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With headquarters in the city of Caracas, the INTT National Institute of Land Transportation.

This entity dependent on Ministry of People’s Power for Transportationhas its powers in matters of ground transportation. Throughout the national territory it has different user service offices where it is possible to manage the necessary certifications associated with vehicular transport.

Among the procedures that we can process through this entity is obtaining the Vehicle Registration Certificate. Below are the details requirements and procedures required to achieve said document.


In accordance with Official Gazette #40,349, dated 2/5/2014:

The certification of provision of land transport services, both public and private, of cargo, the individual circulation certificate and the vehicle fleet format, are mandatory requirements.

On the other hand, administrative ruling #581 2013, agrees that Natural or legal persons interested in offering the public land transport service for cargo, both with their own and leased vehicles or according to another legal figure, are obliged to obtain said certification.through the National Institute of Land Transportation.


The aforementioned provision is clear in detailing the cases that will be allowed to modify the documents, and the periods of their validity.

The certification of land transport service provision is valid for five years starting from its issuance, while the vehicle fleet format for land freight transport, as well as the individual freight vehicle circulation certificate are valid for one year from the time it is issued.

They will only have ninety continuous days, from the entry into force of this ruling, in order to obtain the certificate of provision of the ground cargo transportation service. It is important to remember this in order not to transgress the precept.

Users can view the gazette by entering the page of the Supreme justice court

Steps to follow

A requirement within the reach of the user

First step: Login to the application

To access the spreadsheet, the user must enter this address https://put.intt.gob.ve and with your email, password and verification code, register. The screen where the user normally updates their password is then displayed. To finish, enter the system and enter the data.

Second step: INTT system

When entering the National Institute of Land Transportation system, you will find a menu on the left of the screen that will allow you to verify your data.

You can also see if you have fines. Keep in mind that the registration tab will make it easier for you to make your requests for vehicle procedures, licenses, vehicle registration certificates at any receiving agency or online.

Third step: Consult and pay fines.

If you have fines, you can confirm them by clicking on the «online payment of fines» tab where you will see the details of the infraction and the amount to be paid.

Take note that the system will indicate not only the details of the fines, but also the modalities of payment or cancellation of the same. In addition, after canceling, you will be issued a cancellation ticket for your fine or fines.

Fourth step: Application for vehicle paperwork

By clicking on the registration menu, the citizen will be able to choose the option of the vehicle to process, after which, they will be able to see the screen that indicates what is necessary to make their request and, depending on the nature of their request, they will also be able to process various procedures by form, in fact up to a total of four.

Fifth step: Single Form of Procedures

After processing your request, you will be able to see the cost to pay for the selected procedure, which you must pay at a bank or point of sale at the office of your choice when making the request.

Sixth step: Download the form

Since you must present the form duly filled out when presenting the documentation in the selected office, it is necessary to print it by clicking on the action tab once the image box for preview and printing appears.

Remember that you have a variety of offices throughout the national territory to carry out your INTT procedures.


  • Users who require it have the option of downloading the National Registry of Transport Operators form and consign it duly filled out.
  • They must present it together with a copy of the identity card of the interested natural person or, if applicable, of the legal representative of the legal entity.
  • Copy of the current RIF.
  • Constitutive Act.
  • Bylaws and the latest modifications.
  • Copy of the current Civil Liability – RCV policy of each vehicle that will be used in the provision of service.
  • Copy of the cargo transportation insurance policy.
  • Copy of the vehicular fleet format for ground cargo transportation.
  • Current labor solvency issued by the competent body.

What is the Certificate of Origin?

It’s a document that certifies that the user has satisfactorily and formally complied with the legal and administrative requirements to obtain permits for the use of the vehicle presented in accordance with the purpose and characteristics of the same.

Currently, after the required procedures, the system issues an electronic certificate consisting of a PDF file.

Said electronic certificate is sent to the email that the applicant has detailed when making his request through the Single Form of Procedures. the latter can be obtained through the INTT page www.INTT.gob.ve.

The single procedure form It has the objective of making the transaction process easier before the INTT for the legalization of vehicles and drivers.

Any vehicle or driver registration must be managed with this form. In this regard, it is an obligation requested by the National Institute of Land Transportation. When doing so, the system calculates by itself the amounts to be canceled according to the type of procedure and the value of the Tax Unit.

What is the document for?

The main function of the Vehicle Registration Certificate is to endorse the registration of the vehicle in the National Vehicle Registration System, as well as the detailed information of the car, the characteristics and legal situation, the translation modification and thus, achieve the identification of property throughout the national territory.

Who requests it?

It will depend on the reason or motive of the procedure. Among the users who could request a vehicle registration certificate and circulation certificate are:

All users of vehicles in their different modalities:

  • Original record.
  • Plate reassignment if necessary.
  • Registration for change of service.
  • Blood Traction Record.
  • Transfer.
  • Certificate Correction.
  • Duplicate Registration Certificate.

Frequent questions

What does the Vehicle Registration Certificate contain?

It has 2 innovative security and technological check systems: the QR Code and the INTT N°.

Once said security code has been scanned, the pertinent security authority will have access to the specified information of the car registered in the National Vehicle Registry of the INTT, giving automatic recognition of the condition of the vehicle in proportion to its authenticity. This feature offers transparent vehicle registration verification.

East Vehicle Electronic Registration Certificate becomes a highly secure and comprehensive documentwhat’s more authentic and reliable, thanks to the insertion of these two new verification resources that are added to the 6 already existing in it.

What data is specified in the Vehicle Registration Certificate?

All of the following characteristic features relating to the registered vehicle and the driver:

  • ID or RIF.
  • License plate.
  • Serial NIV.
  • Body Serial.
  • Serial Chassis.
  • Serial Carrozado.
  • Serial Motor.
  • Brand.
  • Model.
  • Manufacturing Year.
  • Model Year.
  • Color.
  • Class.
  • Guy.
  • Use.
  • Number of posts.
  • Number of Axles.
  • Tare.
  • Loading capacity.
  • served.
  • Grant date.
  • Authorization number.

In addition to this, the document will have a blue background, including in the same way the technical details of the Vehicle Registration Certificate electronically: Watermark alluding to the Flag of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in color Size: 21.59 centimeters by 27.94 centimeters that must be printed on white Bond paper based 20 Letter, in color.

Right under the Vehicle Registration Certificate there is a Circulation Certificate model that is used to transit the vehicle throughout the national territory. This certificate must be printed and laminated. In obedience to the instructions indicated at the bottom of the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

What to do in those cases in which the owners of motor vehicles do not have all the requirements set forth in the Transportation Law and its Regulations?

If this situation occurs, the applicant must authentically demonstrate the ownership of said motor vehicle before this National Institute of Land Traffic. For this, he will use a new providence.

In Official Gazette No. 41,469 dated August 28, 2018an Order of the Ministry of People’s Power for Transportation was published that provisionally establishes the special procedure to carry out the registration before the Registry of the National Land Transportation System.

Click on the attached link to find out what said provision consists of and download it in PDF.

As you can see, obtaining the vehicle registration certificate can be an easy task following the guidelines of the main entity to process everything related to your vehicle at the INTT.

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