Requirements for a Mercantil Account: Steps, Types and MORE

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The requirements to open an account at MercantilThey are extremely simple and practical. In order to enjoy the great benefits that this bank brings, seeking to facilitate a much better experience than in other banks.

In this article, an interesting content will be presented, where the different steps that must be followed to have an account in the Mercantile Bank.

What are the Requirements for a Mercantil Account?

There are several series o requirements to open an account at Mercantil. In order to carry out the process of creating an account, with which it will be granted by the client.

Several highlights will be presented to begin the process of obtaining an account, below:

  • Voucher of the appointment request
  • Original and Copy of the Identity Document, those Venezuelan or foreign natural persons residing in the country, transients or non-residents in the country (Applies with a valid Venezuelan visa)
    If the person is in marital status is Married, he / she must present the following documents: Original and Copy of the identity card of the spouse, Original and copy of the Marriage certificate.
    In case the marital status is not updated in the Identity Document, it must be presented to prove the original and copy.
  • Digital proof of RIF (Single Registry of Tax Information)
  • Original and Copy of Receipt of a Public Service or private that is in the name of the applicant, also, the original proof of residence in force.
    If the applicant does not have the receipt of the service with his name, the residence certificate must be original issued by the highest authority of the municipality where he resides: headquarters, community councils, parish councils, mayors, civil registries or the CNE (National Electoral Council. This certificate must include the full name and surname, identification number, location where you reside. This document is valid for 30 days from the date of admission.
  • Must be carried two bank references or two personal references.

    These bank references are physical (Except for those people who open the account for the first time)
    Bank references are valid for 30 days.
    If you do not have a reference as mentioned before, you must request the Affidavit of not having an account in another banking institution, by clicking on this link.

    The two personal references must meet a headquarters of characteristics, such as: Be legible, written with the full name and surname, identity number, landline or mobile phone and the address where the person is located.
    Family members or third parties can be issued, as long as they do not reside with the applicant.
    This reference has a validity of 30 days.

Proof of work, Attestation Report or Income Certification:

  • Worker under a dependency or salaried relationship: They must issue the company on a sheet, the letterhead, which contains the RIF, with the address and telephone number, indicating all the data of the person plus the monthly salary (position and date of entry)
  • Independent professional: Have the original attestation report on income or certification of income. This must be issued no more than 3 months. Issued and signed by a duly authorized professional.
  • Own business: You must have the statutory constitutive document of the Company and its subsequent modifications in force, duly registered in the commercial register.
  • Student or Housewife: It must include the original proof of studies (signed and stamped by the house of study), proof of work and personal identification.
  • Pensioners and Retirees: Have the electronic certificate of pensioners issued by the IVSS (Venezuelan Institute of Social Security) and the retirement certificate that must not be older than 3 months.

Also, on the Mercantil page you can print all these collections in order to have on hand and not forget any steps for those who need to create an account in this bank.

Steps to Open an Account at Mercantil

Mercantil tries to improve its form of income toIncrease your customers every day, in order that more current accounts exist and are created today.

Therefore, a form has been created more comfortable and easy to process an account at Mercantil.

Therefore, several steps must be carried out as requirements for a Mercantil Account, which will make the pass to have this account and enjoy all the benefits:

  • Make the appointment request with this link, where it will be entered with the type of client and identification document.
  • Download or print the necessary precautions, as mentioned before, in this link you can check and get more information.
  • Complete the requested documentation
  • Approaching offices with documentation where it must be attended by relationship executives.
  • Download that the contract of this product is governed to order, by clicking here.

Account Types

There are several accounts that can be of great help and adapt to each user, you can find 4 account types, and they are:

  • Current account: It contains interesting benefits, making transactions, accessing products and services provided by the Mercantil team. Enter from the mobile device or Tablet, computer, as well as ATMs and automated system. Make payments through the web portal with a wide variety of options.
  • Saving: Yield with interest calculated on the available balance, based on 360 days paid at the end of the month.
  • Maximum: It has all the benefits of a checking account and greater mobility to make transfers, own or third parties.
  • Foreign currency: Here you can mobilize funds and make payments in foreign currency whenever necessary, electronically and through Mercantil Móvil Personas.

The great benefits that all this account brings are very important for each user, since it has a wide network of offices throughout the country, it has a digital account statement, where account statements can be viewed easily and securely in Mercantil Business Line.

It has a wide variety of banking services and with a new way of looking at Checkbooks and Mercantile Checks, modernity and good design stand out.

Advantages of Opening an Account at Mercantil

This Banking entity always has thought of providing the best comfort to its clients, putting the disposition in the Payment Portal, a service where it is developed by Mercantil, in order to make payments for services with the credit card Visa and MasterCard from any national bank or merchant key debit cards.

There are several benefits that make this company of excellent quality, and they are:

  • Availability at any time it is needed, without having to move to any office.
  • Always looking for build trust, with the backing offered by one of the main banks in the country.
  • Practical, since it is in a simple way, in a single site and in a few steps where you can make multiple payments by adding services to the payment cart.
  • With the option of My Frequent Payments, Payments can be made with better speed, thanks to the fact that the portal saves the history of operations.
  • The security that transmits, since it does not store information on payment instruments.
  • A portal with a good design and to your liking, marking as the favorite company of many users, organizing by company categories available at the convenience, and setting the limit amounts of daily and monthly payments.

If you are looking to enter the payment portal, you can access this link: With these requirements for a Mercantil Account, you can enjoy great Benefits.

Banco Mercantil headquarters in Venezuela

This Bank, created in 1925 by a group of 98 entrepreneurs, founding with the name: “Venezuelan Neerlando Bank ”.

In an economy determined by the great agricultural activity as a main component of income, this company grows.

Being an official representative in 1Diners Club 968. In 1982, the Torre Mercantiil skyscraper was built as the bank’s new headquarters.

Shopping for him 2000 a number of financial and insurance institutions, such as Interbank, Entidad de Ahorro y Prestamos Venezolana, Banco Monagas, Seguros Orinoco.

It can be found at the main headquarters in the city ​​of Caracas, located at: Avenida Andrés Bello, N ° 1 Edificio Mercantil Caracas 1050, Venezuela And the contact telephones: (58-212) 503.1111

If you are not in the capital of Caracas, you can locate the closest establishment to you in your area, using this link, you can see all the offices that exist in Venezuela.

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