Requirements for an Account in the Provincial Bank: Types, Advantages and MORE

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In this article you will know whats requirements for an account at Banco Provincial, in addition to appreciating the different types of account, service channels and other information that is really useful.

It is important to meet the requirements and know the types of account to get the most out of the services and products of this bank.

Stay and read this content and gather all the data and information necessary to open your account successfully.

What are the Requirements for an Account in the Provincial Bank?

The requirements for an account in the Provincial Bank, It varies according to whether it is a savings account or a checking account.

In this sense, these requirements are a series of documentation that the account applicant must have at the time of starting the opening process.

In this first section of the article you will know the requirements demanded by this bank and thus be able to gather everything requested and be successful in your process.

Requirements for Provincial Bank Checking Account

If you want to open a checking account at Banco Provincial, you must meet the requirements mentioned in the following list:

  • Identity document: This is a fundamental requirement for any banking process. To open an account you must present the identity card in original and a copy. The copy must be 130% enlarged.
  • Two personal references: In this document the person must prove that he knows the applicant and also that he is a good person. It must be accompanied by a copy of the identity card, a contact telephone number and the signature.
  • Two bank or commercial references: This is another of the requirements requested by the entity and you must present it. Said reference must not exceed 30 days of issuance.
  • Proof of address: The applicant must provide a document that serves as proof of address, and the address of residence must appear. In this case, you can present a receipt for public service, such as electricity, gas, water, among others, or also a letter of residence or lease.
  • Proof of work and / or study.
  • Affidavit of the use of capital.

Remember to comply with each requirement to avoid delays and inconveniences during the process.

Requirements for a Savings Account in the Provincial Bank

Then in this part you will know the requirements to open a savings account at the Provincial Bank. Each of them are mentioned in the following list:

  • Identity Document: You can present the Identity Card or the passport in original and copy.
  • Public information list.
  • Two bank and / or commercial references or also two personal references. It must be accompanied by a copy of the identity card, a contact telephone number and the signature.
  • Proof of Address: You can present a receipt for payment of public services, such as water, electricity, among others. You can also issue a letter of residence or a lease.
  • Proof of work and / or proof of study.

These are the requirements that you must record, remember to comply without omitting any and thus guarantee success in the process.

Types of Accounts

It is important when deciding to open an account to know all the types of account that the bank offers, to be able to choose the one that best suits our financial needs.

Now they present the types of account offered by Banco Provincial:

Current account

It is a unpaid checking account, which has the following: Pre-contracting through a web system, direct debit of payments for services and credit card, issuance of the debit card at no cost.


Their characteristics are:

  1. Includes debit card.
  2. Financial product protected by FOGADE, that is, the Social Protection Fund for Bank Deposits.

Savings account

The Provincial Bank Savings Account, It consists of an account that for interests on the balance that the client has per day, paid ending each month.

It is intended for all persons who are of legal age, who are in Venezuela and also for minors who have the corresponding authorization.

It can be requested at any office of the Provincial Bank.


This type of account has the following characteristics:

  1. It does not have a minimum opening amount.
  2. You can move your account balance with a debit card.
  3. You have the option of making use of the book with which you can make deposits and withdrawals.
  4. allows direct debits for payment of services and credit cards.

Foreign Currency Account

To open this type of account, it is not necessary to have a seniority in the bank as a customer. This type of account is unpaid current, where natural persons who are resident in Venezuela and legal persons have funds in foreign currency.


  1. No minimum opening amount is required.
  2. You can move the funds in the account through: cash withdrawals based on the national currency, Transfer to the same holder in foreign banks and Transfers to third parties in foreign banks.
  3. Issuance of account statement when the client needs it.

Advantages of Opening an Account at the Provincial Bank

Opening an account at Banco Provincial provides a large number of benefits and advantages to the client. Each of them are presented below:

  • You may have the opportunity to opt for different products and services.
  • You have the option of viewing your account statement and making different transactions through the bank’s web portal.
  • You can request advice and attention through the fixed line telephone channels at (0500) 508.74.32, through the web system or at any of the bank’s offices.

Web Portal to Manage your Account at Banco Provincial

The Banco Provincial web portal allows customers to carry out a wide variety of operations and transactions without having to go to an office.

When you enter the website you will be able to find a menu of options where you will see all the information that you can know about the services and products that are offered, know the information of the company and enter personal banking.

Also if you already have an account in the provincial, you can start section and manage your account from that medium. To access you can click here

Care channels

You can contact the staff of the Provincial Bank through the following channels:

  1. Provincial Line: Through this channel you can carry out operations and receive advice. To do this you must contact (0500) 509.74.32 for national calls, and in the case of international calls, call + 58-212-503.91.11 and through Provinet Chat.
  2. BBVA Provinet VIP: This is an exclusive Internet Banking service where you can carry out different transactions quickly and safely. It works 24 hours a day.
  3. BBVA Provinet Móvil: It is an app that you can easily download in the application store of your mobile phone, whether it is an Android or iOS system. With this application you can do many operations from your phone, wherever you are.

Provincial Bank Business Cards

Here are the cards offered by this bank:

Comporte Card

It is a payment instrument designed by the Provincial Bank, the MasterCard Franchise. With this means you can quickly and efficiently manage and administer the funds in the account.

The payment of the card is monthly and is based on the exact date it is purchased. It allows to improve cash flow, facilitates the rendering of accounts, you can acquire a single contract or several.

To learn more about this product you can click here.

Business Credit Card

It is the card that best suits your needs, it consists of a solution that favors the growth of your business.

This card allows you to obtain financing terms of up to 36 months, improves cash flow, you can get better purchases For the company, it also offers you a revolving line of credit for merchandise, raw materials or to strengthen capital.

It offers different benefits such as: Convenience when separating personal expenses from those of the company, making cash withdrawals through ATMs, convenience and ease of credit.

For more information about this effective product you can access here.

What is it?

The Provincial Bank is a Venezuelan banking entity, which has its main headquarters in the city of Caracas. This institution belongs to the Spanish BBVA Group. It ranks third as the largest bank in the entire Venezuelan nation.

It was founded on August 8, 1953 and is one of the best banks in Venezuela and has been recognized for its long history and excellent performance. He always seeks the well-being of his clients and works through frequent innovations.

Nowadays, after more than 60 years of service, the transformations, changes and innovations allow Banco Provincial to offer its users and clients access to the bank at any time of the day and anywhere

It has more than 320 commercial offices, more than 1,700 ATMs, face-to-face, telephone or Internet service channels and mobile applications.

Meet the requirements for an account at Banco Provincial and be successful in your process.

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