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How to know the RIF of a company: Find out everything you need to know

The time has come to expand your tax culture. In How to know the RIF of a company: Find out everything you need to know, you will be able to know some important information about the RIF. Who does it apply to and how to get it? What is SENIAT? In the year of 1994behind … Read More

Requirements for the CICPC

The studies are completely enriching and essential for our growth. That is why once we detect our abilities and skills we must study a career that helps us nurture them and of course that we like, motivate and passionate about, otherwise it will be a complete burden and empty professionals in the future. If yours … Read More

Do you want to process your certificate from the Central University of Venezuela?

At the UCV, there is the Certifications Office. This is in charge of receiving, processing, entering, verifying and issuing documents from students and graduates (undergraduate or postgraduate), either to certify grades, black background of the degree, University Creation Act, among others; documents that could be used to manage legal processes, and even study nationally and … Read More

Health Certificate – Steps and Requirements in Venezuela

The health certificate It is an essential document when applying for certain jobs, as can be guessed from the moment it is even mentioned. It is extremely important that you meet certain health conditions when working in certain spaces, since otherwise any activity comes with many easily avoidable risks. That is the primary function that … Read More

Get your Certificate of Residence in Venezuela – Practical Guide

Residence is defined as the act of inhabiting or living for a certain time and in a certain place. It can happen in 3 ways: Stay: When a foreigner remains in a country for a time that exceeds 90 days, for specific reasons (work, studies, family matters, tourism, among others) Temporary residence: When the person … Read More

Obtain your vehicle registration certificate in Venezuela

With headquarters in the city of Caracas, the INTT National Institute of Land Transportation. This entity dependent on Ministry of People’s Power for Transportationhas its powers in matters of ground transportation. Throughout the national territory it has different user service offices where it is possible to manage the necessary certifications associated with vehicular transport. Among … Read More

What is OPSU? Steps to get certified

Surely you are a bachelor and you are thinking about what career to study and the process to be able to choose one. Do you know the steps to follow to start the process? If the answer is Nope, relax, do not worry! In this wonderful page we will explain everything about the process of … Read More

How to get the certificate of origin for Venezuela?

The certificate of origin is crucial for the correct processing of merchandise, both for importing and exporting in Venezuela, what does this certificate imply? how to process it? What is the Certificate of Origin? It is known as a certificate of origin to that legal paperwork that manages to establish that an article to be … Read More

How to know how much I owe in Directv: Here we will show you what you should know

Don’t miss your favorite series! Keep your Directv signal active. Known how to know how much i owe Directv: Here we will show you what you should know. We bring you important information to join, know the services and the amount you have pending to pay, read the article in full Don’t run out of … Read More

Vehicle Registration Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Vehicle Registration CertificateIt is the procedure carried out by Venezuelan citizens to find out if the vehicle has any legal problem. Likewise, the personal data of the owner and the characteristics it has such as color, engine serial, among others, are registered. It is important that if the owner wants to sell it, he … Read More

Farmer Registration Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Farmer Registration Certificate It is a documentation directed towards the people who perform tasks within the raw material production. In the same way, it groups together those citizens who develop within the cultivation practices. With which, it is necessary that, if you do this, you are affiliated with the MPPAPT. In the same way, … Read More

Certificate of University Participation: Steps, Cost and MORE

Young people studying the last year of high school must go through the process to apply for a place in public universities in Venezuela, therefore, it is vital to register and obtain the Certificate of University Participation. If the applicant’s goal is to study a desired career, you should be aware of the enrollment dates. … Read More

Certificate of Origin: Requirements, Steps and MORE

Countries have trade agreements with each other, regarding certain products or certain industries. But to avoid deception or an attempt to evade the law, the products must have a document that proves their place of origin. In order that there is evidence that it comes from the country with which there are agreements, this important … Read More

Certificate No National Production: Steps, Consultation and MORE

The Certificate No National Production, is a document that works as the main requirement to import goods into Venezuela. With which, if you are a person who wants to make international purchases, you need to have this vital information so that your merchandise can pass through the customs of the country. Likewise, it is essential … Read More

Birth Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

In all the countries of the world, identification documents are issued to people, to maintain a constant record and control of the population density. In the case of Venezuela, the first identification document that people have is with the Birth certificate. Which contains important information about the newborn. This document is not only important during … Read More

Migratory Movement Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Certificate of Migratory Movement It is an accreditation document that evidences the control of entries and exits of a citizen in Venezuela. Therefore, the intention of the authorities in charge of immigration policy is to facilitate this process. In this regard, the Administrative Service for Identification, Migration and Immigration (SAIME), is the entity in … Read More