracity. Verification of the veracity of the information in a document is given by an entity trained to carry out this type of work. However, in the case of the Income Certificate, the public accountant is the entity qualified to verify and certify the transparency of the document. It is important to highlight that the verification of transparency is a meticulous process whose purpose is to rule out possibilities of illegality.

  • Accountability. Beyond the amounts expressed and the veracity of the money in question. The income certificate works to render accounts. But, report to whom? To the institutions in which this type of document is required. For example, if you are going to apply for a credit card, the bank is interested in the monthly income or assets that enter your account. Since, that is a form of protection for banking entities.
  • protection guarantee. Just as banks request the income certificate to protect themselves, it also works as protection for the same person who makes the request for said document. Since, when checking the veracity of the incoming income or assets, the legality of said information is determined. In this way, the applicant is «free from sin» and no authority can mistrust the person’s reputation.
  • control and organization. Keeping documents up to date is a great way to organize them. In the case of a certificate of financial income, it is very interesting. Well, in this way, you can appreciate the assets and liabilities (expenses and debts) during every month. From this, conclusions and reflections can be drawn on the expenses in the month and thus establish priorities to improve with financial education on a personal level. It’s a great way to manage.

We hope it has been very helpful to you! Any comment, let us know.

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