Requirements to Travel to the Dominican Republic: Visa, Costs and

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The requirements to travel to the Dominican RepublicThey are essential to maintain order in the trips, in this way, you can have a control with the documents that are necessary.

There is talk of a paradisiacal destination with a lot of culture and beautiful landscapes, thanks to its tropical vibes, some Venezuelans choose to travel to this destination in order to find, have fun and explore new things.

In this article, we will specify the procedures for this trip in this country so tropical and full of life, promoting tourism, among other things.

Documents Needed to Travel to the Dominican Republic from Venezuela

This tourist destination that is noted for being a beautiful place for its incredible tropical landscapes, there are not a few citizens in Venezuela who are tempted to choose this country in Central America and the Caribbean.

Still, it should be noted that in Dominican Republic there are a thousand and wonderful places to visit, hundreds of activities to do, and a population that fills each place with its festive spirit.

One of the requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic is essential to have a valid passport, because currently Venezuelan citizens do need a tourist visa to enter the Dominican Republic.

There are cases of foreigners who come from Great Britain, the European Union, Canada or the USA, They have the possibility of legal access to the Dominican country with their passport and tourist card.

Tourist Visa to Travel to the Dominican Republic from Venezuela

Before, it was not necessary for citizens of Venezuela to have a tourist visa. However the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic issued a resolution establishing the requirements to enter with a tourist visa for Venezuelan citizens, starting in 2019.

In the case of other Latin American nationals, it is only necessary to enter with a valid passport. However, with Venezuela, these Requirements to Travel to the Dominican Republic must be met for the tourist visa:

  • Visa Form filled and completed typed or legible handwriting. You can get it in the portal or one of the headquarters of the consular offices.
  • Visa application letter without notarization, must be signed by the beneficiary or representative, with the name, nationality, location, activity or profession, financial means with which it has and the purpose of the trip.
  • 4 x 5 centimeter photograph, from the front and on a white background.
  • Original passport of 6 months
  • Legible photocopy of the Residence card, if applicable.
  • In cases of minors, it must be necessary to have the authorization of the representatives. In case of not being present.
  • Bring a letter of guarantee, notarized and certified by the Attorney General’s Office or Insurance Policy of international migratory guarantee.
  • Medical certification where it is seen that the citizen does not have diseases or contagions.
  • Document showing the solvency economy, such as: Bank letter of the savings account, checking or bank certificate. Labor Certification: here you can indicate the date of entry of the company, position in the company and salary. Include the title of property of residence, business, farm or land, or registration of the vehicle if it has.
  • Valid or expired visa.
  • Legible copy of the hotel booked or tasting invitation with address information and general data of the person who will make the lodging.
  • Legible copy of the flight reservation updated on travel date.

There are other types of visa according to him according to the objective of the visitor, such as: business visa, student, tourism, residence and others.

Travel Costs to the Dominican Republic from Venezuela

There are several airlines where flight prices can be adjusted, from Caracas to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, based on the day of the hour where flights can be booked.

We have investigated for all the readers all the available airlines and we have discovered the best day to book the flights, which are, the days Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

There are tables that can be of great help for travelers who make a plan for 30 days and want to fly during the weekend, there are days where trips usually go down an accessible amount from the $ 289 until the $ 696. A great advantage for those who want to take risks and get a better price.

The flight from Caracas to Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic can mean much cheaper when choosing tickets with multiple stops. Although, those tickets come to sacrifice comfort on average, trips are saved from a twenty% yet 60% to choose a ticket with connection verses a more direct one.

  • The price varies from Caracas to Santo Domingo with connection At a price of $ 420
  • From Caracas to Santo Domingo, if it is direct, has a price of $ 232

In this link You can view in detail the airlines that are available, from the first flight to the last. For one-way roundtrip flights from Caracas to Santo Domingo, it has been found that there is not much difference in prices versus one-way.

  • The price can be found from one way on $ 245
  • For the one round trip, it can be found with a price of $ 420

Flight time

The time for this I return, is 1 hour and 32 minutes. Normally there are 15 flights that go direct to the Dominican Republic. One of the most used and well-known companies is Laser airlines which provides a 46% of direct flights, from Caracas to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In these airports you can monitor any airport information, in this way each user can feel safe to move to where they have gone.

Attractions of the Dominican Republic

Located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, considering itself to have the best beaches in the world. Dominican Republic, is a country with many things that it offers to all its travelers, by which they are attracted by its crystal clear waters, nature and fascinating history.

It is one of the most visited destinations in the Caribbean, where many travelers and hikers try to discover this heavenly place. A nation full of rhythm, it is a country that does not lack good music and dance. Recognized for the creation of the meringue and bachata.

This country has the desire to dance in its blood, every night in any nightclub, you can see people sitting at a bar or dancing in a group. Not only these two genres are danced, also salsa, reggaeton and many more.

And, finally, its incredible gastronomy that delights the palate of citizens and many visitors. Many tourists try the most typical dishes, such as: mangú, rice, meat and beans, and a portion of salad.

Tips for Traveling to the Dominican Republic.

Other requirements to travel to the Dominican Republic is choosing the right clothes for the destination you are planning. Depending on the time chosen to travel, you should prepare your suitcases and bring a rubber shoe, bathing suit, caps, beach shorts, comfortable shirts and others.

It enjoys a wonderful climate in the Dominican Republic, so it is important to be in the accessory bag, the sunglasses, sunscreen and repellent. One of the best times of the year to get to know this country is between the months of December to April. Since, it is important to avoid the time of hurricanes that occur from June to November.


It is important to have the first aid kit and precautions at hand when take trips. There is no mandatory vaccination, but it is always good to visit the Vaccination Center closer, so that they are advised on health care.

Travelers should not forget to bring their pain relievers, medicines for stomach problems, and other medicines that can be found very high in prices in pharmacies in the Dominican Republic.

It is recommended to be very careful with personal hygiene, especially with food and avoid any type of non-bottled water, since cases of cholera confirmed by health authorities.

Also, remembering the dengue epidemic found in Caribbean and Central American countries. Many of the cases are recorded in the norte and in the center of the country.

We know that all travelers want to capture all the memories in photos, so it is good to take electronic devices, such as: chargers, cameras, electrical adapter for plugs. Since, it is impossible not to capture the best moments in this wonderful country.


Finally, the country and especially Santo Domingo, can be considered a safe country, as long as tourists are very careful and prudent. Take good care of the documentation, belongings, passport, credit cards, since, they can be stolen and it is better to avoid these bad moments.

It’s time to plan the perfect trip and enjoy the Dominican Republic!

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