Residence Certificate: Requirements, Procedure and MORE

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At present, citizens who need to carry out certain legal procedures in Venezuela require the Residence certificate, This document allows you to open bank accounts, apply for a job, among others. Complete this process to avoid delays.

The Venezuelan Government appointed the Municipal Civil Registries to issue this certificate. The citizen must go to the entity to which his locality belongs. In the next paragraph, you will find the documents that you must present to obtain the Residence certificate, do not wait any longer and do it easily and simply.

Keep reading, the more you know the further you will go!

Requirements to Obtain the Certificate of Residence

People who are carrying out legal procedures must present the following requirements, keep in mind that it is easy and simple:

  • The applicant must submit the Registry of Tax Information (RIF).
  • Identity card laminated, current and in good condition.
  • In addition, you must record a letter issued by the communal council, condominium board or neighborhood association, which are the bodies authorized for the process.
  • Show a service receipt that shows the name of the person who is performing the process. (Receipt of Electricity, Cantv, Condominium, Gas, mobile or fixed telephony, subscription television), among others. Valid for three months.
  • Finally, a document that proves the residence of the citizen of a public nature. (Document of the property or purchase option).

It is important to present all these precautions to obtain without delay the Residence certificate. Likewise, you must be the legal owner of a property and have lived in it for at least three months.

How is the Procedure to Obtain the Residence Certificate?

Next, we will gradually give you the system you must follow to demand the Residence certificate:

  1. Mainly, you must have internet access.
  2. Have electronic equipment, such as a table, desktop computer, or smart phone device.
  3. Then, you must enter the official page of the National Electoral Council (CNE).
  4. Later, you will see a window and the option «Proof of Residence» that is at the bottom of the page.
  5. After entering, you will see a structure that you must complete with your own information and the location of your room.
  6. Check on the web that all the data is in order.
  7. To verify this, you must go to the headquarters of the Civil registration related to the person and add to his confirmation the 3 structures signed by the candidate, which he supplies the Civil registration.
  8. Subsequently, you must consign the personal document, such as: Laminated Identity Card and a duplicate.
  9. Finally, after the transmission of files and verification of information, the Civil Registry will grant the Residence certificate to the applicant.

Make sure to check if the certificate has 2 duplicates and if both have the verification stamp stamped, since without it the process is not valid. Otherwise, you must demand from the entity’s staff that the documents are in order.

What is the Certificate of Residence for?

The Residence certificate, It is a document that allows to demonstrate the place of residence of a resident, its use goes much further. It is imperative to have this report in case we want to complete a socio-legal system.

Currently, this type of procedure is necessary to open a financial balance or do some legitimate methodology. In any case, this informs the specialists that the home where the resident lives is fully consistent with the Civil Registry.

Moreover, sometimes this record is generally used to complete foreign or international procedures. Consequently, it is essential to have proof of residence of the citizen requesting the procedure.

Who Issues It?

Venezuelan citizens must request this procedure through the Municipal Civil Registries, which work in coordination with the CNE for their control and registration, and thus, keep an order of the addresses that circulate in the public domain.

Nowadays it is important to demonstrate where to live or how long to stay in a specific place. It can happen in three different ways:

  • Stay: When a foreigner stays in a nation for a time that exceeds 90 days, for explicit reasons (work, studies, family matters, the tourism industry, among others).
  • Temporary residence: When the individual is legitimately approved to remain in a nation, but not forever, for a period that exceeds 3 months, but less than 5 years.
  • Durable residence: Unlike a temporary home, the individual can legitimately remain in the nation for an uncertain time, having the same rights as all residents (work, education, etc.)

To approve that an individual owns and inhabits a home under the watchful eye of the law, it is important to have a Residence certificate. Therefore, the requirement to have it, must bear in mind this requirement for legal procedures.

It is important to highlight that the Civil Registry units are responsible for guaranteeing the appearance of specific rights and established methods, be it the character of the people, their common condition (marriage), and some declarations, for example, the Residence.

These workplaces can produce, modify the information, in order for it to be approved and endorsed by the agencies in charge. Therefore, when consigning the collections, verify that they are in order before delivering them and thus avoid inconvenience.

Validity of the Document

At that time, the report is completely reliable during the period in which the resident is living within said place. Despite the fact that there are cases in which the entities determine a specific period of validity of the procedure.

However, its legitimacy is usually not conclusive until the lender’s resident chooses to change their place of residence. However, for this situation, you must update certain documents with the authorized commissioned body.

It is important to mention that the process is carried out within a period of five (8) business days, after receipt of the documents. Remember that all the consigned precautions must be without erasures or amendments to avoid delays in the process.

What is the Certificate of Residence?

The Residence certificate It is a report by which the Civil Registry inspects the affidavit of the applicant, regarding their last location in Venezuela. This procedure is essential to carry out legal procedures that require it.

When is the residence card used?

The residence letter is an official document issued by an authority such as a mayor, block chief, delegate or even commissioner to indicate that a person is locatable (and has been determined by time) at the registered address.

Here are the accompanying strategies:

  • Everything that is identified with legitimate circumstances and issues: to enter military service, move into the military, interest in the divorce agreement, abandonment of home, probation, etc.
  • For methods before government organizations, for example, the instance of: IMSS, Infonavit, INE, etc.
  • At the time an individual or home loan advance is requested from a lender.
  • If you want to carry out an electoral process, for example, the registration of a nomination, a political position, among others.


Citizens who need to carry out this procedure should bear in mind that the services provided by the Civil Registry units, including the residence certificate, are completely free, so no payment of any kind is required from users.

What is included in a Proof of residence?

In the next segment we detail what the Letter of Residence, take into account the indications:

For the condo board

It is important that the residence condominium when issuing the letter details the following:

  1. The personal data of the person authorized to issue the letter.
  2. Likewise, they must have the personal information of the resident applicant, iIndicating the identification number and the location (number) of the property.
  3. The date the file is made.
  4. Finally, it must have the signature of the responsible authority, for example, the leader of the condominium board.

For the communal council

  1. The personal data of the spokespersons of the Communal Council: (ID number, position held).
  2. Civil status Location of the sector, parish, municipality, state.
  3. Personal data of the person requesting the procedure.
  4. Name, identification number and age.
  5. Identification of two witnesses.
  6. ID numbers and address to which it belongs.

A book that certifies the information of the inhabitant and the place of residence.

  1. It must contain the authorized signatures.
  2. Eyewitnesses.
  3. Spokespersons of the Communal Council (Executive and Administrator).
  4. Spokesperson for the Social Comptroller’s Office.

Something more elaborate:

If you require a more explanatory letter, you must include the following personal data:

  1. Authority data (It should always be in the first line).
  2. Identity Card, names and surnames, nationality, age, marital status, profession, among others.
  3. Distinction of the position held in the determined Board of Condominium, Community or Community Council, or authorized to draft the document. For example: President or Secretary.
  4. The Identification of the condominium Board, the communal council or the Neighbors association, as appropriate.
  5. Identification of the resident citizen.
  6. ID number. names and surnames, nationality, age, marital status, profession.
  7. Exact location of residence, where you live and have your address. (if it is the main one)
  8. Specify the urbanization, sector, avenue, building, floor, apartment.
  9. Jurisdiction of the municipality, State, parish, Postal Code.
  10. Indicate if he is the owner (owner), lessee, possessor.
  11. Time of residence in the property. (day, month and year).

We hope that the article has clarified your doubts!

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