What is the FAOV spreadsheet? What is it for?

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If at any time a citizen has the need to enter the Voluntary savings fund You can do it by being clear about the following points:

What is the FAOV spreadsheet?

FAOV means mandatory savings fund for housing is made up of employer and individual savings equivalent to 3% of the full monthly salary of employees where the worker covers 1% and the employer 2%.

This monthly payment is for the worker at some point to have credits for the purchase of a home. The employer is in charge of making this contribution the first 5 days of the month in a certified financial entity

This fund is managed by the BENAVIH what is he National Housing and Habitat Bank.


  • Not owning their own home.
  • To be Venezuelan, of legal age.
  • In case of being a foreigner, five (05) years of uninterrupted residence in the country or have a Venezuelan child. Attach proof of residence and migratory movement issued by ONIDEX and a photocopy of the descendant’s birth certificate (if applicable).
  • Be a contributor to housing savings and be up to date with the contributions.

How to get the form?

Once you have registered in the FOAV system, you can download the form as it will allow you to make monthly payments in addition to keeping track and having your payments organized.

To get the form you must:

  • Enter the FAOV system with your username and password here the link.
  • When you have accessed, click on «Payment Form» to download it.

  • Then click on “View Schedule”.

  • Finally, the form will be displayed where it will give us the option to print it.

What do I need it for?

Gather two copies after you have downloaded the form and take them to any banking agency authorized to receive this payment. Payment can be made at any bank agency as long as it is in cash (Banesco, Banco Mercantil, Banco de Venezuela, Banco Occidental de Descuento, etc.) but if you decide to pay by check, the payment must be made by the bank where it will be deposited. the contribution in the name of: National Housing and Habitat Bank.

The financial operator receives and makes the payment either of the monthly contributions or pending contributions of the housing saver. Subsequently, he sends the payment received to Banavih through a contribution transfer file.

Who can process it?

All salaried workers can do it since it is a right for them to register in this fund. If you are an employee and you have not carried out the registration, your employer or boss is obliged to register you; In this way, the worker’s savings can be deposited in the fund as long as it is carried out during the first 15 days of the month.

If you are now part of a company and you are an employee, do not waste time and register at once in the Fund since the benefits of the FAOV They are very good and unconventional compared to other funds added to this you can achieve your goal of having your own home.

What is BANAVIH?

Banavih is the Bank for Housing and Habitat in Venezuela, this organization offers you a wide range of options so that you can be an applicant for a house financed by the State. The main responsibilities of the Banavih is manage concentrated administration of all the economic resources of the National Housing and Habitat System (SNVH).

Promote, finance and plan, in the medium and short term, the growth of projects and programs that contribute to the growth of SNVH.

What is being a voluntary saver?

The Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime Law is made up of two funds: The Mandatory Savings Fund for Housing (FAOV) and Voluntary Savings Fund for Housing (FAVV), both are administered by the National Housing and Habitat Bank (BANAVIH).

The most marked difference between the FAVV and the FAOV is the FAOV is mandatory if you start to be a worker in a company while the FAVV is a voluntary savings, it will depend on each individual.

It is good that you know that when you reach 12 contributions you have the right to apply for credit to acquire, self-build, enlarge your home and you can also make any improvements you consider necessary.

The favvis a contribution of money that the saver makes voluntarily consisting of 3% per month.

In article 113 of the LOSSSwe find: «… In the case of the calculation basis of the contributions of the Housing and Habitat Benefit Regime, the integral salary will be taken into account to carry out said calculation, which must be collected by the National Housing Bank and Habitat (Banavih) through qualified financial operators for this purpose”

Registration for the Voluntary Savings Fund for Housing FAVV

  1. Enter the Banavih website www.banavih.gob.ve
  2. Click the option faov online (red logo at the bottom of the page).
  3. Choose: sign up(it is located in the upper right part of the screen)
  4. Choose: Volunteer Saver.
  5. Enter the RIF without hyphens or periods in this way: v158786349, in addition to your date of birth and the code indicated by the system.
  6. Fill out the form on the web making sure that you have all the required information.
  7. You must generate a password for online access that must have 6 to 8 digits.
  8. Click on Save and you will realize that you have already registered because you will see this announcement: “the affiliation was successful”.
  9. After this you can enter the system without problem by entering your username and password.
  10. Print and cancel the return at the entity of your choice.

NOTE: The user to enter the system will be established as follows: RIF + 01 at the end Example: V17265359101


  • Acquire your own home.
  • To build, expand, replace, restore your home. You can also improve, repair or remodel it.
  • Refinancing, total or partial payment of mortgage loans in accordance with the provisions of the regulations governing the matter (credits granted by Banavih or by Private Banking with own resources).
  • For those who have been a beneficiary or beneficiary of a retirement, old-age pension, disability or disability in accordance with the regulations governing the Social Welfare System or any other system that by its nature is similar.
  • In the event that the descendants (children) or direct ascendants (parents) residing in the saver’s country, are in the process of acquiring their main home, the latter may assign their assets.

As a result of this topic, some questions arise such as:

What are Mortgage Credits?

You must be clear that a minimum of 12 contributions to the fund are requested to approve your credit. However, voluntary savers who have not met the 12 contributions have the opportunity to pay in one go the remaining contributions necessary to qualify for credit.

The mortgage loans for favv Y FAOV, depend on the monthly family income and in some cases cover 100% of the value of the home. State housing subsidies are also applicable.

When the voluntary saver obtains the benefit of a mortgage loan each month, he is obliged to pay his contributions to the favv throughout the life of the credit and will end when the mortgage is released.

If I am retired and I want to request the release of the mortgage, must I be solvent in FAOV?

Yes, if you are retired from the National Housing and Habitat System, who have acquired a mortgage loan with resources from the Housing Savings Fund or Voluntary Housing Savings Fund, they must be solvent with the contributions to the savings fund, it is the The only way to request the mortgage release document.

How do I deactivate an account as a natural person if I am registered as a voluntary saver and I currently work for a company?

It is mandatory to be up to date in the FAOV Online system until the time of the request to deactivate the system and go to the Banavih Citizen Attention Management or any of the Information Units at the national level with the following precautions:

  • Proof of affiliation in the FAOV Online system.
  • Copy of the last canceled return issued by the FAOV Online system.
  • Explanation of reason requesting the deactivation.
  • An updated Proof of Work

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