Requirements to Immigrate to Australia: Visa, Advantages and MORE

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The Requirements to Emigrate in Australia They are mandatory for all those Venezuelan citizens who decide to leave the country. Likewise, if you want to live in this country you must know all the information about the type of visa that Australia has for you.

Do you want to work in Australia? Don’t wait any longer and read this article! Here you can get everything related to documents, recommendations and better jobs for Venezuelans.

What are the Requirements to Immigrate to Australia?

Australia is currently ranked as one of the countries with the highest quality of life, economic stability and public safety. Similarly, this country on the oceanic continent has the greatest job opportunities in the world.

For this reason, many Venezuelans decide to emigrate to that paradisiacal country. In addition, Australia offers great opportunities for young professionals with work experience, giving them facilities and great life experiences.

However, to be part of the exodus of Venezuelans who decide to leave the country, all the Requirements to Emigrate to Australia must be known. It should be noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has important agreements with Venezuela, so they do not request such cumbersome requirements.

Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! Next, we will tell you each one of them:

  • The applicant of Venezuelan origin must be under (45) years old.
  • Certificate that proves that the applicant handles the official language (English) of at least 6.0 according to IELTS.
  • Certification document of completion of university studies.
  • Curriculum that details the work history and it is related to the main job offers in Australia.
  • If the applicant is going to emigrate for work reasons, he or she must present the “independent skilled worker” visa.

Just as you need to comply with these Requirements to immigrate to AustraliaIt is also crucial to collect all the necessary documents to be outside of Venezuelan territory:

  • Valid passport issued by SAIME. Still haven’t renewed your passport? Find out at the official website of this institution!
  • Identity card.
  • Letter of reasons for emigrating to other countries.
  • Documents apostilled according to the indications of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Venezuela.
  • Certified employment history.
  • Economic expense letter.
  • Declaration of articles transported to the country of destination, in this case to Australia.
  • Others pertinent to the process.

Other requirements

On the other hand, Australia offers the facility for those trained workers with higher education. In this case, this country offers migration “Skilled occupation”.

The latter, also a form for the Requirements to Immigrate to Australia:

  • Training authorization: The person applying for this type of visa must have advanced preparation in their work environment.
  • Temporary permit for recent graduates: Those Venezuelans who complete their studies in Australia.
  • Seasonal visa for competent worker of regions: It is a permit valid for (4) years in the area in which the immigrant resides, but it must be signed by a relative residing in Australia.

Visa to Emigrate to Australia

One of the peculiarities that the Australian Government has to accept Latino immigrants, especially Venezuelans, is having a visa to enter the country. For this reason, in this article we will explain all the Requirements to Emigrate to Australia according to the types of visa that exist Stay here to find out more!

Subclass 186

  • Be requested by an employer of Australian origin.
  • Job qualification certification. For more information you can visit “TSS Immigration”.
  • Validation by Australian authorities.
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language.
  • Proof of approval of the “Test points” above 60.

Attention! Venezuelan citizens who apply for this visa have the possibility of working and living in Australia permanently. As well as, receive medical attention and social security.

Subclass 187

  • Be admitted to a job in a region of Australia
  • Be requested by the owner of a company in Australia
  • “Combined List of Readable Occupations” Certification
  • Letter of admission by the authorities of the country of destination
  • Be under 45 years of age
  • Manage the official language (English)

In the same way, this visa covers all the specifications of primary care, social security and other types of benefits. Apply for this type of visa!

Subclass 189

  • Minimum of points (60) in the Scoring Test
  • Certification of interest to stay in the country
  • Age less than (45) years of age
  • Fluent English
  • Proof of specialization in work skill

Subclass 190

  • Be appointed or requested by an Australian government body
  • Have at least (60) points in the “Score Test”
  • Be under (45) years of age
  • Proof of work experience signed and stamped by the government of the day
  • Perfect command of English

Other precautions

Subclass 407

  • The applicant may only stay (2) years in Australian territory
  • Health insurance
  • Impeccable record with the country’s authorities
  • Be protected
  • Be of legal age (18 years)
  • Be requested by a Commonwealth Governance agency
  • Management of the official language

Subclass 482

  • Only requested by those who have an international agreement, it will have a permanence of approximately 2 to 4 years.
  • Certificate of protection
  • Work experience
  • Fluent English
  • Presentation of job qualities
  • Two years of experience in your area of ​​work
  • Validation by the authorities of the country of destination
  • Signature and stamp of the sponsor or institution of protection

Sunclass 485

  • Applicant must be newly graduated and able to work
  • Be under (50) years old
  • List of certified readable occupations
  • Medical report certificate
  • Fluent English management

If you are already in Australia and want to obtain nationality, you will have to meet another series of requirements. Remember, if you are Venezuelan and decide to emigrate to Australia you can obtain your permanent residence!

  • Obtain a permanent visa and live for (4) years in Australia
  • Authorization ownership of your address in the last (12) months
  • Have at least (12) months in Australia before applying for citizenship
  • Have no criminal record
  • Accept Australian laws and conditions to fulfill citizenship duties

Processing process

  • Get approximately $ 10,000 – $ 12,000
  • Visa approval lasts approximately (12) months
  • Request all the corresponding procedures to the Consulate of Australia in Venezuela

Job Offers to Immigrate to Australia

On the other hand, one of the most interesting attractions that this country has is the job offers it offers to Latin Americans. Therefore, we will tell you all the steps you must do if you are in Australia and want to start working:

  • Make sure that in the city you reside there are jobs
  • Obtain the type of visa corresponding to your work experience
  • Make an attractive resume where you highlight your most important attributes
  • Have a bank account in a quality financial institution in Australia
  • Present the necessary permits depending on the sector so that you want to work
  • Look for job offers near your home

Similarly, to start working in Australia you must have any of these visa documents:

  • Student visa: Student capable of studying and working at least (40) notes per month
  • Work and Holiday Visa: Allows you to be on vacation for (1) year in Australia and work full time
  • Skilled Nominated Visa: Specifically for Venezuelan citizens who have higher education certifications

Likewise, a point in favor of emigrating to Australia is the quality of job offers and also the minimum salary available. Check here all the details!

  • Minimum wage of $ 14.50 per hour
  • $ 1500 USD monthly salary

To finish this section, it is crucial that you know the biggest job offers requested in this country. Find out and apply for the position!

  • Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Logistics
  • Delivery
  • Babysitter
  • Spanish teachers
  • Others

Do you want to work in Australia? Don’t wait any longer, read all the websites available to search for a job!

  • Indeed
  • The loop
  • OneShift
  • Weneedananny

Advantages of Emigrating to Australia

In addition to meeting the Requirements to Emigrate to Australia, you should keep in mind some advantages and benefits of living in this country:

  • Well structured Latino communities.
  • Diversity of culture both in languages ​​and customs.
  • Job opportunities for Venezuelans.
  • Landscapes and unique attractions in the world.
  • Completely different life experience.
  • Social Security.
  • Quality in higher education.
  • Hospital centers with all top quality equipment.


After meeting all the requirements and documents to undertake this new experience, it is crucial that you read some recommendations to have a successful trip. Stay with us to know all the tips before emigrating!

  • Choose the visa that best suits your conditions
  • Before going to Australia, we recommend that you learn English for (1) year
  • Know all the laws and conditions to live in this country
  • Choose the best city according to your ability to pay
  • Apply for a job in winter, offers abound more in these times
  • The identification document and passport must be valid
  • Create an attractive resume for companies
  • Legalize and internalize your driver’s license
  • Buy an air ticket from Maiquetía International Airport to Sydney
  • Saving previously to cover management and survival expenses
  • Know the area where you are going to live and the nearest transport and hospital centers

Why Choose Australia?

Finally, Venezuelans choose Australia as a destination because it offers multiple activities and unique landscapes in the world. Likewise, this country has the best opportunities for a professional who wants to work in what you want so much and with considerable salaries.

In the same way, Australia has points in favor when choosing or comparing them with other countries:

  • Quality of life: The cities of this country have authorities in all establishments, thus allowing the safety of immigrants.
  • Landscapes: Australia has a tropical climate, with unique tourist attractions and unmatched family activities.
  • Economic stability: If you are looking to live in a country with great business opportunities and a good financial system, Australia is the best option for you. Currently, it tops the list of the world’s most successful economies of scale.

  • Educational system: It has the best study programs for both children and young university students.
  • Immigrant program: More than 20% of the population are foreign citizens, who have decided to live in this country because of the great opportunities and quality of life that Australia has offered them.

What are you waiting for?

Fulfill your dream of living in Australia!

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