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Although sometimes we do not consider that possibility when we are in a job, the safest thing that can happen is that we are fired, either because we are not performing our work correctly or because the owner of the company does not want to continue counting on our services.

If that is your case and you are part of the social security you must resort to the procedure of the return 14-03 In the following article we explain how and why.

What is form 14-03?

It is the form through which the employer lets the social security know that one of its workers will no longer work in your company. In this way, the employee is withdrawn from the payroll and does not continue to contribute to social security.

The worker is entitled to request a sealed and signed copy of that form to proceed to take it to the administrative office and process the insurance for forced unemployment.

Before carrying out the procedure, you must enter the page of the where the item «status of the insured» must say active

What is it for?

This form serves to inform the social security that the insured will be withdrawn from the insurance contribution due to the retirement of his current employment.



  • It is the form that the company must fill out to notify the IVSS of the retirement of an employee, within three business days after the date of retirement.

It is done when a worker stops working in the company.


  • Three forms must be filled out and signed, since one must be delivered to the original IVSS, the second to the Human Resources department and the third to the insurance beneficiary.

The documents so that the employer can carry out the process:

  • Attach a copy of the following documents, depending on the case.
  • Copy of the Insured Registration (Form 14-02).
  • Service Card.
  • Copy of the Employer’s Certificate (Form 14-01) or Quotation Invoice.

When the registration is formalized, it is issued by IVSS to the human resources administration address so that your file can be updated.

What data is provided in the spreadsheet?

  • Employer name.
  • Company name.
  • Company number assigned by the IVSS.
  • First surname and first name of the employee.
  • Insured number of the worker placed in form 14-02.
  • Date of admission of the insured.
  • weekly salary.
  • Occupation held in the company.
  • Withdrawal date.
  • Reason for withdrawal.
  • Company seal and employer’s signature.
  • Space «Received from IVSS» to be filled by the administrative office.
  • Space to be filled according to the inspection that has been made to the company.
  • Audit record.

Does doing this process have any cost?

No, the form and its processing are completely free.

To qualify for the Unemployment Insurance Benefit you will need:

  • Letter of dismissal.
  • Settlement of social benefits.
  • Registration in the National Employment Service.
  • This form must be delivered to the corresponding Administrative Office of the IVSS, within three (3) business days after the worker’s retirement date, with a copy of the 14-02, service card, 14-01 or contribution invoice. .

What is the IVSS?

The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security is a public institution, whose primary purpose is to offer Social Security protection for all people subscribed to it in the areas of maternity, old age, survival, illness, accidents, disability, death, retirement and unemployment or forced unemployment.

The IVSS ensures that the service will be of quality, in a convenient and accurate manner, entrenched in the Legal basis of Social Security and the General Regulations of the Social Security Law.


The Venezuelan Institute of Social Security is a public institution, whose raison d’être is to provide Social Security protection to all beneficiaries in contingencies of maternity, old age, survival, illness, accidents, disability, invalidity, marriage, death, retirement and layoff or forced unemployment, in a timely manner and with excellent quality in the service provided, within the legal framework that regulates it.


The IVSS is part of a social protection system that fulfills a function of the State as a means to procure well-being at the population level, all this based on the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The beginnings of the IVSS occurred in October 1994 when it opened its doors and began to work in the country offering assistance to cover risks in illnesses, accidents, maternity, all this with legal bases established in the General Regulation of the Insurance Law. Mandatory Social, in February 1944.

In 1946 this Law was reformulated, and the creation of the IVenezuelan Institute of Social Security, body with legal responsibility and its own assets. The institute gradually adapted to the changes brought about by the passage of time, thus in October 1951 the Law that created the Central Institute of Social Security was annulled and replaced by the Organic Statute of Compulsory Social Security.

Although in 1996 a new Social Security Law came to light, the following year it was completely changed. The moment this law begins to be applied, sickness, maternity and work accident insurance begins. Benefits and comprehensive medical assistance are increased.

Long-term benefits (pensions) are established for disability, partial disability, old age and survivors, allowances for marriages and funerals.

Two regimes are created, the partial which refers only to long-term benefits and The general which also includes medical care and creates the Pension Fund and Facultative Insurance. In 1989 the Forced Unemployment Insurance was put into operation.

As part of its services and its Social Security System, the Venezuelan Social Security Institute (IVSS) establishes and regulates the right to social security as a non-profit public service, seeking to guarantee a better quality of life for all its unionized

Social Security powers

The powers of the Venezuelan Social Security will be progressively changed by the New Institutionality of the Social Security System, developed in the Organic Law of the Social Security System (Art. 127 LOSSS).

Until this happens, the Social Security Law will have to remain in force, as long as its provisions do not contradict those of the Organic Law of the Social Security System and the laws of the benefits regimes. Thus, the power granted in the Social Security Law is preserved in its Article No. 51: «It will ensure the application of the legal and regulatory provisions that govern the matter and will comply and enforce everything related to the contribution and benefits system.»

Social Security benefits:

The benefits granted by social security are: comprehensive medical assistance, old-age pension, disability, partial disability, survivors; Daily compensation (rests), Compensation for involuntary loss of employment.

Cash benefits:

Depending on the eventuality, the insured will be entitled to this benefit and also their relatives. Social Security contributions are calculated weekly and will be determined based on the salary received by the insured for that week, the regime applied in each zone and the risk assigned to the companies or group of workers.

What are the procedures that are frequently carried out at IVSS?

  • Correction and updating of the Citizen’s data Change of the Insured’s Residence Address.
  • Change of Nationality.
  • Application for Daily Indemnities.
  • Facultative Continuation Registration and Non-Dependent Worker.
  • Monetary Benefit for Involuntary Loss of Employment (PIE).

Although this article focuses on processing the form 14-03, there are many procedures that can be done in the IVSS.

We hope that the information provided in this article has been useful to you. If so, share it with whoever needs it and anyway, if you have any questions, you can go to the IVSS website:

We read soon!

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