Requirements to Obtain the American Visa: Steps, Interview and MORE

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Surely, if you are a Bolivian citizen who intends to travel to the United States, either for family reasons, for study reasons or for any other reason, you will be interested in reading this article about the Requirements to Obtain the American Visa.

Remember that you must comply with everything that the Embassy requests for this type of procedure, here you can find out those important details, the steps, the cost derived from the procedure and some tips that are not without importance regarding the approval of the American Visa .

What are the Requirements to Obtain the American Visa?

Reviewing all aspects related to the application of the American visa by Bolivian citizens the Requirements to obtain the American Visa, are as follows:

  • Each visa applicant must do the registration on the website from the Embassy.
  • Submit a printed copy of the form DS-160.
  • Plan the appointment with the embassy via online.
  • Must present valid passport with a minimum of six months after the date scheduled for the interview at the embassy.
  • It must be verified that it has the sufficient financial resources.
  • Additionally, you must present documentation that certifies family and labor ties in Bolivia or country of residence.
  • Also, you must select a Courier office to receive the visa.
  • Indispensable, attendance at the interview with all the required documentation and according to the type of visa you are requesting, either the B1 or B2.
  • Of course, it is up to you make the payment of the fee for the visa on request.

In addition, a Photography that must meet certain characteristics such as:

  1. The size is 5 × 5 cm and has a white background.
  2. Recent in color, whose appearance is current.
  3. It must be from the front and with the ears uncovered.
  4. Also, the head uncovered other than for religious reasons.
  5. The photo must not be edited, nor should it have any kind of filters.

Visa for Bolivian citizens under 14 years of age

In the case of minors under 14 years of age, they can complete the American visa process, without having to attend an interview.

You must leave all documents at the selected Courier office and meet the requirements mentioned below:

  • Applicant must be a minor under 14 years of age.
  • Be a citizen Bolivian or a permanent resident from Bolivia.
  • Consign the copy of the Birth registry o Birth Certificate.
  • That the last visa application has not been rejected.
  • Also, it is important that one of the parents or legal representatives has a valid US visa or is an eligible person to travel to the United States with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Supporting documents for the American Visa for Bolivian citizens

Those Bolivian citizens who want to do the Procedure of their Visa to the United States, they must have all the essential documents to obtain the visa. The documents that are required are the following:

  • Present the certified copy of the Birth certificate.
  • Attach evidence that certify financial resources with which the applicant has, such as account statements, tax identification and tax return.
  • Proof of family ties, such as the Marriage Certificate, among others.
  • Consign the higher education degrees, if you have them.
  • Likewise, the ID or professional card.
  • Also, the payroll receipt, company credential, among other.
  • Depending on the case, according to the reason for the trip, the United States Embassy may request additional documents.
  • It is recommended to follow the instructions suggested by the embassy.

Steps to Obtain the American Visa

Following with the Requirements to obtain the American Visa, If you want to travel to the United States, in principle you must be clear about what type of visa you require, whether Visa B1 or Visa B2.

Both are granted for a maximum duration of 90 days in the United States.

The entire procedure of the application for the American Visa from Bolivia, has the following steps:

  • Complete the electronic application for the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa.
  • Print the confirmation sheet with the barcode.
  • Go to the Visa Appointment Service website to create an account and then proceed to select the visa category.
  • You must choose the corresponding Courier service where you must look for the passport after the interview and pay the corresponding fee.
  • Schedule the appointment for the interview at the United States embassy in Bolivia.

Form DS-160

Every Bolivian citizen must fill out form DS-160. The filling of this form must be done online, the filling cannot be done by hand.

Everything must be answered very precisely, since any inconsistency will have a negative impact on the approval.

The data that must be provided in the form are the following:

  • Identification as it appears in the passport.
  • Sex and marital status.
  • Likewise, indicate the nationality.
  • Indicate the passport number, the date of issue and the expiration date.
  • Also, you must indicate where the passport was issued.
  • Type of passport if it is regular, diplomatic, official.
  • If applicable, the number of the passport book, inventory control number, must be indicated.
  • The national identification number.
  • You must enter the postal address and home address.
  • Also, indicate the contact telephone number and email address.
  • Of course, you must indicate the intention of the trip to the United States.
  • Also, you must indicate if you are traveling alone or with companions, or if perhaps it is a group or organization.
  • You must answer questions related to previous travel to the United States, if applicable.

When you have completed the form, you must schedule the appointment at the North American Embassy in Bolivia, it is located in the city of La Paz. It is important to remember that scheduling the appointment at the Embassy must be done from the online dating service and provide a valid email address.

Interview Get the American Visa

The Requirements to obtain the American Visa, indicate that a Bolivian citizen, after online registration, is assigned a day for an appointment with the Consul. The applicant must go to the city of La Paz to attend the interview.

Interview procedure is as mentioned below:

  • The applicant passes a Security control.
  • Then, at the embassy, ​​they review the application and all the documentation.
  • They take your fingerprints.
  • Finally, the interview with consular officer.
  • Interviews in general generate a lot of tension and nervousness. The recommendation is made that during the interview you remain calm, act sincerely and be concrete and answer the questions honestly.
  • Likewise, it is recommended take care of appearance and dress, since the idea is to make a good impression.

All Bolivian citizens who are applying for a visa to the United States cannot be accompanied to the interview, with the exception of a minor or a person with a disability.

Minors may be accompanied by their parents or legal representatives.

Before entering the embassy you must go through the security control. There are some prohibited objects and they are the following:

  • Briefcases, backpacks, bags.
  • Also, cell phones, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.
  • Likewise, lighters and sharp objects.

How long is the Procedure?

The approval of the Visa to the United States is attached to a page in the passport of the Bolivian applicant. It can be picked up at the Courier’s office that was selected in the appointment scheduling.

The visa printed in the passport takes more or less to be ready one week after attending the interview. It is recommended to start the application process well in advance of the stipulated date for the trip.

There is a procedure to obtain the visa in question 18 hours is super fast, 24 or 72 hours respectively.

If the visa process is not for the first time, if it has expired less than a year ago, you can renew without having to attend the interview again. Renewal is not such a complex process, however it is convenient to be aware of any changes or reforms made by the American government.

Costs of Obtaining the American Visa

Continuing with the Requirements to obtain the American Visa, It is a procedure with an associated cost for both the B1 and B2 type Visa. The cost varies depending on the type of procedure chosen.

If the process is standard of delivery of the visa in a minimum time of 72 hours the cost is of 175 US dollars.

On the other hand, if the process is Quick in a time of 24 hours the cost is 205 US dollars. But if you want it in a way super fast in 18 hours, the cost in this case is $ 225.

What is it?

The Visa or Visa is the authorization or permit that makes entry or stay in a country of which you are not a citizen legal or that it does not have free transit.

Carrying this document shows the country you are entering that has already been examined and duly approved. There are different types of visa, the need of the traveler determines the type of visa required.

Visa types:

  • Tourist visa, is when you want to visit a country, with the purpose of knowing, being on vacation or visiting. With this type of visa you cannot work or do business.
  • Work visa, It is a type of temporary visa, to have this visa it is necessary to prove that you are a technician, professional, specialist or employee from a company in that country, or who has been sent by a national company.
  • Student visa, It is for those who are interested in pursuing university or postgraduate studies, learning a language, doing an exchange. It is required to have been accepted by the institution or to be registered.
  • The transit visa, It is the one granted for those travelers who need to make a stopover or stop for a maximum period of three days in the country, before continuing to the main destination.
  • Journalism visa, It is intended for those who work in the media, and must travel to cover events.
  • Diplomatic visa, They are those that are granted to those who have a public position and are responsible for making official or diplomatic visits.


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