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Surely you are a bachelor and you are thinking about what career to study and the process to be able to choose one. Do you know the steps to follow to start the process? If the answer is Nope, relax, do not worry! In this wonderful page we will explain everything about the process of Participation Certification OPSU so you don’t have that headache anymore.

In this way, you will have the opportunity to study the desired career and be an excellent professional in the future. To contribute to the reconstruction of Venezuela and turn it into the country we have always wanted.

The University Sector Planning Officeor by its acronym OPSUis the most important organization of higher education in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its function is to create and design strategies for the universities of Venezuela.

That is to say, this is in charge of advising the study houses regarding the execution and creation of their budgets, calculating the professionals sought in the short, medium and long term based on the needs of the country, also proposing ideas about the quantity and specialty of the houses of studies and the internal organizations of each of them.

In short, its function is to help and advise the management of the Universities of Venezuela.

What is the OPSU System?

The OPSU system or also known as the National Income System (SNI), which belongs to the Planning Office, in which personal data is registered, place of residence, financial information, grades from all the years of high school (academic) and also at a vocational level. For this, a series of tests are carried out, which identify the student’s position in each of the aforementioned indices.

The information provided is evaluated by means of a multivariate mechanism, which gives the opportunity to participate in the career application process. From this record you can opt for a total of 40% of the careers offered by the public universities of Venezuela

What is it for?

The OPSU process serves to participate in the student selection process through universities. In the same way, it serves to acquire the Certificate of Participation, which is strictly necessary to enter any university, whether public or private.

It is also very helpful in discovering or verifying study interests. Since, as we have already mentioned, the National Entry System does vocational tests, where the applicant is informed about the careers according to his or her personal tastes or preferences. In this way the student can have a help to decide which one to choose

What does the Certification contain?

The OPSU test certification contains the average obtained from the 1st year of high school to the 4th year of high school. It should be noted that the higher the average, the greater the probability of staying in the race that you want to enter.

It also has the careers according to preferences or tastes, chosen through the vocational test, ordered from the highest percentage to the lowest percentage.

OPSU evaluates the student’s preferences since it considers it important to choose a career that is to their liking. It is important to take into account the careers proposed by the University Sector Planning Office as first on the list.

How do I carry out the process?

In order to participate in the OPSU process you must follow the following steps in the order indicated:

  1. Create or give an email to the entities of the Secondary Institution for them to provide it to the OPSU and thus be able to load the grades of all the years in the system
  2. You will receive an email where the password will be to enter the SNI (National Income System)
  3. Go to the page of the OPSU and enter with the email previously provided and the password sent to it
  4. Fill out the form where the student’s personal data will be requested
  5. Decide the reason for the registration request in the OPSU process (Obtain the certificate or opt for a university degree)
  6. If you decide to Opt for a university degree, you must select 6 degrees and the university or universities where you want to study. It is important to take into account the careers given by the OPSU vocation test
  7. Save the information provided and be attentive on the OPSU page since the results of the registration will be published there

How long does certification take?

The time it takes for OPSU certification is about a month, since the Office of Planning of the University Sector must evaluate all the test results of all the students and people who carried out said process.

The vocational test that OPSU does lasts around 30 minutes, here they ask a lot of questions. Which have the purpose of discovering the interests of the students.

Regarding the entry of the notes to the system, it does not last more than 10 minutes and filling out the personal data on the page of the University Sector Planning Office takes 15 to 20 minutes. It is a quick and easy process.

Subsequently, you must wait for the OPSU to make the respective analyzes and give the results of the recommendation of the careers and finally, know in which university you stayed.

What are the benefits of participating in the OPSU process?

Going through the OPSU process provides many benefits, including:

  • Know and ratify your tastes and preferences. Since OPSU gives you career recommendations based on your profile and interests, it is a great help for students. Since they guide you to where your preferences are from the tests done

  • Study a university degree. The certificate is a mandatory requirement to study at any university in the country, whether public or private. Similarly, this offers you the opportunity to enter a public university without taking an internal test. It should be noted that in order to be more likely to enter a public university in this way, it is important to have a good average between 1st and 4th year.

Does this process have any cost?

The process of the Office of Planning of the University Sector and the National Admission System is free of charge and open to all fifth-year high school students and graduates. Anyone can carry out this process, it is only necessary to meet the requirements and follow the steps mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

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