Requirements for an Account in the BOD: Advantages, Types and MORE

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Do you want to know the requirements for an account in the BOD? You don’t know what types of accounts the BOD offers? Do you want to know everything about this topic? You are in the right place.

In this article you will learn everything about opening an account in the BOD, from the essential requirements according to the type of account, such as information about the entity and its system or web portal.

Stay and read this content so that you can have all the tools and information you need to open or open a savings or checking account at the Western Discount Bank and guarantee the success of the process.

Requirements for an Account in the BOD

In order to open an account in any bank, it is necessary to go through an opening process. In this process, a series of requirements requested by the entity must be provided, and thus be able to obtain an account.

At Western Discount Bank is no exception, so in this first part of the content, you will be able to know what are the requirements requested to open an account.

The requirements vary according to the type of account to be opened, whether it is a checking or savings account.

Savings account requirements

The requirements consist of a series of important documents that you must supply, and here you will be able to know them.

For adults

Each of the requirements for an account in the BOD are mentioned below in the following list:

  • Submit the application form for Pre-opening an account.
  • Issue the Personal Identification Document. In this case, the identity card must be presented, in original and also a photocopy of it, which is legible, and its validity does not matter.
  • Another of the requested requirements consists of supplying a certified employment letter that certifies the client’s employment relationship. Said letter must not have been issued in a period greater than three months.
  • It is necessary to prove the address and residence, for this you can issue any of the documents mentioned below: Some proof of public service such as water, gas, electricity, among others, letter of residence, lease, or other similar document .
  • Present two bank or commercial references, and in the case of not having these requirements, you can present two personal references, where the identity card of the person, a contact telephone number and the signature must appear.
  • If the applicant is a foreign person, you must record the aforementioned requirements, and also the original passport and a copy with a transient visa. Those who have a tourist visa will not be able to open the account.

For minors

When it comes to a minor, you must also provide a series of documents, which are mentioned below:

  • Identity card and birth certificate of the minor. If the child does not have an identity card, they can only present the birth certificate.
  • Identification document of the minor’s representatives. You must issue the identity card of each one in original and a copy.
  • If the minor’s legal representatives are not his parents, he must also present the designation issued by a Court regarding the Protection of Children and Adolescents.
  • Two bank or commercial references, or two personal references. It is important that this document has a copy of the person’s identity card, the signature and a contact telephone number.
  • Some document that serves as proof of address, such as receipts for services or similar.

It is necessary to meet the requirements for a BOD account for the process to be successful. Accounts for minors can be opened from when the child is 9 years old.

Current account requirements

The requirements for this type of account are not so different, but there are some other changes. We are going to present these requirements below:

For adults

In this case, the requirements to supply are:

  • Present the identification document, the cal must be the identity card, in original and copy.
  • Proof of study, or letter of work, as applicable.
  • Two bank or commercial references.
  • Two personal references.
  • Proof of address, it can be a utility bill, residence letter or similar document.
  • If you do not have an employment relationship with a company, you must present an entry certification.

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to open your account at the Occidental Discount Bank successfully.

Types of Accounts offered by the Western Discount Bank

In this section you will learn about the types of accounts offered by this prestigious bank.

BOD Savings Account

At the Western Discount Bank (BOD), savings accounts are an ideal type of instrument for everyone. It has the ability to adapt to each of the users’ needs, it allows you to dispose and manage your money safely.

BOD savings accounts are subdivided into the following types of account:

  1. Classic Savings Account: It allows you to easily manage the money through a debit card or a notebook. And you can also have the account balance when required.
  2. Savings Account Without Passbook: This is an account that, as its name suggests, can be managed without the need for a notebook. It offers to be able to receive income based on the savings in the account. These savings are issued every end of the month.

BOD Checking Account

The BOD Checking account is also a great option. This type of account has three types, which are: Classic checking account, BOD Remunerated account and Assistance account.

These are the types of account offered by the BOD bank.

Web Portal to Manage your Account in the BOD

The Western Discount Bank It has a system or web portal, which allows the user to enjoy many benefits, which may be that it allows users to carry out a large number of operations without having to go directly to any of the BOD headquarters.

Now, to enter this web portal, you can click here. You will also be able to know the new services and offers that the entity can offer. You can register and thus manage and view the account by this electronic means.

Inside of the BOD web portal you will find a menu of options where you can access the different sections that the website offers you. You will see a section of services, service channels, information on the Western Discount Bank and much more.

What is it?

The Western Discount Bank, known colloquially as the Bod is a bank that is responsible for issuing financial services. It was founded in October 1956.

It is one of the most recognized banks nationally and internationally, due to its extensive experience and the great performance it has had, always attentive to the client’s well-being. Its success is based on the application of values ​​and principles that make the BOD a unique entity.


The mission of the Western Discount Bank is based on offering financial services with the utmost seriousness, responsibility, offering excellent service.

It offers its services and products with the highest added value for users. It seeks to create and enrich a relationship of benefits, based on BOD values ​​and principles such as commitment, loyalty, and responsibility.


its vision It is based on training and developing as a financial leader, and being number one as a banking entity for the success and service that benefits many people. It is also based on being recognized for your commitment, profitability, participation and attention.


Below are the fundamental values ​​of the entity that have been a pillar in its development and growth:

  1. Confidence: BOD inspires confidence in every service and product that this entity offers.
  2. Commitment: This is a fundamental value for the Western Discount Bank. The company is committed every day to provide the best services.
  3. Passion: The BOD serves with passion and effort, it is in charge of knowing the clients and their needs, they dedicate enough time to attend to the needs by offering practical and fast solutions.
  4. Innovation: In order to be the best, this entity is in charge of innovating frequently, generating quality creative solutions, assuming new challenges seeking to continually improve to make it easier for the client in their financial management.
  5. Security: With BOD you have security in every operation and transaction you make.
  6. Attention: All good service is accompanied by good service. The BOD offers you quality care, where qualified personnel provide you care in a timely and pleasant manner.

These values ​​are the key and the foundation to be formed as a leading team, in addition to the practice of human rights in respect for clients and colleagues.

Meet the requirements for an account in the BOD and be successful in your process.

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