Procedures and Requirements to enter Ecuador from Venezuela

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Are you a Venezuelan citizen and want to know Ecuador? We tell you that Ecuador is one of the countries of Alba and Mercosur that has established great relations with Venezuela, which is why it is currently one of the countries that has provided the most help to all Venezuelans, due to the strong humanitarian crisis that live the country

Like every nation, it has its laws both for those who are part of it in the original sense, much more for those foreigners in their country. We hope to be able to provide you with all the requirements you need to travel to Ecuador from Venezuela.

Although there are many people who have found it difficult to emigrate to other lands, far from their country, there are also many countries sheltering people who know how the difficult situation is in Venezuela so that they can have the opportunity to study, work and build a better future. .

Our recommendation is that as a Venezuelan you can contribute the best of yourself to positively represent this beautiful country.. Therefore, through our article, we hope that you can receive the guidance you need to travel to this beautiful country located in the South of South America.

What are the requirements to enter Ecuador from Venezuela?

At this time, Ecuador has a number of 1,500 Venezuelans residing in the country, who have permanent residence and 1,200 with temporary residences.

Due to the high number of emigrants within the country to enter Ecuador, any Venezuelan must meet a series of requirements. In the following article we will introduce you to each of them.

Like a tourist

  1. Any person who wishes to enter Chilean lands from Venezuela must have a return ticket
  2. You must bring your money in cash for your expenses
  3. Have the place where you will be staying for that time before making your trip

For work

  1. Bring an explanatory letter from the company, addressed to the Consul and where the hiring is justified
  2. You must bring your Professional Title with you
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Criminal record
  5. Bring 4 passport size photos
  6. Evidence of legalized and notarized employment contract.

By study

  1. Apply for a study visa
  2. You must bring your professional title with you
  3. Medical certificate
  4. Criminal record


During this time, Venezuelans, Ecuador has become one of the countries that allows them to undertake for a better future and a change of mentality, since Ecuador is one of the most disciplined and hard-working countries that is governed by the laws established in its Constitution. .

The documents that must be collected are:

  1. Identity card or passport
  2. Criminal background
  3. Study Documents in case of studying in this country.


Currently, thousands of Venezuelans have managed to enter Ecuador by different means, due to the strong humanitarian crisis that the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is experiencing.

The Ecuadorian ombudsman made the elimination of asking Venezuelans for a valid passport, due to the different inconveniences that the country is going through. What they do ask for as an essential requirement is a criminal record.

Do I need a visa to enter Ecuador?

To enter Ecuadorian territory as a tourist you do not need a visa, but to establish yourself in the country and carry out your studies or by wishes you must apply for your visa, which will grant you a permit for at least 5 years, to remain within Ecuadorian territory .

Those who wish to apply for study or work, likewise, must comply with the visa requirement plus another class of documents that the authorities will request.

All tourists must present their passport or identity document with at least 3 months to their expiration date, likewise, they must also present a return ticket and documents to enter another country of destination.

travel recommendations

For Venezuelans, the Republic of Ecuador has become one of the countries that allows them to undertake for a better future and a change of mentality, since Ecuador is one of the countries with the most disciplined workers that are governed by the laws established in its Constitution. .

From Venezuela there are two ways to travel to the Republic of Ecuador.

By plane

To travel by plane you must have a ticket in one of the authorized travel agencies within the country, for this you must have an amount of money required to pay for the ticket, take your identity card where you can effectively have your ticket without any type of inconvenience, the plane trip from Venezuela has approximately five hours if the flight does not present any type of inconvenience.

by bus

The process of traveling by bus to Ecuador is a little more for people who like to know, do tourism or consequently people who do not have the necessary resources to travel by plane, this trip takes approximately seven or eight days by road where you will spend through Colombian lands, in order to reach the destination of the Republic of Ecuador.

Cost of traveling to Ecuador

In order to currently travel from Venezuela to any other country, you must have a high budget, since travel prices constantly increase sharply in the nation. Although there are many varieties of prices both by land and by plane, the person or families who wish to emigrate to the land of Ecuador must be prepared for any eventuality that may arise.

Next we will guide you as best we know how to do it as soon as it is approximate to make your trip either by land or air.

By plane

There are a wide variety of options to travel to Venezuela, with different costs, and depending on the budget that the person manages, they can obtain a ticket in the following authorized airlines within the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

  1. American Airlines: It has a cost of approximately $2,531.97
  2. Copa Airlines: It is one of the options that many travelers take since it has a cost of 850.55 $
  3. Avianca: It is a little more expensive but much cheaper than American Airlines. The cost is $917.60

Places to visit in Ecuador

The tourist places of Ecuador have beautiful landscapes, they have beautiful settings that have tropical forests, different islands and cities full of a colonial atmosphere.

Quito the capital of Ecuador is one of the oldest cities and was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. This city is characterized by having large and numerous baroque religious temples and beautiful colonial architecture.

Montañita is one of the most visited towns in Ecuador by all visitors, since it has impressive vegetation, and an atmosphere of partying and celebration which has been impregnated by young people who frequently visit this place.

Cuenca is considered one of the most coveted places by visitors since it has different types of markets, wineries, and beautiful balconies that allow you to enjoy the panorama.

Yasuní National Park is one of the most diverse regions in Ecuador, where you can meet and share with different types of the indigenous class.

Student Travel Options

People who wish to carry out their studies in Ecuadorian lands and wish to be able to study regularly, depending on the shift they wish to study, either normally or at night in the respective educational institutions, whether private or public, in any of the different types of levels that exist as:

Basic, intermediate and superior level or taking some type of specialization that is recognized by the Ministry of Education of the nation. They can make the request at the Venezuelan consulate in Ecuador to be able to enjoy this permit offered by the Ecuadorian National Government.

Those interested in requesting their place in the institution, may register their determined subjects according to the study plan offered by the Ecuadorian Republic. Either semester or by types of modules to be taken.

The people who will be exempt are those who can enroll at certain times in the night shift, and in this way they can be established during that study plan, for this it is necessary that the educational institute I can give you a corresponding certificate.

The people who will be able to obtain the study visa are only those people who dedicate themselves exclusively to studying and do not occupy their time in any type of activity.

This means that while the time in which the student exercises their right to study, they are prohibited from working a full schedule, an exception will only be made for them to carry out their professional practices or courses required by the institution of the Educational Center in charge. to give all the training to the student.

For this reason, all the necessary documents are required:

  • You must have the admission letter issued by the Study Center where you will study soon
  • You must have proof of current registration payment
  • have the certification issued by the Study Center, reporting the following:
  1. Detail the basic and personal information of the applicant
  2. Specify your duration of studies
  3. Indicate the subjects or courses that have been enrolled and the maximum grade to be obtained.
  • In the event that the studies are carried out exclusively at night, the Educational Center must certify that such courses will be taught only at that time with justification
  • Deliver a certificate of Economic Solvency, which will be verified by assigning:
  1. Document proving that the student is the holder or beneficiary of a Study Scholarship.
  2. Certification authenticated by the parents of the student, through which they are responsible for the study expenses of their client.
  3. Bank letter issued in favor of the applicant or the person financially responsible for the study expenses, indicating that the person has the corresponding solvency to meet the education and maintenance expenses of the applicant.

Travel for work reasons

To make the trip for work reasons you must have a letter from the company that sends you, in case you are an emigrant you must first apply for your visa to be able to work legally in the Republic of Ecuador one of the countries that offered I support all Venezuelans at this time.

We hope it has been useful to you! If you are going to travel soon, remember to take into account the Requirements to enter Ecuadro from Venezuela.

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