Steps and Requirements to Obtain the RIF – Download and Consult the SENIAT Form

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Taking out the RIF is equivalent to taking out the identity card, it is having a unique number that identifies you as someone who must pay taxes. Unlike other procedures, this one is very simple. Therefore, it is important to know the Requirements to obtain the RIF.

What is the Tax Information Registry (RIF)

The RIF is the Single Registry of Tax Information.

It can be personal or legal and is assigned to each person or body to control and organize taxes, fees and other contributions to be paid.

Seniat demands that all Venezuelans and companies that carry out a commercial transaction have it.

Steps to Register in the Seniat portal and get the RIF

How do I create my username and password?

  • You must access the Seniat portal, in the Declarations section.
  • To select Natural person.
  • Click on the option Check in.
  • Type of document: Identity Card and place it.
  • Fill in the required fields: email.
  • To access.
  • Check your mail. The system will send a Seniat username and password.

Now, once you have your Seniat portal user, you can proceed to register to obtain your electronic RIF.

How to get the RIF for the first time?

  1. You must enter the pSeniat website.
  2. Once in the menu, select «Online Systems».
  1. You need to click on the option «RIF Registration».
  2. Then, select Single Registry of Tax Information – Registration.
  3. You must select the «Kind of person»: If you are a Venezuelan or foreign natural person with a certificate, you must fill in the field of identification and date of birth. Now, if you are a foreigner with a passport, you must fill out: passport and date of birth.

  1. When you finish filling in the necessary data, you must click on the «request» button.
  2. If the taxpayer already has a RIF, a message will appear saying: 1 record found. If not, the system will save the data and display «Register taxpayer».
  3. Click on Enroll Taxpayer.
  4. Fill out the «Basic Data» form.
  5. Click on the «Addresses» section in the menu, and fill in the respective fields.
  6. Once the data upload is complete, click on the option «View Worksheet». Remember to check the information carefully.

  1. Print the spreadsheet.
  2. Finally, click on Validate Registration.


From this moment, you have only 30 days to be able to deliver the respective collections and formalize the process.

How to get the RIF Return (Natural Person)

As we mentioned before, downloading the personal RIF form is simple, you just have to:

  • Enter the Seniat page.
  • Locate the option Online System> RIF Enrollment.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Complete the data.
  • Verify the information.
  • Validate.

Ready, your personal RIF form will be available for you to print immediately.

Requirements to Formalize the Registration of the RIF (Natural Person)

  1. You need to bring the form that you printed earlier. That’s why it’s so It is important that you verify the information you entered so that there are no errors.
  2. Original and copy of the identity card or passport in case of being a foreigner.
  3. Likewise, an original and a copy of some proof of your domicile or address. The most common: Receipts for basic services or property titles.
  4. Proof of Family Charges: Copies of identity cards, birth certificates or marriage or common-law certificates.
  5. Original and copy of study certificates. If your cargo is between 18 and 25 years old and, if applicable, original and copy of incapacity to work for cargo over 25 years old.

What is family burden?

It is the set of needs of the family.

They include all the expenses that are generated and must be paid by one person.

How to get the RIF (Legal Person) Return

The steps to obtain the RIF of a legal entity are also simple and practically, they are the same as the personal.

The only thing that changes are the requirements to formalize the process.

  • STEP 1: Enter the Seniat page:
  • STEP 2: Click on Online System> RIF Enrollment
  • STEP 3: Follow the instructions and complete the forms with your data
  • STEP 4: Print the spreadsheet
  • STEP 5: Go to the Seniat office with all the requirements within 30 days

Requirements to Formalize the Registration of the RIF (Legal Person)

  1. Bring the registration form issued by the system. That is, the spreadsheet you printed.
  2. Bring original and copy of the constitutive document duly registered and published.
  3. Also present original and copy of the latest Meeting Minutes.
  4. Original and copy of the Power of Attorney of the Legal Representative.
  5. Sudeban Authorization (Original and copy)
  6. Probationary Document of the fiscal address (Receipt or invoice for Basic Services, Rental Contract or any other document that supports the new address). You must bring an original and a copy.
  7. Copy of the Identity Card of the legal representative, partners and managers. All of them must be registered in the RIF prior to the Legal Entity Registration process.

How to consult the RIF

If you want to consult your single registry of tax information you must:

  1. Enter the Seniat portal.
  2. Select the option «RIF Query».
  3. In the established field, you must place the RIF to consult.
  4. You must bear in mind that if it is a Natural Person you must place the «V» without the hyphen and if it is a Legal Person the «J». Likewise, if the number is less than 9 digits, you must place a zero before it.
  5. Write the letters or numbers you see in the box.
  6. Verify if the RIF is valid.

You can also get the digital proof:


When should I get the RIF?

Every natural person must have it from the moment they start their commercial activities.

How much does it cost to get the RIF?

It has no cost unlike other procedures.

Everything is done online.

The only thing that has an assigned value is the printing of the collections, plus the procedure itself is totally free.

What is the difference between the Personal RIF and the Legal RIF?

Personnel is the RIF number assigned to natural persons registered in Seniat.

While the legal is assigned to Venezuelan organizations, communities, entities and institutions.

With or without profit motives and with obligations and rights in the country.

Why do you need to get the RIF?

To identify you as a taxpayer and pay taxes.

Who needs to get the RIF?

Any person, institution, community, entity or organization that carries out any type of financial or commercial transaction.


The RIF must be renewed as well as the ID.

Whenever they ask for the RIF, RIF number or RIF form in an interview, institution, university, company, you must print the updated RIF.

You just have to enter the page, enter your username and password and verify it.


You should always have the latest version of the RIF with you, as the previous ones are totally invalid if you present them and they are expired.

Write down your username and password on a piece of paper or somewhere you don’t forget.

If you want to renew the rif, it is the same operation as above.

The Seniat page works much better than the Saime one but at times, it can be down. For this moment: patience.

The RIF is not optional, it is a mandatory document that everyone must have and present at some point.

That is why once you reach the age of majority you must proceed to record the Requirements to obtain the RIF. Although at first glance you do not give it importance, it is necessary that you have it.

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