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The studies are completely enriching and essential for our growth. That is why once we detect our abilities and skills we must study a career that helps us nurture them and of course that we like, motivate and passionate about, otherwise it will be a complete burden and empty professionals in the future.

If yours is the field of criminal investigation, this article will be very helpful, because we will give you each of the data and Requirements to Study at the CICPC in Venezuela.

In general, on these dates are the registrations for the race that is only dictated in the UNES study house and like all other races you must be sure that your knowledge is consistent with what you will face on its roads and trails.

The National Experimental Security University (UNES) offers an appropriate curriculum for each career that is taught in said house of study, and as for the CICPC, it ensures a training based on solid knowledge in the area of ​​security.

Venezuela needs students with skills and aptitudes for success. If you decide to study this career, you will have as many successes and recognitions as responsibilities, that is, do not allow your gaze to go for the easy, on the contrary, it demands as much of you as you can. We are sure you can!

Requirements to enter the National Experimental University of Security (UNES)

In the following list you will find the profile you should have to aspire to enter the university, if you have everything you will be ready to move on to the next step. And in case you don’t, don’t be discouraged, I know there are more possibilities for you, just try for another career, but don’t give up. Discover the requirements for the CICPC.

  • Being Venezuelan or Venezuelan.
  • Be between 18 and 27 years of age.
  • Possess Diversified Media Education degree.
  • Be free of criminal records.
  • Free from being subject to civil or criminal interdiction. or have been dismissed or dismissed from any body or entity of the public administration.
  • Not having been discharged for disciplinary reasons from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, or other military academies.
  • At no time have they been dismissed or dismissed from any police force or their academies or from any State security agency.
  • RIF (Read How to get the RIF in Venezuela).
  • Electoral Registry.
  • Driver’s license (optional)

Receipts to study at UNES

Very well, the next step that you must do is collect everything that we dictate to you in the following list, review it calmly and organize each document. Remember to have the Original and two (2) copies of each of them with you: (at the end of the article we mention why the two (2) copies)

  • Evidence of registration in the CNE
  • Identity card
  • bachelor’s degree
  • certified high school notes
  • A yellow legal-type folder with a hook and identified with the full name, ID and the PNF for which the applicant participates
  • Two copies of the form you issue UNES website

What is the CICP?

The initials make up the name «The Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminalistic Investigations” which is defined as an institution that certifies the efficiency in the Investigation of crime in any of its aspects, through its scientific determination, in order to guarantee the exercise of criminal action, which will open the way towards a healthy administration of justice.

  • His vision is oriented towards the recognition of their abilities scientific and with excellence in terms of their resources, they seek to highlight their national and international credibility, that is, they are achieving greater success results by demanding more academic challenges.
  • They carry out research on the criminal phenomenon, both organized and violent crime. Leaving the name of the country highby being able to seek justice in this regard.

Constant and faithful to their values, the Respect between colleagues must be fundamental, the Honesty to carry out their tasks as criminal investigation professionals a mark in the heart so as not to divert their eyes, the Ethics and the Moral a north, and of course the Discipline to carry out each task Passion and Wisdom.

Benefits of studying for CICPC

Although the biggest benefit is studying What is a student without additional benefits?

In addition to living new experiences, meeting people, ideas, thoughts, personalities, being a university student must go a little further.

Universities must have benefits for their enrollees, in order to provide them with greater comfort during their time at the institution, that is, take advantage of all this that being a lover of success will bring you…

Yes! of success, why who loves studies loves success.

Next we show you what UNES offers you to each of your students:

  • Scholarship with a coverage of 2000 Bs.
  • Provision of Uniforms (Daily, Tactical and Sports).
  • Lunch service.
  • Medical-Dental Service.
  • HCM type Medical Service (Hospitalization and Surgery).
  • Psychology service.
  • Transportation.
  • Legal Advice and Social Work.
  • Library.
  • Computer Laboratories.

Considerations for CICPC students

Our goal is to give you as much help as possible in information, so that do not have any mishap or setback on the day of your registration and previous days.

When we carry out this type of procedure, most of the time something ends up escaping our hands. I know it is so! But for that we have made this detailed article for your help.

Take a look at the following important considerations What should you take:

  • Whenever you are going to execute an inscription somewhere you should be careful with your original documents, which will generally be required of you. However, after being verified and validated by the institution such as UNES, they will be returned to you without any inconvenience.
  • If you require them again, the information will be sent to you as many times as necessary. Always keep them in order!
  • Proactivity is defined by going one step ahead of everyone, that is why even if they only ask you for a copy of the registration form, Keep in mind to print two so that in this way you have saved one for your registration and support.
  • Think carefully about the career option you will take, once registered you will not be able to change it.
  • keep official page updated from the university, so that you find out as soon as they upload the pre-selection list.
  • Finally, you must be attentive to your Cell phone, local and emailIn these ways they will always seek to contact you.

Now yes, you are ready and informed to start collecting each necessary document, and if you still do not have it because it was lost or expired, it is time to start those procedures, do not wait for the opening of the registrations to do so.

It is also essential to have all these papers in order, either for what you will do or simply be at peace with yourself.


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