Requirements for the Sunagro: Registration, Payments and MORE

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The National Superintendency of Agrifood Management (Sunagro) is the body in charge of controlling companies in the food sector. Likewise, it began its work in 2014 and from then on it works under the supervision of the Comprehensive Agri-Food Control System. In this way, any supply that must meet the requirements for the Sunagro.

In the same way, through these institutions the mobilization of raw materials and food products for their commercialization is regulated. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur or want to undertake in this area, the following information may interest you. Next, we will tell you what you must do to register your business in Sunagro and much more

What are the Requirements for the Sunagro?

To properly perform the Registration of your business or food trade it is necessary that you meet certain requirements. Between the general documents and requirements for the Sunagro that you must have, you can find:

  • Sanitary registration authorization by the corresponding legal entity
  • Present the laminated identity card and copy (1) of the representative or legal owner of the supply
  • Show the original document and copy (1) of the Tax Information Registry (RIF) of the natural person (Venezuelan or foreign)
  • Have the original certificate and copy (1) of the business or its commercial register
  • Refine the Registry of Tax Information RIF, Community Council (C), Government (G), Legal (J)

In the same way, some of the entities and agroindustries that require a formal registration within Sunagro are:

  • Supplies: commercial entities of food products, beverages, cleaning supplies, among others.
  • Customs agents: authorized institutions for the control of imports and exports of merchandise
  • Agroindustrias Aba: entity dedicated to the processing of raw materials for human and animal consumption
  • Oil Agroindustry: industry based on the process and transition of oils that result in mayonnaise, vegetable shortening, margarine, among others
  • Breading Mix Industries
  • Fishmongers
  • Egg Processing Factories
  • Entities of Spread Sauce and Vinegar
  • Cocoa Producers
  • Refrigerated and frozen
  • Franchise warehouses

Registration for the Sunagro

Likewise, after taking into account the requirements for Sunagro and SICA, you must take into account the following indications:

  1. Enter the official website of Sunagro
  2. Click on the “SICA” option located in the central part of the initial screen
  3. Select the window that indicates “access the Sunagro system”
  4. Immediately the registration boxes for the System and database will appear on your screen
  5. Press the option “new company” located in the upper left
  6. Add the Tax Information Registry (RIF) number of your company or business
  7. Access the “search” window
  8. Then the web portal will indicate that your RIF does not remain registered in the SICA and Sunagro
  9. Then, you must complete the form displayed with information such as name and surname of the owner, RIF number of the company, email, among others
  10. Create your username and password
  11. Finish the first process by clicking on the green box that indicates “register”
  12. You will receive a notification via email with the success of the registration. However, you will have to access the web portal again
  13. Once your company is registered, enter your username and password.
  14. Finally, ask a secret question for security methods and press the “validate” option

Payments for the Sunagro

Thus, as we have mentioned before, the Sunagro is made up of support entities in the area of ​​food marketing in Venezuela. Similarly, one of these is the Comprehensive Control System in charge of prior authorizations of goods in establishments and agro-industries.

On the other hand, there is an institution that works in the field of payment methods for registered companies. At the same time, through this you can make payments and cancellations regarding your particular marketing service. As well as, verify your Sunagro account statement.


The Collection Control System (SICOR) is a project that supports the work carried out by SICA. Therefore, its functional approach in essence consists of regulating that all entities registered in Sunagro pay a series of fees. Likewise, these rates or units of amount correspond to areas of procedures and services. Which are in the Law.

In this way, when specifying the requirements for the Sunagro, you can make these cancellations and payments in three ways:

  • Separate payments

As a first alternative, you can make the cancellation, confirmation and registration payment deposits separately. Thus, these should be directed to the respective Sunagro account of the Banco de Venezuela: 0102 – 0762 – 21 – 0000018351. Finally, you must notify the payment made within the accounting statement of the Collection Control System.

  • Mobilization guide

Second, you can have the payment option through the mobilization guide. Therefore, you must carry out the cancellation requesting the collection form of the Banco de Venezuela. With which, it should be directed to the Sunagro account holder: 0102 – 0762 – 21 – 0000020527. Likewise, you must enter the SICA code at the top of the form.

  • Collection form

Third and last instance of cancellation, is the utility of the collection sheet by the financial entity. Likewise, you must reflect the SICA code in it and make the payment to the following account number: 0102 – 0762 – 27 – 0000018403. In turn, these must be carried out on the 15th or 30th of each month and it is not necessary a respective notification.

Finally, after you make your payment of fees related to business services, you will be able to enter the SICOR system. To do this, you must use your previously registered username and password. Then, when executing this access, you will have at your disposal the account statements and transactions carried out at certain times.

Web portal

The Sunagro web portal works as an information facilitating tool from a much more accessible modality for you. Therefore, this entity leans towards the new methodologies of the digital age, reinventing its service and consultation alternatives. Also within this page you can find options for registering to the system, payments, among others.

Initially, to opt for this benefit it is necessary that you enter the official website of Sunagro. Once in it, you will find access windows on the screen such as:

  • Affiliations as a new company if you have not yet registered in the database
  • Access to your own account by entering your username and personal password
  • Carry out the initial load of inventories according to the item you have available
  • Verify the record of receipt of your product and raw material so that you are aware of its shipment, procurement and processing.
  • Grant the dispatch registration with which you can carry out the mobilization of selected goods
  • Maintain a certain control regarding the internal consumption of your products in commercialization
  • Service telephone directory in which the customer access numbers will be reflected depending on the industry to which you belong
  • You will have the option to recover or reset your user password in case you have forgotten it

What is the Sunagro?

The National Superintendency of Agrifood Management (Sunagro) is a regulatory institution based on compliance with food safety in Venezuela. Likewise, its creation was given from the Law corresponding to the National Integral Agrifood System (SNIA). Therefore, it was under the approval of the government.

In the same way, this national entity began its work in 2014 and is obliged to responsibly specify the policies and conditions established in the Ministry. The latter refers to the body in charge of the food area, which is given the guarantee of commercialization of each establishment.

However, it is important to mention that to carry out the distribution of products, the company must be registered in the Sunagro system. In addition, it works together with other associated entities. Among them we can mention the Comprehensive Agri-Food Control System (SICA) and the Collection Control System (SICOR).

Thus, both entities mentioned in the previous paragraph are in charge of the regulation of products and respective payments by each company within the database. Subsequently, the Superintendency, together with its alliances, are in charge of controlling, inspecting and supervising each of the items found in the national territory.

In the same way, they proceed to create support plans and projects in relation to conservation, storage, conditioning and dispatch of agro-food raw materials. That is why, being the owner of a food establishment, you must proceed to the respective registration. With which, you fulfill each of the requirements for the Sunagro.

To conclude, we can specify that the Sunagro responds to activities provided by public and private institutions. That is why it is committed to the granting of national food security and the participatory activity of communities in social organization. With which, it handles company and business regulations through its RIF.

Start your agri-food business and sign up for Sunagro!

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