Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela

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What Venezuela is living today related to the purchasing power suffered by Venezuelans, that it is increasingly difficult to obtain basic things such as food, personal hygiene products, clothing and footwear, not to mention that public services are in decline, making life in Venezuela more difficult.

Due to the problems mentioned above, Venezuelans are choosing to emigrate to other countries in search of a better life. One of the countries where Venezuelans seek asylum in Chile, the Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela are the following:

What documents must I legalize to go to Chile?

If your desire is to make a life in Chile, either because you have heard information that living in that country is better than living in Venezuela, because the work is better paid, the services are complete and without any type of failure, all your relatives reside in that country or because you simply like Chilean culture, you must take into account the following steps:

Before continuing, I have to tell you that you must have a valid Criminal Record Certificate… –>If you don’t know how to get it, go to this website.

Step 1.

You must have knowledge about this that I am going to show you below:

  • After you are already on Chilean soil, you have only 90 days to manage your status from tourist emigrant to resident emigrant.
  • You must send the application for a temporary visa to a foreigner by mail to the entity in charge of emigration in Chile.
  • The work permit takes approximately 30 business days, after entering the previous documents.
Note: The temporary visa takes approximately 3 to 4 months, after submitting the documents. Verify the information on the duration of the visa, how long the process of generating the visa takes in the Chilean entity that processes this document. since this process time tends to vary. When you take the photo and you have applied for the Chilean identity card (RUT), check how long the Chilean entity can take to process the document because it always takes the same time, it can be from 3 to 4 months.

Step 2.

The cost to obtain the work permit, the visa and the Chilean identity card (RUT) are that you can see below:

  • The work permit has a cost of 30 dollars, they are paid in Chilean pesos according to how much the dollar is worth at that moment.
  • The temporary visa costs 60 dollars, which must be paid in Chilean pesos according to the value of the dollar at the time.
  • The Chilean identity card or unique national role has a value of 4,270 Chilean pesos, which would be 6 dollars for the day and this document is paid in cash.

Step 3.

As Chile is accepting apostilled and legalized documents, you must legalize, above all, the following documents:

  • The university degrees that you have obtained in the country
  • The birth certificate.
  • The marriage certificate is married or married.
  • The single letter if you are single or single.
  • certified notes.
  • Academic curriculum.
  • Extra-academic programs carried out.
  • Grade records.
  • Black background certification.
  • diplomacy of honorable mentions.

If you legalized at the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations Yes or Yes, you must go through the Chilean Consulate in Venezuela. It is necessary that you carry out this process because if not, the document is not valid in Chile.

If what you did was apostille the document, it is not necessary to go through the Chilean consulate.

Note: It is better that you only apostille to avoid going through the consulate and save yourself from paying the fees that each document costs to process.

Step 4.

As Chile is already a member of the Hague Convention since August 30, 2016, it is convenient that you have:

The aforementioned documents with apostilles are also valid if they are legalized by the corresponding entities depending on the document

The apostille is general, this means that if you apostille for another country that belongs to the Hague convention, they will be used in the same way for Chile.

Step 5.

RUN: Unique National Role

It is the unique and unrepeatable identification number that every Chilean, resident or non-resident in Chile and every foreigner who stays, temporarily or permanently, has a visa other than a tourist one.

You can get this Chilean ID once the resident visa is stamped in your passport.

step 6

You must request the criminal record at the Ministry of People’s Power for Internal Relations, Justice and Peace

These steps are necessary to be able to process the Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela and have no inconvenience to fulfill your desire to travel to Chile.

Emigrate to Chile – minors.

Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela with minors are the following:

Legalized and apostilled birth certificate of the minor: You ask for this in the main registry of your state. You must specify that it is legalized abroad and you must indicate that it is for Chile. You must apostill it in the Ministry of Popular Power of Foreign Relations.

Promotion ticket: The report card that they give you when the child finishes their school year at their school, you must legalize it at the Ministry of Popular Power for Education and then you must apostillise it at the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations.

Bachelor’s degree and certified grades: In this case, these documents do not have to be legalized, only the apostilles in the Ministry of Popular Power of Foreign Relations requesting an appointment in advance.

Minors migrating with only one parent.

Since the father travels alone with the infant, it is required bring the following documents:

The legalized and apostilled birth certificate, legalized in the corresponding entity in the state where the minor was presented when he was born, indicating that he is going to travel to Chile and must be legalized. Apostilled in the Ministry of Popular Power of Foreign Relations.

Guardianship and custody document. This document must be legalized by the Ministry of Popular Power of Foreign Relations. The document must indicate that the parent with whom the minor immigrates has full custody of the minor.

Power of attorney abroad. The document is processed through the SARENin which the parent who does not accompany the minor authorizes the other parent to leave the country with the minor and carry out the necessary procedures before the Venezuelan embassy in Chile, as well as any other necessary procedure to guarantee the legal and regular permanence of the minor in said country. This document must be legalized and apostilled.

Authorization for the trip. The document is processed in SAREN like the power of attorney and is the authorization given by the remaining parent for the child to leave the country on the date indicated on the air ticket. This document does not have to be apostilled, since when you go through migration when leaving the country it is delivered to the agent who attends you at the border.

Minors who emigrate with only one parent and the other does not appear.

In this case of the father or mother who refuses to authorize the departure of the minor from the country or you do not have a way to locate the father or the mother, you have this option:

  • If the case is that the father or mother would not you agree With the departure of your minor child, you must process an authorization for a change of address before the Judicial Circuit for the Protection of Children and Adolescents. In this way, the entities governed by the Organic Law for the Protection of Boys, Girls and Adolescents (LOPNNA) carry out a procedure in which they seek to reach an agreement during the process so that the minor can emigrate.
  • If it is because the father or the mother does not appear, you must also request the change of address before the Judicial Circuit for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, but before starting this process you must exhaust all communication alternatives with the missing father or mother before starting this process. After exhausting all possible ways to locate the father or mother, the court will grant the change of address.

Requirements to be in Chile for more than 90 days in Chili

Venezuelans who wish to stay more than 90 days in Chile must obtain the democratic responsibility visa, this document is part of the Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela essential if you want to stay longer in the country of Chile. The requirements are:

  • Criminal record certificate issued by the Ministry of Popular Power for Internal Relations Justice and Peace, must be apostilled by the Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Relations with a validation code with a maximum of 90 days at the time of submitting the application, ( this does not apply to minors).
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months at the time of entering your application in the SAC system (provisional passport is not accepted).
  • Birth certificate apostilled by the Ministry of People’s Power of Foreign Relations with its validation code. (only for minors)
  • 5×5 photograph (passport type), on a white background, with the front face and full face.
Note: The purchase of tickets, prior to obtaining a visa, is the sole responsibility of the applicant and is not an argument to preferentially attend to the request for this and other documents.

Based on the above mentioned:

  • They clarify that criminal records must be apostilled with the validation code and reaffirm that it must be legalized and apostilled in the corresponding government entities.
  • The passport must be valid for 18 months, that is, you have to wait a year and a half to be able to apply for the visa if you obtained the passport in this year 2018 or have an extension of less than 6 months of validity.
  • You must ask the photo studio store to take the photograph with a white background and you must look in front of the camera.
  • The birth certificate of minors must have an apostille, if they are going to emigrate with children.
  • They recommend that you do not transmit the flight pass if you have not yet received a visa due to the time it may take to process the visa.

Characteristic of the democratic responsibility visa.

The democratic responsibility visa only grants a stay in Chile for one year and can be extended to request permanent residence. Which means that the Chilean residence will only be applied for after staying two years in the country.

In which consulate can this visa be processed?

The democratic visa can only be requested at the Chilean consulate that is in Caracas and the one in Puerto Ordaz, these consulates have been enabled since April 16, 2018 to receive applications for the Chilean democratic responsibility visa.

This visa cannot be processed in Chile or in any other consulate outside of Venezuela.

Since the visa must only be obtained by Venezuelans and must only be processed in Venezuela, now what happens if a Venezuelan who is no longer in the country wishes to emigrate to Chile?Should you wait to obtain the nationality of the country where you are currently living to be able to travel to Chile? either Can you emigrate without the need for this document that is only valid for the current year?

Step to make the online application for the democratic responsibility visa

The Caracas consulate reported on April 15, 2018 how to apply online for the democratic responsibility visa application. The steps to follow go like this:

  • Enter the website of the consular service system by:
  • Once you have entered the page, select the «VISA» option and fill in all the information requested by the digital form. You must select “Temporary resident visa, Democratic Responsibility” in the countryside «Type of visa».
  • Then the requirements must be scanned (the criminal records already legalized and apostilled, the passport with 18 months of validity, and the passport-type photograph with its white background) and upload them to the system.
  • If you filled out the Form Correctly and they send a confirmation email where they approve your application to obtain the Democratic responsibility visa, you must pay the fee according to the value of the day, in the account that must be raised in the confirmation email. The value of the tariff is subject to the value of the Dicom.
  • To stamp the democratic responsibility visa, the consulate will schedule an appointment to which you must bring the proof of payment and the requirements in original and copy. The process is strictly personal for both adults and minors.
Notes: It is recommended to have the democratic responsibility visa approved and stamped in your respective passport before purchasing air or land tickets.

The democratic responsibility visa will only be processed and granted by the Chilean Consulate General in Puerto Ordaz and Caracas.

Important data:

  1. The visa approval time is not defined. But they are working well with the staff they have. At the moment they are summoning 20 people per day but if the flow of requests increases, they may serve fewer people if the consulate does not contract more personnel to process this document.
  2. All the requirements must be in order to apply for the visa, otherwise the visa application may be denied.
  3. If the person who is going to apply for the visa, at the time of going to the appointment, the criminal record is expired, only the date on which this document was uploaded to the system will be taken into account for the visa application. The documents for the visa application that is presented on the day of the appointment must be the same ones that were uploaded in the system.
  4. Visa payment is per person including minors. Each application for a household must be made separately.

Other visas

There is a resident student visa and you must have the following documents:

  • The acceptance certificate of the Institution where you will study in Chile.
  • A certificate of a scholarship or loan stating that you are the beneficiary of the institution where you are going to study. Otherwise you must demonstrate that you have the economic means to live or the statements of your parents who are responsible for your stay.
  • Health certificate reflecting the absence of contagious infectious diseases
  • a certificate that you do not have a criminal record in your country of origin.

Resident Visa Subject to Contract: It is the visa that is granted to the emigrant when he is requested to work in a Chilean company. This visa also applies to family members who live with you such as your wife or husband, your parents or your children, only if they depend on you financially. They cannot carry out paid activities. This visa is valid for the duration of the contract, after which you have 30 days to renew the visa by submitting a new contract. You must have the following requirements:

  • The contract signed in and legalized Chile, the contracting party must be domiciled in Chile.
  • You must show the certified title if you are a professional.
  • Health certificate evidencing that you are in good health
  • Certificate showing that you do not have a criminal record.

As just shown, the democratic visa is not the only visa that is needed to live in Chile, there are other visas that are part of the Requirements to emigrate to Chile from Venezuela that are linked to being able to work in a Chilean company or receive an education in one of the study houses that exist in this country.

Requirements to remain in Chile once the Visa has expired.

Once the Chilean visa has expired, carry out the following processes in order to continue living in Chile with a permanent residence permit:

  • You must send by mail to the Department of Immigration and Migration, they will request a certificate of absence of criminal record issued by Chile
  • A travel certificate of the last year issued by the International Police
  • The specific documentation that corresponds to the reason for which you wish to reside permanently in Chile: for employment in a dependency relationship, investor, family issues, religious services, retirement or any other legal reason for which you wish to live in Chile.
  • The envelope with the requirements must be sent within the last 90 days of validity of the residence visa that you have at that time.
  • The documents sent together with the application must be less than 30 days old.
  • The response to the request takes about 6 months.

The definitive residence does not expire, but if you leave Chilean territory for more than a year, the Chilean authorities have the power to remove the definitive residence, unless you have a justification for why you were out of the country for so long. The reasons for being outside of Chile can be for reasons of study abroad, sickness or any other reason, you must go to the Chilean consulate in the country where you resided for more than one year where you will be given four extensions of one year each and after If you have completed that term, you must return to Chile, otherwise your permanent residence will be annulled.

Among the requirements, the AFP and health contributions are the ones that cause the most confusion among applicants. It is commonly thought that there must be a minimum of 8 months, continuous and with the same employer, when in fact the DEM requires the historical certificate of the last year to evaluate what has been quoted, without establishing restrictions. The analysis is done on a case-by-case basis, so what works for one person may not work for another, and so on.

What happens if you do not complete the procedures to obtain permanent residence?

If you do not carry out the procedures to stay permanently in Chile, three sanctions can be applied to you, which are a fine, a warning or expulsion from the country.

The fines depend on the type of infraction, its duration in number of days, whether there are previous sanctions of the same type (recidivism) and whether the person submitted voluntarily or through a third-party complaint to the International police.

How do I know the amount I have to pay? Where should I pay a penalty or fine?

If you are not clear about the amount to pay, you must personally attend the Department of Immigration of Santiago or at provincial government nearest, where an official will determine the amount of your sanction and will give you a document. With this document you can go to any bank to request a bank view voucher, it must be in your name, in favor of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security Chile.

Once you have completed this procedure, you must return to the office where your fine was calculated and hand in the bank sight voucher. The official will give you a copy of your sanction and the proof of payment of the same.

What happens if I pay my fine and receive a warning?

It is established that the knowledge and/or payment of these sanctions does not mean in any way that your situation changes from illegal to regular immigrant. Once the fine has been paid, and the reprimand received, it will be necessary for you to approach the Department of Foreign Affairs and Immigration of Chile, so that they guide you in how to stay regular in the country.

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