Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro: Types, Headquarters and MORE

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The Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro They are the most important aspect that you must take into account when carrying out this procedure. It will allow you to know what you need to consign in the Bank and it will save you time by avoiding trips to the headquarters without already being oriented.

At the same time, it is important to know what type of accounts exist, what are the benefits of opening your account at this bank, what the web portal is for and where you can find the Banco del Tesoro headquarters, among many other things.

This bank has a long history in the country, offering financial services for decades. If you are interested in knowing How to Open an Account at Banco del Tesoro, stay with us! We will explain all this and more.

What are the Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro?

Let’s start with the Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro. In this way, you will first know what you need to enter in order to open your account. This is probably the most important section, so take the time to consider all of them.

At the same time, it is convenient to mention that there is more than one account that you can open at this bank. Do not worry! Luckily for everyone, the requirements are the same.

General requirements

  • Copy of the identity card. If you are a foreigner, then a photocopy of your passport. This must be current.
  • At least two (02) Bank references These must reflect the name and wet stamp of the bank that issued them. The exception is made only if it is the first time you open an account.
  • RIF current and with the updated address. This is issued by SENIAT.
  • Two (02) Personal references These must reflect the basic data of the people so that they can be contacted (full name, identity card, address, telephone number).
  • Original from Salary certificate. This must be signed by a certified Administrator or Accountant and is only required for people with free economic activity and who receive other income.
  • Affidavit of having an Independent Economic Activity. You can find the format in any bank branch. It is only required for people who sell goods and / or services independently, with a monthly income of less than four (04) minimum wages.
  • Proof of Work. This should indicate your name, basic monthly salary, position, date of entry and the identification data of the company (RIF number, letterhead, local telephone numbers and address), together with its stamp and signature. It must be issued by the same company.
  • Copy of invoice or proof of payment of a service, be it public or private. The important thing is that your address is reflected. If you are renting, lease or proof of residence. This last document can be obtained in the communal councils, civil headquarters, condominium board, and so on.
  • If there is a cohabitation or marriage, you must provide the details of the couple. This is a purely verbal requirement.


The references (personal and bank), as well as the Work Certificate and the copy of the service invoice, are valid for two months (60 days).

Likewise, there are other requirements if there is a Power of Attorney. Let’s see,

Power of attorney

In this case, the power of attorney must follow the following guidelines:

  • It must be notarized if it is granted within the country.
  • If this occurs outside the country, it must be apostilled and translated or legalized if there is diplomatic representation.
  • Possess the Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro, either to open a checking or savings account.

Finally, you must bear in mind that the presentation of your identity card with the Updated Civil Status It’s very important.

They could ask you for other requirements depending on your economic activity: student, IVSS pensioner, retiree, payroll accounts, etc.

Types of Accounts

The Types of Accounts They are divided into two broad categories: Savings Account and Checking Account. Additionally, we can find the Account in Foreign Currency. We will talk about each one of them so that you become aware of each one and you can be able to see the differences.

Savings account

As its name implies, it has been specifically designed for people who save. These are people who do not carry out a large number of transactions each month, but actually keep the funds in the account for a certain time to be able to use it in the future.

Keep a certain amount in the account will generate interest, since this saving can be captured by the bank and invested.

It may sound a bit complex, but basically you will get a certain amount for the amount of money you save. That is why it is ideal for people who do not make many transactions weekly, or in very large amounts.

The deposits you make at the headquarters will be marked in a notebook. You will acquire this when you open your account. Likewise, you can manage your funds through a Debit. With this you can pay at points of sale, make advances at ATMs, and so on.

Also, although it is designed to keep money immobile for some time, you can access it and use it whenever it suits you. At the Treasury Bank, we have:

  • Savings account common.
  • Boys and Girls of the Homeland, for children from 0 to 17 years of age.

Current account

The Current account it is used for current payments. Very common for freelancers who need to mobilize money on a daily basis. Also by companies, for the payment of payroll, suppliers, etc. It is designed for people who carry out several transactions a day.

They are always moving the funds they keep in the account, so in general there is no time to save, nor is this the purpose.

It is handled with checkbook, to make payments. You get this once you open the account and with it you can issue payment orders for customers, suppliers or whoever you want. At the same time, a Debit so that you can make your payments at the different points of sale and can withdraw cash at the enabled ATMs.

You have the option to request a Credit card, depending on how you mobilize your money. These accounts do not earn interest and generally require a minimum opening amount.

The Treasury Bank offers you several accounts of this type:

  • Paid Checking Account,
  • electronics online.
  • Unpaid.

Foreign Currency Account

This account is created for people who want to keep their money in foreign currency. It is a completely legal financial instrument. You can enter inside the Current Account (USD) and if you are of legal age and you live in the country you can create it.

Legal persons can open it even if they are domiciled abroad. Obviously all must meet the Requirements for an Account in the Treasury Bank.

Benefits of an Account at Banco del Tesoro

The Benefits of an Account at Banco del Tesoro they are basically the same for all accounts, with the occasional exception. For this reason, we have decided to collect all the advantages of opening your account and we have made a separate point for the exceptions. Let’s see,

  • You do not need a certain initial amount to open an account.
  • You can make your transactions, check your balance, among other things, using Online Treasure.
  • Access to all points of sale and ATMs in the country.
  • You can check your balance by calling 0800BTREASURE, using your phone code.
  • In the case of Electronic Checking Account, there are no charges for issuing the card.
  • For the Account in Foreign Currency, you can mobilize your money only through transfers. In addition, you will be able to use Tesoro Online only for inquiries.
  • For the different checking accounts, you will have checks and debit card to carry out your transactions.
  • For the Paid and Non-Paid Checking Account, you can request bank references and conformable checks throughout the country.
  • The Paid Checking Account and Savings Account, as well as that of Girls and Boys of the Nation, generate interest on the minimum monthly balance. These are paid at the end of each month.
  • There are no charges to supply the savings book for the boys and girls. Likewise, this account is exempt from the payment of services.

As you can see, the Paid Checking Account generates interest while the other does not. Likewise, the Electronic Current Account is very limited compared to the other two.

Finally, we would like to point out that there are some requirements for the account of children in addition to those that we mentioned. If you are interested in knowing more about the Savings Account Children and Children of the Homeland, You already know what to do.

As you will see, all these are advantages that must be taken into account and that you should study to know if they cover your financial services needs.


You should know that to open any account you must first generate an appointment. This will save you time and guide you through the procedure. To generate the PRE-OPENING enter this link.

Web Portal to Manage your Account at Banco del Tesoro

On the other hand, the Treasury Bank Portal allows you to perform many actions. This page has been created to keep clients and potential clients up to date with the bank’s news.

It is separated in area for natural people that they will use their account in their own name, and to legal persons who wish to manage their finances.

Some accounts match for both personalities, such as the Paid and Non-Paid Checking Account, as well as the Foreign Currency Account.

On this page you can learn about the Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro, enjoy the Pre-opening service and know the ways you have to contact the bank. You will be able to know about the available credits, credit cards, fixed term certificate of deposit and other services.

Finally, one of the most important aspects: you will be able to access the Online Treasure. From this page you can carry out various transactions, check your account statement, make payment for services of various kinds, pay your credit cards, transfer and make instant payments, and so on.

Headquarters of the Banco del Tesoro in Venezuela

The Treasury Bank headquarters You can find them distributed throughout the national territory. They are there to offer their services in a decentralized and efficient way, for everyone who wants to open their account with this bank.

The offices can be found in the center, in the east, in Greater Caracas, in the western center, in the Andes, in the Occidental and in Guayana. You can enter the following link about the Venues so you can know where to go when you want to open your account.

From them you can make your deposits, carry out procedures related to your account, cash checks and request various services.

Account in the Treasury Bank: What is it?

The Treasure bank is a financial institution that offers services of just this type. It was founded in 2005 and by 2020 it has more than 120 offices throughout the country for all those users who want to link with the bank.

It is the first trust bank that Venezuela has had and its headquarters are, of course, in Greater Caracas. From it you can open accounts to manage your money, request credits and invest if you wish.

Today we talk to you precisely about the Requirements for an Account at Banco del Tesoro. We hope these have been helpful and that you now know more about the types of accounts that exist and the benefits of each.

Until next time!

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