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The Assessment certificate It is a document that reflects the characteristics of certain properties that are in your name. Therefore, in Venezuela, property titles have derivatives that are necessary and requested by authorities. With which, it works to verify if the real or personal property belongs to you and for various processes.

If you are a Venezuelan with properties in the national territory, it is very important that you carry out all the pertinent procedures in matters of public finances through the competent Ministry. Next, we will indicate everything you must do to complete the application process, the requirements that you must have and much more.

Documents Needed for the Lien Certificate

To start it is necessary that we index you what are the documents you need to obtain the Assessment certificate. For this, we also suggest that you collect them correctly and in advance. In the same way, this is an extremely simple process where you must have the following specific information:

  • Original and copy of the valid Identity Card
  • Copy of Voting Certificate
  • Original document and a copy of the Public Deed of the property
  • Application form for Assessment certificate
  • Original document of the Cadastral Certificate of the property

Also, being the owner of the property, you will have no problem possessing these documents. However, in case you do not have them or do not have a specific one, you can easily carry out the procedure. In this same sense, you must deliver these data to the Autonomous Registry and Notary Service (SAREN).

Finally, we mention another of the alternatives to deliver these documents in the process. It consists in that a third party can carry out the application process, in the instance that you do not have the availability. With which, it will be necessary for this person to present an authenticated and notarized power of attorney before the SAREN offices.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Lien Certificate

Next, when you know each of the documents necessary for this process, it is valid to highlight one more aspect. Therefore, we will proceed to indicate in detail how you should carry out this processing process properly. Therefore, the steps to follow so that you get your Assessment certificate:

  • You must first collect the documents mentioned in the previous section
  • Secondly, you have to go to the SAREN office that is closest to your home.
  • Often you have to notify the personnel in charge that you want to carry out the procedure for the Assessment certificate
  • Then, they will ask you for the documents that are required and you have previously collected
  • Finally, you will have to pay the fee corresponding to this legal document
  • That’s how easy the process is to get your Assessment certificate, you must bear in mind that this certificate may take a while to be delivered, in addition to being a procedure that has to be carried out in person

What is the Lien Certificate for?

On the other hand, it is vitally important to Assessment certificate as far as you can arrange it. This significant reason derives from the fact that it is a necessary document when carrying out actions to buy and sell a property. With which, you as the owner are given the authority to carry out the process legally.

Also, now we have indicated which documents you need to complete the procedure and the steps you must follow to obtain this valuable certificate. Next we will show you what this document is for and the importance of carrying out this application process. So with this document you can perform:

  • Annotations of precautionary measures
  • Lawsuits
  • Garnishments (preventive and definitive)
  • Mortgages
  • Any other tax (personal, administrative measure, coercive)
  • Likewise with the Assessment certificate you will be able to see the amount of the tax
  • If it is a lawsuit, the name of the plaintiff and the reason for the lawsuit
  • The name of the mortgagee and the amount of the mortgage, if any
  • The authority that intervened for its annotation (court and secretary)
  • Date of the contract or judicial resolution

Who Issues It?

You will surely wonder who is in charge of issuing such an important document. Do not worry that in this section we will clarify that question. The body in charge of processing the Assessment certificate It is the Autonomous Service of Records and Notaries or SAREN, which is attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior Relations, Justice and Peace.

In the same way, its main function is to make the proper records and notarize all the sales documents of movable and immovable property, irons and signs, anonymous companies, personal signatures, university degree records, among others. Therefore, these become public use, respectively.

Likewise, this body intends to guarantee the legal security of all the actions of the users regarding the commercial registers and other documents that cover the legal framework of Venezuela. Thus, it presents the vision of being the entity that guarantees the legal security of all the processes carried out by Venezuelan citizens.

In this way, the Autonomous Service of Registries and Notaries SAREN seeks to be an optimal system of fast, effective, reliable and efficient notary records for everyone and everyone who requires it. Likewise, this organization is divided into four major groups of offices:

  • The Main Registers: They are the offices in charge of registering university degrees, birth certificates, among others.
  • Public, Real Estate or Subaltern: where the records of real estate, land, plots, farms, houses, apartments, iron and signs (livestock), among others, are carried out
  • Mercantile: They are those that validate commercial acts, that is, registration of anonymous companies, personal signatures, anonymous companies, businesses and companies, etc. These are generally in the state capitals.
  • Public Notaries: authenticate or formalize other types of acts related to purchases and sales of vehicles, aircraft, boats or any other personal property. Also, «powers», which serve to buy, sell, authorize, among others

Cost of the procedure

  • An important point is what is the cost of the procedure, an issue that we will address in this section
  • To know the cost of this document you must visit the website of the Autonomous Registry and Notary Service (SAREN)
  • Inside they specify their contact modalities in which you can make the consultation in a personal way
  • Also, if you wish, you can contact SAREN through the customer service numbers
  • Finally, the staff in charge will resolve any doubts you may have regarding the Assessment certificate or any other document you want to request

What is the Lien Certificate?

Now, we are almost at the end of this article, but we cannot finish without letting you know what the Assessment certificate. Below we will provide you with the necessary information so that you know this document in detail and so you can know what it is in a more specific way.

The Assessment certificate It is a document of vital importance for you as a property owner, because it contains specifications of the house such as charges, liens or as it is also known taxes and mortgages. This means that with this document all legal and juridical powers are awarded to us.

Thus, it allows the proper commercial negotiations to be carried out. Such as purchase – sale, mortgage, among others. In the same way, it specifies elementary information about the document such as demands, liens, among others. Not to mention the information when it comes to mortgages and more.

The Certificate Assessment It is of great importance if you want to sell or buy a property, it will help you to find out about the entire legal status of the property, certifying that it is not a deception or scam. In addition to containing relevant information about lawsuits, or other legal matters and crimes committed.

Finally, we suggest that if you work in this area, you request this certificate with the help of the instructions that we leave here. Also, we hope that, now that you know the necessary documents, the steps to follow, the cost of the procedure, its importance and the agency that issues it, you can encourage yourself to obtain the document.

Certify your properties correctly!

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