Requirements to be a Deputy: Functions, Election and MORE

The deputy is a legislator in charge of amplifying the voice of a respective community. In this way, it is responsible for attending and being aware of the concerns of citizens. These are then debated within a legislative council for the benefit of each neighbor in their area. Thus, to reach this position it is necessary for the applicant to comply with the Requirements to be a Deputy.

Likewise, this authority figure belongs to parliament and must maintain its focus on defending the rights of society. In addition, you are given the disposition to propose improvements in your district or municipality. If you want to be a candidate for the Chamber of Deputies in Venezuela, take into account the following information. Here we will tell you how the election process is carried out and more.

What are the Requirements to Be a Deputy in Venezuela?

Mainly, it is necessary that as an applicant you comply with a series of requirements to be a deputy. In the same way, these regulations in compliance are governed by the law established in the Constitution of the Republic. Therefore, some of the requirements that you must take into account are:

  • Have Venezuelan nationality
  • If you are a foreigner, you must have a residence of at least 15 years uninterrupted
  • Have a minimum age of 21 years
  • Have maintained a residence of four consecutive years within the community in which you wish to apply
  • You must formalize your registration in the Electoral Registry

It should be noted that the following positions of authority in the country NO may run as candidates for parliament:

  • Republic President
  • Executive vice-president
  • Ministers
  • Secretary to the President
  • Leaders of autonomous institutions belonging to the State
  • Governors
  • State and District Secretaries
  • Municipal, national and state public employees

Functions of Being a Deputy

Now, in addition to taking into account the requirements to be a deputy, it is necessary that you fulfill certain functions. Thus, you provide the community with optimal solutions to concerns and situations of social improvement. For this, it is also essential that you have ideals of progress, whose aims consist in improving your area.

Among the functions of a deputy we can mention the following:

  • Approve legislative activities and transform them into laws within the country
  • Maintain mandatory communication with their peers within parliament
  • Present a permanent control regarding other charges
  • Maintain optimal economic administration in the institutions at the hand of the State
  • They have the power to report any type of injustice carried out by public officials or employees
  • Be aware of and demonstrate approval of the country’s financial budget

  • Authorize the performance of missions in the military field outside the national territory
  • Consider the exit permit of the President of the Republic in case of having to be absent for a period of time
  • Safeguard compliance with the functions and established laws
  • Stay within the scheduled sessions of the National Assembly
  • Be a participant in the election of the President of the National Assembly

Election Process to Be a Deputy

After complying with the requirements to be a deputy, the election process is based on the following:

  1. According to the Law, the process of election of the members of the National Assembly must be parallel and personalization by vote
  2. The purpose of this vote is to elect the nominal positions and representatives to positions from the list.
  3. Likewise, the roll call voting process will not affect the list voting process.
  4. All candidates elected by nominal constituency or by list, must have an alternate
  5. In the event that neither of the two positions is presented, partial elections will be held.
  6. For each state and Capital District 3 disputed or deputies will be elected
  7. Additionally, a group of deputies will be elected that will correspond to the total of dividing the number of municipal population by 1.1% of the country
  8. The country’s population will be considered based on the latest national census process
  9. This data, in turn, must be authorized by the National Assembly
  10. When the number of parliamentary members participating in the election is equal to or greater than 10, three positions will be elected by list
  11. Thus, the remaining candidates will be elected by means of a nominal constituency.
  12. The elected candidate can vote for the candidates he wishes, according to the nominal positions that correspond to him based on his constituency

Validity of the Deputy Office in Venezuela

First of all, it is convenient to mention that the term of office as legislator consists of 5 consecutive years. Likewise, once he becomes a member of parliament, the first period of sessions is held in the National Assembly. It is carried out without a call from January 5 of each year to August 15. Then, the second period will be from September 15 to December 15.

Next, according to the laws established in the Constitution, the following is proposed:

  • The deputies and other members of the Assembly must meet and hold sessions to address necessary and urgent issues
  • The process of function of the instances required to debate will be determined by the normative Regulation

  • The quorum or number of people needed for an election cannot be less than the total number of members of parliament.
  • Each member of the Assembly exercises control measures through interpellations, investigations, authorizations, among others.
  • Decisions made within parliament must be followed by public employees
  • Also, the previous mention refers to people with particular positions
  • The investigative council does not proceed before the other public powers
  • Lawyers, judges or judges have the obligation to approve these tests and sustain commissions on the part of the legislators

National Assembly of Venezuela

The National Assembly of Venezuela It is the regulatory body that is in charge of providing the legislative power in the country. Similarly, it was founded after the authorization of the Constitution in 1999 and is made up of 167 legislators or deputies. Likewise, at present, it is governed under a unicameral system (Chamber of Deputies).

In the same way, to reach an agreement and authorize decisive laws within the Assembly, different types of votes in favor are required. First, the simple majority or a total number in favor of half plus one can be mentioned. On the other hand, three-quarters of the total number of deputies is used as the second majority method. Both are carried out in votes.

Thus, the current National Parliament was installed on January 5, 2016 and will continue to exercise actions until January 5, 2021. In the same way, who met the requirements to be a deputy currently was Juan Guaidó. At the same time, this entails a parallel government after being sworn in as President-in-Charge of Venezuela.

In addition, it should be mentioned that in 2019 the possibility of electronic voting for deputies who are not in the country was included. With which, it was necessary to take them into account within decisions carried out by Parliament. However, this alternative is subject to changes or regulations.

For its part, some of the functions of the National Assembly are:

  • Maintain authority against the actions of the National Power
  • Carry out ideals of transformation of laws implemented in the Constitution
  • Specify an adequate public administration under the regulations reflected in the Law
  • Encourage collective participation actions by citizens
  • Discuss national budgets, tax areas and public credits
  • Agree on the economic and financial growth project of the country presented to the National Executive
  • Select the members who will become part of the National Electoral Council
  • Demonstrate the regulations and percentage of capital available to the entire Parliament


2000 – 2006

  • William Lara. August 2000 – January 20003. Fifth Republic Movement (MVR)
  • Francisco Ameliach. January 2003 – January 2005. Fifth Republic Movement (MVR)
  • Nicolás Maduro. January 2005 – January 2006. Fifth Republic Movement (MVR)

2006 – 2011

  • Cilia Flores. January 2006 – January 2011- Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) / United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)

2011 – 2016

  • Fernando Soto Rojas. January 2011 – January 2012. United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)
  • God given hair. January 2012 – January 2016. United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)

2016 – 2021

  • Henry Ramos Allup. January 2016 – January 2017. Democratic Action (AD)
  • Julio Borges. January 2017 – January 2018. First Justice (PJ) / Democratic Unity Table (MUD)
  • Omar Barboza. January 2018 – January 2019. A New Time (UNT) / Democratic Unity Table (MUD)
  • Juan Guaidó. January 2019 – Currently. Popular Will (VP) / Table of Democratic Unity (MUD) / Independent

What is Being a Deputy?

The deputy or deputy consists of the authority that takes actions within the National Assembly with respect to a specific community. Also, he must participate in concessions organized in Parliament and maintain communication and agreements with his peers. That is why each member of the Legislative Council must ensure compliance with the regulations.

Likewise, this figure of mandate must exercise control in the other national powers. Therefore, it has the disposition to authorize, supervise, resolve concerns, question and sanction acts carried out by other public employees. In addition, together with the other deputies and members of the National Assembly, they discuss legislative measures and proceed to voting.

To conclude, it is convenient to highlight the Council or the Chamber of legislators is a fundamental part within the national power of a country. Due to this, they serve as support with reference to the Venezuelan Executive Power. Therefore, it is precisely in charge of regulating and ensuring proper compliance with public laws and, on the contrary, establishing sanctions.

Aspire to Parliament and take care of your Municipality!

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