Requirements to Legalize the Birth Certificate: Steps, What it is and MORE

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The requirements for Legalize the Birth CertificateIt is essential in every Venezuelan in the country, since he must have it with himself, many today have needed it to emigrate.

Many Venezuelans, due to ignorance, do not carry out this process of legalizing the birth certificate, despite the fact that it is a very practical and simple process.

In this article, we will explain some steps that can be of great help to be up to date with the documentation of births, complete the procedures, what are the requirements and steps to fulfill to legalize the game.

What are the requirements to legalize the birth certificate?

Many do not know what a birth certificate is, first, it must be known that it is a document issued by the official assigned to the Civil registration of the country where the birth occurred.

A lot happens in Venezuela, that every daytask to do becomes complicated, but if it can be achieved, if each recommendation is read in detail, below.

There are a number of requirements that are of great help so that all the requirements for legalization can be fulfilled, therefore, we compile the most important ones that are requested in this entity, and they are:

  • The certificate of the birth certificate issued by the Civil Registry of the Municipality where the birth is registered.
  • Payment of the amount equivalent to 0.5 Tax Units for a document to be legalized.
  • Cancel the value that is equivalent to 12 Tax Units for the concept of paperwork
  • Presentation of a white sheet Legal size, for each moment that you want to legalize which replaces a sealed paper.
  • An original identity card current and laminated.
  • Proof of SAREN appointment request

Steps to legalize the birth certificate

Not all citizens are able to locate the information to obtain any document in Venezuela, since, it becomes a very complicated task. Mainly it has become a highly demanded document for emigration plans, if the person is planning to emigrate.

It is very important to bear in mind that, prior to the legalization process, the birth certificate must be obtained and certified, being a civil document, obtaining in the Civil registration, corresponding to the municipality where the birth registration is carried out.

Once upon having the certified document, the legalization process will begin. Starting by scheduling an appointment with the body in charge of a procedure in said document, for that case the SAREN , through the electronic platform.

Therefore, you must register on any page and obtain a username, password, fulfilling the following steps:

  • I enter the electronic portal of the SAutonomous Registry and Notary Service
  • Press the Record
  • Indicate the e-mail address
  • Click on “Validate” where the system security code will be accepted.
  • You must complete the personal data requested and select the option to “To register”

Second steps

  • You should go to the platform home page
  • Enter the email address and password to log in.
  • Location in option Appointment / Legalization Request
  • Select the legal document, name as birth certificates.
  • Place the associated data to the issuance of the same
  • Indicate the document number that you want to legalize, by pressing “Add”
  • At this point you must choose the date of the appointment, on the availability calendar
  • When finished, press the option “To ask for a date”
  • In this way, you can download and print the voucher.

After being registered in the SAREN and the respective appointment has been obtained as Requirements to legalize the birth certificate, it is necessary to attend the scheduled appointment.

  • Present the scheduled day carrying all the requirements that are demanded.
  • Can be presented at the service box office and deliver the collections to the official in charge at that time.
  • Make the payment of the tax units, so the payment method must be available.
  • Wait for a legalized document to be made, for which a certified copy of the Corresponding Main and Municipal Registry.

So that?

What generates the certification and Authentication of the data that is in it. In case of emigration, this is an essential element to develop a new idea in another place. In case of emigration, this is a essential document to develop a new life in another country.

When the requirements of legalize and apostille, the receiving nation cannot confirm the information presented on the birth certificate.

This means that, if the document does not have any official support that endorses it, both identity for the citizen, and the institutions of entry in any nation, will be questioned.

Are there obstacles in the process?

The situation may result in obstacles, setbacks or problems, at the time of applying for employment, enrollment in educational institutions, obtaining benefits, even receiving any attention in public services. Also, in the worst cases, it can lead to deportation.

As everyone knows, for a document to be admitted, it needs to be verified or legalized to expedite any procedure. It is very important that the requirements are adequately met so that the legalization and the apostille is validated.

As mentioned above both conditions, legalizations and apostille. Originally it is carried out by agreement that Venezuela has with other nations.

These procedures are generally carried out to obtain documents or conditions in international instances. It should be noted that the legalization of Birth Certificate and other civil documents, must be carried out in the state where it corresponds.

For example, if the person is born in Valencia, the process must legalize the birth certificate by registering in the Valencia Principal Registry. The legalization process should not be confused with the apostille, since the latter can be done in any area of ​​the country.


All citizens in Venezuela know the increase and high costs to expedite a process. There are people who can do it for a higher price and it is illegal.

Therefore, this entity tries to eliminate all I cause fraudulent and set their own prices, since, with this, it may be a slow step but it is better to avoid a scam or something else. A payment of 0.5 Tax Units per document to legalize said document.

Then the value of the 12 Tax Units at any bank (this is done when going to the Main Register)

It is important to remember that any process by third parties or from another agency other than the Civil registration, since you can be scammed or pay more for a procedure that the same entity performs.

What is it?

There is the only body that the law authorizes for the legalization of a birth certificate, in three other civil documents, it is called the SAREN, known as the Autonomous Registry and Notary Service.

This body is adapted in the development of technologies, creating an electronic platform that has several secure elements and data protection. Also, sIt tends to be a more practical and simple system for any citizen who needs this service.

It is important to mention that these types of procedures are carried out personally, avoiding payments by other people or additional ones offered by the same entity to carry it out.

The Main Registry of Caracas can be found in the filiation data of births up to the year 2000, Therefore, an immediate request is enabled, through an appointment, certified and legalized copies of the birth certificate using this record directly. Therefore, it is not applicable to request a new one in the Civil Registry or Civil Headquarters.

When obtaining the document, the civil registry, the appointment is requested because the mentioned means to receive the attention of the Main Registry.

To conclude, in the possible way, all citizens must have the cash to pay the corresponding tax units. In addition, they carry two or three copies of requested documents and several white sheets.

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