Requirements for an Account at BNC: Types, Advantages and MORE

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The requirements to open an account at BNCThey are necessary steps to comply with the bank’s regulations, very practical and easy to find. In this way, you can enjoy the great benefits that BNC brings as a banking entity.

The National Credit Bank (BNC) is a financial institution specialized in the university bank. Counting with 79 agencies at the national level.

In this article, some data from the BNC bank will be indicated that can be of great help in order to get out of many doubts regarding this bank where more than 1,500,000 clients

What are the Requirements for an Account at BNC?

Request the account opening at BNC it is much simpler than it seems. But, it is important to organize everything that is required and what is required in the bank.

Here we will announce all the requirements that are essential to acquire an account in this bank.

Savings account

In a letter-size manila folder, with a respective label where the name, surname and identity card number of the person requesting the opening. (This label should be located on the side of the manila folder)


  • Collection Worksheet Traditional Savings Account. You can enter with this link You must bring two copies of this form.
  • Identity Card (Original and Copy)
  • Passport for foreigners (Original and Copy)
  • RIF (Original and Copy)
  • You need an original of a bank reference. It must include the smoke stamp, name, address and telephone number.

All these requirements must be submitted by the owner and the date of issue cannot be higher than 90 days.

  • If you do not have accounts in other banks, you must complete the Affidavit Format
  • Original of two personal or business references: The commercial references must have the names and surnames, identification number, name of the business, address and telephone number of the company.
  • And finally, RIF and wet seal.

Current account

For this account, the steps are still followed in the same way. The only thing, which contains two types: The paid and the unpaid, which is something classic that banks give.

In paid ones, they are the same as opening a paid checking account. In the same way, you can check everything to make it clearer, by entering this link

It’s important to remember:

  • Minimum opening amount is Bs. 250.00
  • Greater than 18 years
  • The collections to be requested must be of black and white.

Account Types

There are several types of account that facilitate and adapt in the best way for each person, be it a savings or checking account.

Savings accounts

  • Traditional Savings: In this product you can mobilize the money in cash, through a savings book or through the BNC debit card.
  • Orange Savings Account: They have the same operation as traditional accounts, in order to promote more clients by updating them and improving their personalized attention.


  • Remunerated Current: Mobilization of money through a BNC Debit Card.
  • Term Deposits: An investment increase can be made, committing the fund for a period greater than 31 days.
  • Foreign Currency Account: Transfers can be made in Dollars or Euros (Cash or Electronic)

Advantages of Opening an Account at BNC

There are many advantages and benefits that tend to help many users as requirements to have an account at BNC, here we mention some of the most outstanding:

  • In the BNC savings account, interest can be generated based on the average monthly balance. That is, a daily amount is taken maintaining throughout the period and is paid on the last of the month.
  • For clients, they are available to mobilize money at the time it is needed, through the BNC debit card.
  • Have acces to BNC NET to carry out all transactions.
  • You can join through the web portal of spublic and private services.
  • Access to ATMs to be able to withdraw money at any nearby establishment.

Web Portal to Manage your Account at BNC

In the web portal you can get several options that make everything much easier, but for this you must register with the National Credit Bank, using the platform BNC NET. Any necessary procedure can be performed on this page:

The important thing to do this registration is:

  • Put the number debit credit card, identity card and password requested.
  • To place the code, the platform will analyze a new user. This will open the Registration Form.
  • It will request the data, email and a new alphanumeric password.
  • The BNC sends an email previously provided, by which a link will appear to start the data recording, this message is valid for 72 hours where you must be very aware.
  • When finished, the data will begin to count the business days that the bank works to make the request through the portal.

By being registered, you can enjoy great benefits, since, as a client, you can know the management of your money accounts when necessary

If in case, the registration could not be made due to some inconvenience with the appointment, the data will be automatically deleted from the web portal and the request for the pre-registration.

The BNC team adds with a firm method to offer strength to act before any requirement that the user requests, such as transfer, inquiries, account statements. Among its features, we can find the following advantages of the web portal:

  • Credit inquiry
  • Notification of execution of operations via email
  • Check balance and movement of associated accounts
  • Transfer between BNC accounts
  • Associated account statement.

BNC headquarters in Venezuthe A.

To carry all the requirements for an account at BNC you must go to the nearest offices.

The main headquarters can be found in Caracas: Address: Av. Vollmer, Caracas Business Center, Torre Sur, Urb. San Bernardino, Libertador Municipality, Caracas, Capital District. And you can communicate through their phone lines: (58 212) 597.5111 or Fax: (58 212) 597.5444

Customer Service hours by phone are 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Also contact the numbers: (0212) 597-5000 metropolitan area, 0500-BNC5000 (2625000) interior of the country.

In this link You can view all the agencies and ticket offices that are in the country, in this way, you will no longer be left without knowing where you can have a BNC establishment. Thanks to its premises, you can carry out your proceduress without problem when carrying out a procedure.

What is it?

This institution known as the National Credit Bank, has the mission of providing all clients with security and profitability for deposits, achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality of services and better personalized attention.

In the same way, this company seeks to offer opportunities in finance for projects in various economic areas. In this way, they contribute continue creating and forming new ventures, with the best guide and the best customer service team.

They open their doors in the Táchira state for the year 1977 as a Banco Tequendama (Branch of the bank in Colombia). Later, in the year 2002 A conversation began for the purchase of the bank by several investors in Venezuela, ending in 2003.

The acquisition of the bank and changing the name in April of the same year in National Credit Bank. So far it has become a good choice for all Venezuelans who want to open a bank account.

Over time, many users have recognized that there are great benefits, since it was created for a reason. It has provided all its clients with a trustworthy and secure service, especially to those who deposit their money, instantly it is possible to sustain a better level of quality and attention.

We always seek to offer many opportunities to finance level, to be able to carry out projects in many areas of economic reference activity. You can always contribute a job with a good performance for all clients at the level of quality resources.

Finally, when you know all the great services in your bank, it is time to meet the requirements for an account at BNC and take care of your money, with the best.

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