Requirements to Travel to Bolivia: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Are you planning to visit Bolivia? There are a number of Requirements to travel to Bolivia that you should take into account if so. These will not only allow you to enter the country, but also to stay there. At the same time, knowing the costs of travel, the attractions of this wonderful country, some tips and much more, could be just as important.

Today we will explain all this, so that you can finish planning your trip in conditions, keeping in mind the information that we will give you below about what you need to Travel to Bolivia from Venezuela.

Bolivia It is a country in South America where you can find exciting places to visit such as the Salar de Uyuni. You will also find a beautiful culture and beautiful landscapes adapted to every taste. Without a doubt, it is a country to which you have to travel.

Documents Needed to Travel to Bolivia from Venezuela

Let’s start with the Documents Needed to Travel to Bolivia, which constitute the fundamental part of the requirements to visit this incredible country. Remember that all of these must be in good condition to avoid illegibility problems.

Let’s see what you should bring:

  • Venezuelan passport, effective for at least six months after the scheduled date of entry. This is to avoid inconveniences when leaving the country, especially if you stay more days than planned.
  • Roundtrip plane ticket. The return is especially important to demonstrate that there are plans to return to the country of origin.
  • Hotel reservation or invitation letter. It will make your trip much easier if you already have a place to stay when you set foot on national territory. On the other hand, if you are staying at the house of a friend or relative, the airport security control may ask for the invitation letter.
  • Economic solvency. This is an especially important point, as you must have sufficient resources to stay in the country. Includes cash, international bank cards and other means of payment such as
  • Travel itinerary or tourist package. It is not required, but this could help you manage your time and transportation during your trip.
  • Finally, the Travel insurance. Although it is not very common to acquire this policy, if it is within your means, do so. It will save you bad times.

All these are the Requirements to travel to Bolivia for a Venezuelan. However, you should know that people with Colombian, Brazilian, Argentine, Ecuadorian, Chilean, Paraguayan, Peruvian and Uruguayan passports can travel only with your identity card, strictly speaking.

The nationals of Venezuela if they need to present a passport in order to travel. The rest of the documentation is not normally required at security checks, but it can be. You also need all of them to enter and be in the country.

Finally, the rest of the countries such as Cuba, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Suriname also require a tourist visa to be able to enter the country. Likewise, Middle Eastern countries also need to present the vaccination certificate against yellow fever.

Take your forecasts!

Costs of Traveling to Bolivia

As we always say, Costs to Travel to Bolivia they will depend on many factors. In the first instance, these will vary depending on the season in which you travel.

Visiting this country at a time when there are many tourists, guarantees the rise in prices of absolutely everything, especially plane tickets. This is so due to the excess demand for goods and services.

It can also vary depending on how long you are going to stay and the cities you are going to visit. Logically, the cities most visited by tourists have higher costs.

Finally, it depends on your budget and however you want to manage it, plain and simple. You can stay fewer days and have higher quality, or reduce your luxuries and stay more days. By luxuries we mean using the taxi instead of public transport, eating in restaurants, staying in a five-star hotel and making internal flights.

The ideal months to travel to Bolivia They are from April to October, although you can travel all year round. However, the high season begins in June and ends in early September. You can travel from April-May and September-October. November and December are also good months to travel, but it is the rainy season.

We understand that many times you have to travel when you can, which usually coincides with the high season. In this sense, for an average couple the trip to Bolivia could cost $ 800 to $ 1000 for two weeks.

This assuming that you visited all the tourist places, used buses to move between cities and stayed in various hotels.

  • Food and drinks: they are very very cheap. You can spend $ 8 on food daily, which is equivalent to about $ 110 for 15 days of travel.
  • Transport: Taxis can charge you up to $ 2, while buses are more expensive. These can charge you up to $ 10, as well as boats. Night buses can cost up to $ 40.
  • Hotel: It can be between $ 12 and $ 45, depending on its quality, location and place from where you book it.
  • Attractions: it is probably the most expensive if you buy them with accommodation, food and transport included. Go to the Jungle Tour For 3 days, with accommodation, boat, food, plane and guide, it can cost you up to $ 200 per person.

If you take the most economical route to visit tourist attractions, your budget will probably fall to $ 500- $ 800 dollars.

Attractions of Traveling to Bolivia

With respect to Travel Attractions of Bolivia, we can find many tourist places to visit. The beautiful image that we put in this post corresponds to the Salar de Uyuni, the mirror of the world.

The Salar de Uyuni It is located in the south of the country. It is about salt flats whose waters reflect the image of the sky, which is why it is known as the mirror of the world. Probably your main reason for visiting Bolivia is to know this beautiful place. Here there are hot springs, geysers, pink flamingos and it is usually a three day tour.

Santa Cruz It is the city with the largest population in the country. It is perfect for tourists who wish to carry out Jesuit Missions or to hike the Amazon.

The Sun `s Island it is located on Lake Titicaca. Right there you can visit the Escalera del Inca and the labyrinthine ruins of Chincana. Tiahuanaco It is located in western Bolivia and is an ancient archaeological city. Ideal if you like history, architecture and historical monuments.

The Incahuasi Island It is located in the Salar de Uyuni and is worth visiting. Likewise, you cannot forget to visit the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, where you can see the Laguna Colorada, full of birds and warm colors. Visiting these places could even be within the Requirements to travel to Bolivia.

Finally, we do not recommend visiting … but if you have to, there you have the Death road, a journey without a doubt for the fearful who want to cross to the other side… .of the road.

Venezuelan Embassy in Bolivia

The Venezuelan Embassy in Bolivia It recently opened its doors in June 2020. It is managed by Ambassador Wiston Flores and daily, more than 1,000 Venezuelans who come from La Paz and Santa Cruz are served, mainly.

In peace, this is located in Calle 12 esq. Costanerita Nº 1000 – Obrajes. They are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 am. You can enter this link to know the phone numbers, among other things.


Finally some Tips for traveling to Bolivia that we trust will be of great help to you during your stay in this beautiful country. Always keep them in mind, as they have been offered by people who have already visited the country previously.

  • Keep safety in mind. Keep your personal belongings for yourself, as this country is no exception to theft. Do not walk late at night in medium-risk cities like El Alto, but the rest you just have to take your precautions.
  • Don’t forget about the Requirements to travel to Bolivia.
  • Take out health insurance! Whenever possible, take this option seriously. Bolivia’s healthcare system can be very poor, so you could save yourself headaches.
  • Travel in the right months. These are from April-May to September-October. You will avoid high costs and enjoy a good climate.
  • Transport: avoid the strange taxis, but you can use the minis and micro. They are cheap forms of transport and you will travel with more people.
  • Make your budget in dollars. In Bolivia the Bolivian is used, but it tends to depreciate against the dollar. To avoid complicating your plans, make your budget in dollars and if necessary sell them in official exchange houses.
  • Haggle when possible. If they perceive that you are a foreigner, they might want to charge you up to double. Negotiate lower prices with informal vendors and even dare to order the yapa.
  • Don’t drink tap water, although you should already be familiar with the concept. This is not drinkable.
  • Give your body time to get used to altitude climate. If you have heart problems, ask your doctor about the trip.
  • The Trip plan it’s always good to do it. In it you will find the budget, the itinerary and the emergency numbers of Bolivia. It will make your trip easier and on the internet there are many examples of how you can do it.

Remember that you must carry a backpack in addition to your suitcase. It is a country to go on excursions, to know natural landscapes. Consequently, carry a bag that you can carry and comfortable clothes, better if it is sportswear and good sportswear for walking.

We hope we have been of help with the Requirements to travel to Bolivia and we wish you the best of luck.

Until next time!

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